A Front Row experience: Getting Billed

As some of you (roughly 5 I'm guessing) may remember one of the pieces of my three part adventure to New England.

I'm in the Boston area training up on a new job opportunity that's going to be taking me overseas for the next year. Anything to get my wife and I out of the depression that is Yuma, Arizona. We've had to endure three years of 125 degree summers (no pool), and winters where it's impossible to escape the constant flow of RV's instinctively flocking in with Canadian breeze at their backs. She and I decided that before we have kids to worry about, now's the time to pull the trigger on something exciting for the both of us.

Yes this is a Chiefs post, I promise. I, Being the sports fanatic that I am, decided that I would take advantage of the opportunity of being in Boston by attending a pro event. I checked out the Red Sox schedule because Fenway Park has always been in my top five stadiums I want to see. After the trade with the Dodgers tickets were bountiful.I also thought about seeing the Patriots against the Eagles in a pre season Monday Night game at Gillette Stadium. Then it dawned on me..........Week 2!............Buffallo! A quick map check informed me that it was going to be a very manageable 7 hour trip.

Now, I've only been to one Chiefs game before in my life (sad but true), so I decided to go big when it came to where I would be enjoying this game from in the stadium. I promptly made a deal with a guy selling a pair in section 113 in row 1. Directly behind the Chiefs bench. Where else? I offered my other ticket to an ol' Army buddy I hadn't seen in years, but I knew he lived in New England. He's a Jags fan, but said he'd happily don some Chiefs red and yellow to sit front row.

Preparation is key. Especially in the art of war.

Night before game. House of another old friend about an hour and a half away from Ralph Wilson Stadium:

17:45 - Party City run for some last minute ammunition.

20:10 - Crack first beer

20:15 - Used red window marker to draw Chiefs smack on rental car (black mustang).....=)

2300-0200 - No idea really. Lots of beers gots drunk and stories of old swapped

09:30 - Off to the stadium!!

Man that stallion looked beautiful painted up with bright red Arrowhead and KC logos. Found a great parking spot on some random guys lawn for $10, stadium less than a mile walk.

Jim Kelly Boulevard was electric as the enemy made it's way to the battleground. The enemy was dressed in red, yellow and black facepaint, and a sacred Indian headdress made from carrier pigeons. Okay, it was $7 at Party City, but it was no less inspirational. At first, heads just turned, followed by finger pointing and muttering. All that changed quickly as we suddenly had our own personal booing team which followed us for over a block. "Keep your head up, and don't punch anybody" I kept telling myself. "It'll be that much sweeter rubbing this win back in their faces" I thought. The older generation of Bills fans merely smiled and would say "you've got balls kid". We'd smile back and leave them with a friendly "enjoy the game" knowing, KNOWING that this was going to be an awesome game for our beloved Chiefs! Boo's echoed down the concrete hallways leading to our thrones in section 113. More cameras flashing than a Super Bowl kickoff. We walked proudly down the aisle as every row of Bills fans that saw what was going to be in front of them let out a mighty "ahh ca'mon!". Fists held high as we take our places near the 35 yard line. Scott Pioli himself comes over to shake our hands and tell us that his daughter has a hat just like ours at home. Thanks Scott. Phill Collins In the Air Tonight playing throughout the stadium as the players warmed up (where else but in Buffalo right?).


Now my friends, we all know which stadium is the loudest. But those folks in upstate New York were trying their best to rock a game like Arrowhead, especially after motivational Phill. After a solid National Anthem where two distinct voices replaced the final word with one of their own, it was time. Decent noise factor, but to be brutally honest, I've heard better at college games. "A" for effort though Buffalo! A few plays later marks the first entrance of "A-hole usher". asking everybody in the first 10 rows to sit down so everybody else can see. This angered us as well as the Bills fans, but them being wimps and me not wanting to get on his bad side early had us all in our seats. Until.....FIRST DOWN KANSAS CITY! My buddy was a lil slow, but he got the idea by the time it happened again. At this point the fingers directed our way were not for children's eyes. Boy I wish they could have had another 1st down that game because we were ready for it.

By halftime we were in shock with the rest of Chiefs nation. We agreed to trade one of our hats for 3 fresh beers to a drunk guy claiming to own a bar and work for the government, but not until the 4th quarter, and only if it wasn't close. Midway through the 3rd and the hat was gone. Maybe those weenie Bills fans just felt sorry for us, or maybe I was simply too much of a zombie to hear anything, but they seemed to feel sorry for us and stop heckling. Next entrance of a-hole usher. He asked us to sit down again, and I asked if I was allowed to stand at all. He told me that I could only stand during plays, and to sit down after. The remainder of the game was watched like Richard Simmons because I'll be damned before I sit down during a Chiefs play. He noted my sarcasm and left with a sneer. 2:45 remaining in the game he returns, again asking me to sit down because nobody can see. I look behind me and see about 20% of the fans still in the stadium, so I ask the ones behind me if they minded if I stand for the final minutes of the game. They all politely said no, and told the usher to leave me alone. He left only to return again during the 2 minute warning, only this time he had 6 stooges in reflective green come with him. Three of them from our flanks on the sidelines and three more down the aisle. Needless to say I wasn't in the mood for this, and was really hoping to get Jon Baldwin to sign the jersey I was wearing after the game. A yelling match between me and their shiny leader ensued and we were escorted through the boos out of the stadium. I firmly believe those boos were for the men in green and NOT for the ones in red.

Post game

Featherless heads held low, paint smeared on our faces, we again took on the gauntlet of Jim Kelly Boulevard, only this time it hurt. They were laughing at me, at all of us, and it was brutal. This wasn't supposed to happen, I was supposed to be running through the crowds yelling my head off. Not that day. Our red and black chariot only made us more of a target, and we were only trying to escape it all and just go home. I got back into my hotel room bed around 2am and was not ready to get start my week off in 5 hours.

It was a trip for the ages that I really needed. Spend some quality time with friends and showed my support proudly for the team I love. I wouldn't take it back for a million dollars. I only hope I can end my 0-2 skid the next time I get to attend a Chiefs game in person.

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