Taking the Bull by the tail...

There comes a time in the affairs of men (and the Chiefs) when we must take the bull by the tail, and face the issue. This team sucks! By the time when this team can record its first victory, we may very well be 0-4. The key question is whether or not the team is as bad as it is playing. I would hazard the guess that the Chiefs are not nearly as bad as their play indicates, but also not as good as most NFL analysts thought at the beginning of the season.

While the quarterback position is a significant part of the problem, it isn’t the only issue that needs to be addressed. Coach Crennel must find a serviceable DC, freeing himself to be head coach of the entire team. I wonder what Lawyer Milloy is doing right now? Maybe Willie McGinnest can be pried away from the NFL channel. If Crennel/Pioli can find an unemployed or available retired vet who has played in the Patriot defensive system, this person must be brought on board post haste. Crennel could then pass on what defensive focus he wants to see against the next opponent, but then let the new DC do the grunt work of practicing and implementing the plan. Crennel then could spend the extra time supervising all facets of the team.

While we are talking defense, I still say we should have one DL who is capable of penetrating the pocket himself, rather than merely occupying blockers. In situations where the opposition catches us dropping eight men into coverage, it seems like the QB has all day to find a receiver.

Three or four weeks ago, after one of our lopsided losses in a preseason game, I, when hearing another AP’er tell us not to worry, because "preseason games don’t count", suggested that learning how to win was, or should be, a key part of our preseason regime. Very few AP’ers supported my position. I’d like to remind those who disagreed with me that we are now 0-2, and looking at 0-4. My point is, that aside from injuries, and aside from a limited offense, this team lacks the mental toughness to refuse to lose. No one is stepping up. That IS a learned response. It wasn’t learned in preseason.

I’m not going to spend much time ranting about Cassel. What I have seen is a reticence by our OC to throw deep passes. Until the fourth quarter of our loss to Buffalo, I hadn’t seen Cassel throw a pass that traveled 40+yds. in the air since the Viking game of last season. That’s eight or nine games without a real deep ball being thrown. Opposition DC’s notice things like that. They know they can squeeze the short and intermediate zones with little stress.

What will Crennel’s future be if the ship isn’t righted quickly? I suspect that he’ll be a "one & done" HC. I hope that Mr. Pioli realizes that it is time to move away from "the Patriot Way", and bring in a new coach from some other successful organization. The league as a whole seems to be catching up to "The Patriot Way".

Finally, I want to address the players themselves. From what I’ve seen so far, it may be time for Belcher to sit down and watch Siler. Likewise, Breaston should give way to Baldwin (a more aggressive downfield receiver), and it could be time to take a closer look at Allen at guard in place of Lilja. On defense, Ebram should go back to the bench when Daniels is healthy, and Daniels awaits the return of Lewis.

As for our fearless leader, Mr. Pioli, he has some work to get done this season. While Albert’s not a star by any means, he is a serviceable LT. Those aren’t easy to come by. Pioli needs to resign him during the season. On the other hand, I’m not sure about Dorsey. I know Crennel envisions him as being effective if he controls the run & eats blockers on pass plays, but I still insist we need one DL who can penetrate the pocket. In my estimation, we don’t lose a lot if Dorsey walks at the end of the season. That leaves Bowe. I know some of us find his frequent drops infuriating, but the man has been highly productive every year of his career. No way do I let him walk like Carr did. That’s why we must sign Albert, and grit our teeth if we can’t sign Dorsey. We need the tag for Bowe. That’s not to say Bowe will languish in red the rest of his career. Tag him, but with a tender that warrants only a first round pick as compensation for signing him. Make him available if we can’t sign him to a long term deal, but get something in return. In other words, use Bowe like we used Allen a few years ago. Don’t allow him to walk away with no compensation.

All right. Writing this has been somewhat cathartic. If the worst thing that happens to me this year is that the Chiefs suck, I’ll survive, but it certainly won’t be fun.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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