The Real Problem

Before I begin I would like to say this is not an I support Matt Cassel post. I think eventually we can and should do better. Now that that is out of the way I'll begin my rant.

Shut the hell up chiefs fans! You heard me, stop blaming one man for an entire teams downfall. Between the amount of "To hell with Pioli" campaigns and burn Cassel status updates you'd think they were some sort of monster. The truth is you're all just being immature 5 year olds and I can explain why after this jump.

The first thing you are taught in sports is what? I'll let you soak that in for a minute.....

Good ready?

"There is no I in team"...

This has been said for years and it is just as true in the NFL as it was in your pee wee football team.

Now I'm going to break it down for you in idiot speak.

Four Reasons to Stop Blaming Pioli

1) Did we not have a ton of people say this is the most talented team in the AFC west?

Unless I'm mistaken many people came into this season with the idea that Pioli did his job and that's fine talent and get it on the cheap. How can he be blamed for that?

2) Well.... If we are so talented why are we losing!?!?

Ohh... I'm sorry, I was unaware of the phone that connected the GM to the field to call the plays and motivate the team... I can't believe no other team in the NFL has that magical device.

3) Well hes cheap... He couldn't get the top talent.

He got one of the best free agency signings of the season in Eric Winston. Or did you already forget that one

4) Hes keeping cassel around too long!

What other honest to god better options do we have? 50 million for Orton? No thank you... Oh and Manning? Nope.... and don't even get me started on how unrealistic it would have been to jump that high in the draft to get a new one. Truth be told this is the best option and once you admit it the healing can begin.

Unless you have something else to say I believe we can move on to the next blame game.

Four good reasons that this downfall is not only Matt Cassels Fault

Now, before we begin I want to let you all know that Todd Haley cursed the team when he left and thats why we suck... Thats about how dumb you all sound when you talk right now.

1) Points scored needed to be 2-0...

For the chiefs to be 2-0 right now the chiefs would need to score more than 75 points in two games. Can you guess how many other teams managed to score 75 points in two weeks?

NONE! I know I was amazed too.. How can we expect a shitty qb to put up 75 points when the elite cant even put up more than 67... and by elite I mean Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco.. Ya I know right =\

2) Lets blame Cassel for the lack of run game in the second game... =\

You're telling me that Charles and Hillis and the Oline have nothing to do with running the ball? I think I need to start watching a new sport because I could have sworn they did. Oh and who had the longest run of the day? Cassel if I remember correctly. =\ Idiots

3) Did you all forget the first half of the first game?

We were going punch for punch with them the entire first half. Unfortunately, when a defense can't make one stop eventually someone is going to have a bad game. In the end Atlanta adjusted and we did not and you all hate Cassel for that.

4) Time to bring in the backup...

Did no one watch the backups play in preseason???? You can't honestly tell me thats who you want throwing the ball for 14 more games... Stanzie peed his pants every time he was on the field.


Whats the obvious problem here that no one seems to be talking about... A Head Coach can not be a coordinator as well and be successful. We saw the same problem with Haley as we are seeing now.

There is not another team in the NFL doing this right now and you know why? Its stupid and proven that it does not work. It is just too much work for one man to do and the sooner we figure that out and upgrade from within the sooner we will be back to winning games. Just think, Haley was the OC/HC and the offense was horrible. Regardless of him eventually getting an OC he never gave it up at the end and it stayed horrible while the defense was above average to good. The one year we made him give it up the team goes to the playoffs easily.

What did we do next?? Switched coaches and got a new Oc and now the offense is moving fairly well but the defense is so horrible its almost impossible to watch all because we didn't get one more coach to make sure people stay on track and get shit done..

I hope you enjoyed this lesson, please let the flame war begin.... Now..

Ps: If you made this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hopefully I never find myself wasting my time writing anything else like it again.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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