Chiefs2012: The novel, Chpt2-Bills

As the season unfolds like a good novel there will be lots of drama and story twist. The chiefs2012 started pretty good and devolved into what I assume to be a theme of this season. This is not a dominant team. No one component of this team is capable of carrying an underperforming component to a victory. Special teams and defense sucked and Matt Cassel was uncapable of carrying the load and thus a blowout loss.

What I am attempting with ths series of fanpost is to find the opinionated fan who has the best pulse of the team. My scoring system will be +2 for a very good prediction, +1, 0, -1 and -2 for a completely bogus prediction. I will also give a score of +3 for a dead on prediction or a damn good one that goes against the vegas line. I will be impressed if anyone gets over a score of +20 for the season with this scoring system.

So the results of the first week:

+2 nobody had a good enough prediction to earn this score

+1 kcfan1964 (38 – 17 Atlanta….No Tamba; no D.Johnson; weak DBs; Ryan throws for 300+ & 4TDs.) pretty good prediction. Not enough good stuff to overcome the incorrect predictions in his post.

+1 saints_chiefsfan1979 (I think they get rolled.....Too many injuries, no pass rush against a solid NFL QB). True, the chiefs got rolled and a prediction like this would have earned a +2 last years first game. The first half was a good one for the undermanned, Cassel led chiefs

-1 Arronbrown87, dubid, Linc15 Marginal predictions with some correct statements but mostly wrong. Credit is given here to the first half performance in not giving this bunch of optimist the dreaded -2 score.

-2 tiback20 (I say KC wins....24-20. It’ll be a tough one but I think DJ will play as well as Flowers. We’ll only be missing Lewis and Hali. The offense will show up and our running game will keep it out of Ryan’s hands). This prediction has no resemblance to the game I watched......-2 for you

Ok folks that is how the game is played. I was hoping for a few more players. 20 would be a good number. Come join if you have the balls to put your predictions up for analysis. Cummulative score after the season wins bragging rights.

My prediction for the bills game: A defensive struggle. Low score due to both teams being embarrassed by their performance in week 1. JC goes over 100 and PH gets his first TD as a chief. KC wins

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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