The Status of the Chiefs and AP - an observation

Happy hangover AP! I guess that's the best way to describe this weekend. I'm a somewhat unknown lowly sophomoric poster here on AP and have a fee words to express about the status of our beloved boys in red and gold (Yes KC Satchmo I remembered its red and gold not red and yellow!)

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I am a passionate fan. I smear on war paint on game days, I've been known to talk ungodly amount of smack talk to raiders and broncos fans.. I leave chargers fans alone.. They aren't worth the energy.. I watch gale videos read BJ Kissels blogs listen to Joel on 610 radio, enjoy Tarkus ( one of my first AP brethren on here) and his rise from poster to contributor and his (un)official AP mascot pictures! I am 1 of 2 official Stanzi supporters complimented by Ramx21.

I may not have the swagger of one liners like HIV2ELWAY or our fan fav AVERAGATSBY and I surely am not the queen of gifs as Ladychief. I am a mere humble fan, fresh from the homeopener witnessing the struggle that was this Sunday. I witnessed the homeopener festivities, the pregame tailgating the high hopes and standing O for Tony G...

Then I saw the desperate defensive struggle to slow down the Atlanta barrage or offense(something we are attempting with having Bowe, Baldwin&breaston) I saw the game go south with a fight not on the field but in the stands where I sit, not the nose bleed but with my tailgate chiefs family in section 113, us, the friendly Midwestern fans of the chiefs get into brawl with the Falcons fans for being a bunch of loyal fans, somewhat obnoxious because they are winning but not Raider-esque with our drunken fans..

Then post game, in lot A a huge brawl of Falcons and a cowboys(why they were at Arrowhead with cowboys gear on) with drunk irate chiefs fans...

I love this team. I am in a deep committed relationship with this team. At times I lose hope, lose faith& start to question why?!!

After I sat at the buffalo wild wings and thought about it eating some post game wings drinking some whiskey I saw fans talking about the game, waitress and waiters bustling and realized something, it's just a game, a silly silly game and i may have lost some readers on this post but it's true. What makes it the perfect game the heart throbbing obsesses in all things of life in the fall is this;


Hope is a powerful thing. Imagine of you can the following; another Todd Haley press conference after another home loss.. Or another stream of "company lines" about we played well.. Cassel did good blah blah blah...
Now.. Read the RAC post game; no excuses no BS, "Cassel played DECENT in the first half" we played decent but players were pressing as they do.. Not one mention of missing players from injury.

Pioli has made mistakes(as we see it) so has Mr Hunt. We all have, we are human. Pioli has built a decent foundation on this team. He has done a good job fixing mistakes (Haley) with RAC. RAC is a great coach defensively, and as a head coach he is well above average with post season super bowl experience to boot!

So when you feel like overreacting, the doom start leering it's head into thoughts into fans shots and posts remember this:

This is Arrowhead; we were great once and we are on the cusp to being great again! The foundation is there, they key pieces are there save 3;

1. Franchise QB

2. Complimentary CB (to flowers)

3. Complimentary ILB (to DJ- belcher ain't it)

Those 3 additions is what is stoping this team. Period. To quote my hopeful yet unlikely savior of the KC Chiefs; "Love it or Leave it" Ricky Stanzi

Love it or Leave it; we are in the uproar

Love it or leave it we are just about there

Love it or leave it we will NEVER be a media darling

Love it or leave it we will always be the under dog

Love it or leave it ...

I love it AP.. And I'll never leave it.

YES!! I know we are $20 million/$16 million (depending on who say it) under the cap. Yes Brandon Carr is gone (love him but $50 million 5 years is over paying even Jerry Jones admitted to this) Yes the QBs we draft Hasn't been good.. Yes it feels like the same sing song dance dog parade which always ends with a FG on the 33 yard line as the opponent enjoys a 2 possession lead...

And lastly YES! I am just as sick in the stomach watching Peyton Manning under center for our rival whilst giving us he Hiesman stiff arm for a job opprotunity...

We are a fickle bunch here on AP and I truly hate to see so much pessimism and Debbie downers here.. A lot of negativity and when I first found this site in 2009 It was different. Maybe its the flux of new fans or people no longer lurking but expressing themselves as I am doing again but this is something I wanted to get off my chest. So Love my words or leave me the hate on the comments section but my advice to the quick to judge quick to anger type is this:

Take some Advil, chug some water, take a cold wash cloth an place on your forehead and take a nap... You will feel right as rain come Thursday...

Week 1 is in the books. The 72 dolphins was a rare occurrence, like Haley's comet, as RAC said:

"It's a marathon not a sprint"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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