Stepping back from the ledge.....


Thats all I could yell, over, and over, and OVER at my tv this Saturday. What happened. This was suppose to be the year! The year the pieces were there, the coaching was there, and our team.....our Chiefs came out and made us proud. Some people were even preaching Superbowl, although most of us knew better deep down, it was fun to think....hey...anything can happen in the playoffs.

Now, I just hope we win a game. This is brutal, there were years we started off like this where we knew we weren't going to be a good team. Deep down, we knew the pieces weren't there, that it was going to be rough. But the sour taste of defeat this year has been worsened with the just downright rotten taste of failed expectations. This hurts worse than the other years, this isn't the sting of defeat, this is a hard body blow. As fans, we are bruised, battered, and reeling, and the first reaction to that pain is anger. I'm there with ya. The game in Buffalo hurt to a new level, and lemme tell you Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli, and Romeo Crennel, as well as the rest of the Chiefs players, that is going to leave a scar. I will never totally get over how I feel right now. You are on notice, you are better than that. You know it, I know it, and it makes me sick. Play better....NOW.

Now, back to the fans. I know alot of you are in a free fall right now. We are mad, we don't know whats wrong, we don't care, we just want it fixed......NOW. If that means fire somebody, go for it. Were we wrong? Is Pioli really the egotistical maniac that Todd Haley thought he was. Are we going to be the Browns 2.0 with Romeo at the helm? Should we put our faith in Daboll? All these questions, with no real answers, have alot of us at the ledge, or, lets face it, alot of people have jumped. Me? I've stepped back from the ledge a bit. Not far mind you, its one step away, but I am not jumping. Not this week anyways. Follow the jump if you want to see if someone can talk you back from the ledge a bit. If you have already jumped, you might as well hit the comments section and start arguing.

I'll tell you the first thing that pulled me back a bit from that ledge. The Falcons/Denver game. By all accounts, thats a good Denver team with a first ballot HOF quarterback, and a great Falcons team. The Falcons just flat beat the pants off of them, even though Peyton was Peyton in the 4th quarter. Sure, the turnovers were huge, but even without them, I don't think Denver would have done alot of scoring that first half. The Falcons D was just on. Matt Ryan and the rest of that Falcons offense is the real deal too, and whether or not you see it as a valid excuse, or a damning of our team's depth, we took that offense on without 3 pivotal pieces to our pass D, and DJ is playing hurt IMO. That game was a train wreck waiting to happen, and the Offense looked dang good that first half. Now the wheels fell off a bit (or alot) in the 2nd half, but that offense hasn't played at that level in years. I am not surprised they couldn't sustain it for a whole game right out of the gates. Despite the loss, deep down, I am at ease with the Falcons game. That was a Super Bowl contender that handed us our tails. Despite the expectations, we are not near that level at this point. We all know that now.

The next thing that I realize at this point is that despite getting people on the D back from injuries, they have not had time to play. Flowers hasn't practiced since camp, and he is out of shape, and not up to his level. DJ is a step slow and battling through an injury. We are still missing Lewis, we have a true Rookie at NT, and Hali is coming of a no practice suspension. That is alot of pieces to try to fit back in during one week, and against probably one of the better teams against a two gapping 3-4 defense. Chan has our number, and we all know why. This defense played like crap now for two weeks, and it makes me mad, but deep down I can't think this is the way its going to be all season. This defense will come around. I am pissed off that they didn't come out of the gates swinging, but, I can see why. I really can.

Which brings me to my last point. This team, this offense, this quarterback, will never be a team that will come from behind and win alot of games. We need to be in the game, pounding the rock, and having Daboll mixing the run and pass. When we become one dimensional, we get beat. I am a Cassel supporter out of necessity if nothing else, but he will never be a QB who can say "eff it, no more running, we are going to beat them with the pass, and there isn't anything they can do about it." Thats not us, not this year anyways.

So fellow Chiefs fans. Thats where I am at. One step away from the ledge, and there is a storm coming. This team has one more chance, one more week to make me be proud to be a Chiefs fan. I want cheer, I want to love them, I want to root for them, but if they lay another stinker, I am done for this year, and I am selling tickets. Win me back Chiefs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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