We have to get it together and I mean NOW!

Most of you out there know that I am a very positive person. I have definitely served up my share of kool aid. And believe it or not, I am serving some up right now, but let me warn's spiked.

I believe that we are going to be a good team. In fact, I believe that we are going to be a very good team.

You know why? Because we have to win. Often times it takes dire circumstances to push people into greatness.

I don't know what Romeo is going to do, but he better get it together and I mean fast. And I think he will. We had a legitimate excuse in our first game, but it was still a winnable game for us. I won't say we should have won, but we should have fought harder. The team had no fire. Now we have no excuses.

I really like Romeo, but I had some issues with his hiring as head coach. I know what he did in Cle., but that wasn't my issue since it was his first time as HC. My issues have always been his age and the fact that I can't recall a fired HC staying on with the same team to be a coordinator. This is likely Romeo's last HC opportunity and likewise his last chance as a coach of any type with the Chiefs. He has to know this, and this is why I believe he is going to get it together.

That said, I don't know if I could take it anymore if he doesn't get it together. Not because it would be another losing season, but because we would have to start over again. A new coach often means a new philosophy and a new staff. We might (likely) even make another scheme change. All things that require years to implement in most cases. I don't think there is another team in the league that runs Romeo's scheme. We would have to find new scheme players. Many players would likely want to leave because most vets don't want to be a part of a rebuild, and likely no one wants to be a part of multiple rebuilds. It could set us back for years if we don't get it together. Romeo knows that he has to do something.

There is so much to like about what we have seen, but it hasn't been consistent. I am hoping and believing that what has transpired so far is going to wake everyone up. I know we have the talent, and the coaches on staff, but for some reason it's not translating to the field.

We have lots of players who have something to prove; Hillis, the ACL crew, Poe, Dorsey and T-jax, Belcher, Routt, Baldwin, Dex, and the o-line. All of them have been questioned or mocked whether justly or unjustly.

We have lots of coaches who have something to prove. I already talked about Romeo, but the fact that some people feel that his ceiling is a DC and that he couldn't be a successful HC is hopefully eating away at his soul. Daboll has not been taken seriously. He hasn't earned anything yet. And so far, we can't argue with that. He has to earn it.

Scott Pioli has something to prove. Even his good moves are ridiculed. Someone is asking for his head every day. He has taken heat for both player and coaching moves. I'm not getting into whether or not his moves were good, but he definitely has something to prove.

And lastly, WE the fans have something to prove. This is not the time for us to be looking for another team. This is the time for us to be fans. Am I saying that we just accept whatever happens just because we are fans? Of course not, but this is only week 2. Everyone has to know how high the stakes are after the game yesterday. The conservative and undisciplined play we have seen should be out of the window. Our team needs great fans right now. We have to cheer them on. If they mess up, we should boo and voice our disgust, but at the end of the day, we have a part to play. If things don't change, then the Chiefs as an organization should expect whatever they get.

The next 2 games (and next week in particular) will show us alot. You can throw the schedule away because the opponent no longer matters. We have to win and we have to win right now no matter who takes the field.

We always have 2 choices. We can either believe or not believe and today, I choose to believe. Our time has to be here. We have been through too much for too long for this year to be a losing season. I have to believe that. But I can absolutely respect a longtime fan who feels that they have had enough. We all know it is hard to be a Chiefs fan and we deserve better, but until that day comes when you are no longer a fan, then let's do what fans do. Cheer our team on and believe.

Go Chiefs!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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