One of the things that has always made my azz red when visiting this little "Online Shrine" has been the unchecked ability of those "members of the club" to shoot down anybody's feelings or opinion. Often labeling them a "troll" or any other of the derogatory labels they have come up with.

For example the term "Immeasurably damaged" How do any of you know this hasn't affected anybody like this? You don't so blow it out your cornhole!

I grew up in the late 60s early 70s in Michigan smack dab between Chicago and Detroit. Hardly a hotbed of Chiefs fans! I doubt any of you can fathom the amount of sh@* I took when wearing anything with the KC insignia. It caused more than one round of fisticuffs through the years that's for sure!

The only Chiefs memorabilia I ever saw was courtesy of the Sears & Roebuck "Wish Book" delivered in the fall and half the NFL stuff for kids wasn't even available in the Chiefs! So trust me when I say I know how bad it can be to be a fan of the Chiefs. I'm sure some of the "tribulations" that came from being a Chiefs fan helped galvanize me for many other unsavory experiences life blessed me with.

I was at a Family Dollar or somewhere and spotted a Chiefs jersey on a rack and after checking the size purchased it for my son who at the time wore size 6 and it was a size 10. It was a Charles jersey and was priced at $3!! I was on it like flies on a fresh dog turd!!

My little guy was all smiles when I gave it to him as he knew from growing up around a house with chiefs crap all over it would make me happy to see him wearing it. I sent him off to school with it on just aglow with pride as the chiefs nowadays were not as looked down upon as when I was a kid.

Time passed and when I laid the shirt out for him to wear again he said "Uh Dad I don't want to wear that to school". In my head I heard that sound you hear when a submarine is about to dive in the movies or sumpin. 'Nobody likes them dad"..... I flashed back to 3rd grade and the bloody lip!!! "Ok" I said masking my disappointment.

A couple months ago I gambled and bought a car off E-bay that was in Dallas and took my little guy on his first plane ride down to pick it up. We took the next couple days to drive it back and stopped overnight in Joplin.

I had packed the jersey in his clothes and he was wearing it when we went to dinner at a Red Lobster by our motel. When we were being seated I noticed several warm smiles directed our way and thought nothing of it at the time. Our waiter approached our table with his hand raised palm towards my surprised son who gladly hi 5d him back and grinned ear to ear when he said "Go Chiefs!!"

No less than 5 people commented to us about the chiefs and the waiter sat down and chatted for several minutes about them. I can guarantee who left him the biggest tip he ever got as after we made it to the parking lot he came running out to shake my hand and tell me so.

School started not long ago and my son put out his jersey to wear one night and I asked him if he was sure he wanted to wear it and he replied "You remember how those people were at Red Lobster? I don't care what anybody at school thinks!!" That tip will pay dividends for life!

Back to where we started. Don't chastise for someone merely expressing an opinion that doesn't jive with yours. Disagree if you wish but don't gang up and belittle a "newbie" "troll" or what have you just because they may be playing a tune you may not want to hear. Doing so gives AP an appearance of nothing more than a collection of arrogant assholes.....just sayin.

The internet age has created a brand of civility found nowhere else. Quite a few comments seen here would never be uttered in a bar or parking lot as reality would set in on many of us.

Hopefully this is long enough. thoughtful enough. and clear enough to be posted here. If not you can flag me. unrec me. or whatever other dire consequence "The Club" can come up with!! I happen to be one of many who apparently believe #7 is the BIGGEST liability we have. That feeling didn't bubble to the surface in the last couple weeks either my friends. Odds are it wont disappear anytime soon either.

The winds of change seem to be picking up in their intensity......

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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