What Went Wrong??

Okay, So i'm not going to write a novel or anything but i'm gonna go on a slight rant..

One thing about today's game that stuck out to me is the non-aggressive play in the defense! If I can remember right i'm pretty sure @ Oakland last year the Raiders were at our 3 yard line with 1st and Goal and for 4 consecutive plays Derrick Johnson filled the holes and finished the play! That's the kind of play I was expecting this year but even more improved! ... The only bright spot the Chiefs had last year was the DEFENSE! and now this year we can't stop a 2A High School football team! I was optimistic after last week's game and at halftime of this game knowing that at anytime the Chiefs were going to make a statement and show the world they wont let the Dollar Bills run all over them! Well they did America! Now, i'm not here to talk crap about my team that I love but I want fans all around the world to let their opinions be heard!!! Because I will not go my whole life getting anxious and talking up my team just to be let down by week 2! It's not going to be like that now and it's not gonna be like that ever! We potentially have one of the best fanbases in all of football! and this is the type of play we get repaid with. we sit out in the stadiums rain, sleet, hail, snow just to be let down again and again. I'm going to give my honest opinion of why I think KC can't win football games when they have one of the best rosters in football!

1. Matthew Cassel does not have what it takes to be a professional quarterback in the National Football League period! He looks shaky and confused in the pocket play after play after play! also, he is hesitant and scared to go deep fearing the turnover so he constantly checks down to the man about 2 yards away.

2. Chiefs fans have gotten used to the 3rd and 18 draw plays that we've grown to hate! *with exception of Hillis' * If you want to be competitive and challenge the defense, how about throwing about 15 downfield leaving the rest to the WR instead of tossing the rock 4 yards downfield and hoping for a miracle. (run,run,pass,punt) KC's Motto!

3. Special Teams?!? WTH? i've never seen such pathetic returns by the opponent. I've never had to see Colquitt run after a kickoff specialist. But he gave the best effort on that play! Special Teams have to be improved if they want to get back in the win column!

4. DEFENSE! : LETS MAKE SOME STOPS AND GET AGGRESSIVE! They are looking confused out there and it worries me that they aren't getting Crennel's undivided attention and it's showing! I hate talking like this about my team but I can't go any longer without someone hearing me out somewhat !
There is plenty more that I could rant about but i'm not trying to get into the bulk of it. I'll leave it to Joel.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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