The Decline of Faith



Sam Mellinger has a good read out there about the disconnect between the Chiefs and the fans. Check it out:

Sam makes the point fans no longer feel like the team cares as much about them as they do about this team, and he's right. We were all terribly worried about the future of this team when Lamar passed away, and then Clark did something to buy himself a honeymoon - he hired the consensus best GM in the NFL over the past decade in Scott Pioli, and we all gave a sigh of relief. The future was going to be safe in Clark's hands. Well Clark, the honeymoon is over baby.

Now it's time for you to produce results - and not just in the W/L column buddy. KC is a blue collar town. We work long hours for short pay in a bad economy and our ONLY refuge from the insanity is our team. Right now there's no safe place in the refuge. Right now our lives are immeasurably damaged by the product you are fielding. It hurts us more to care about the team right now than it does to watch them flail and fail and lose. And all of this at a bottom line enhancing profit margin ensured by your astronomical seat prices.

You want to know why we can't play defense right now? Because the team was too cheap to pay Brandon Carr what he's worth is why. That message has been received loud and clear in the locker room of this team. And the attitude that failure to sign Carr has produced is more of a problem than the absence of Carr or the injuries or anything else. The team doesn't believe in you, and it doesn't believe that you will take care of them and do your best to preserve and retain the talent we are able to draft and develop.

Worst of all - especially for you is the fans no longer believe the team has a winning future. You seem to think making the playoffs is all it takes for us to believe. You set your goals low and you will get low results. There's a bigger problem now than how much money the team spends. Now the employees of your organization have publicly assailed your corporate employee relations policy in the media, and your anal-retentive security structures have created a hostile working environment. This has soured the milk so to speak in the locker room. There IS no team atmosphere because you have intentionally put the entire organization on pins and needles with your spying and your bugged cell phones and the the dismissal of the long term employees who resisted this change of culture. NOW... there IS no culture at One Arrrowhead Place except fear.

I hope you are properly afraid of how this situation is going to hammer your bottom line. It already has in my house. I follow the team on the internet, but I no longer make it a point to go down to Aussies every sunday to watch every game... and I usually buy at least one hat and a new team jersey every year - but not for the last two years. And I won't be coming to Arrowhead anytime soon either - even if it was free. I'm afraid of how bad it would hurt to watch 70,000 hearts breaking at once.

I don't know what the answer is for the team anymore. I only know Brandon Carr managed to get out while the gettin was good. I hope you can fix it, but I'm not holding my breath because so far I have not seen any signs you give a damn, and without ownership committed to winning... this team will continue to be a source of pain and frustration for those of us who foot the bills. I hope your deep pockets can make up for the loss of income losing will bring.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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