Fantasy Workshop: An open collaboration to make us all fantasy legends

I am always looking for new ideas and approaches for my fantasy team. A lot of times, when I search for an area to bounce ideas around, I come up short. Hopefully, with this thread, that will happen no more! Assuming that most of us do not play in the same leagues, we can reveal some secrets, tips, ideas, suggestions... anything that will help create a breeding ground of elite fantasy teams!

The idea is to be completely open to ideas and not afraid to ask questions. We can go over drafting strategies, player ratings, predictions, even cool team name ideas. *NOTE: This will be geared toward a standard league, not PPR. But I would encourage those familiar with PPR leagues to take that part over!

To get it rolling, I will put my drafting strategy in the open. This general technique has helped me, but I would love for it to improve or to help someone else improve.

The Draft:

I begin with selecting the highest scoring QB or RB with my first pick. This is based strictly off of consistency. If Aaron Rodgers is still up, he would be my pick. If the best available QB left is Matt Ryan, but the RB's are rich with fantasy scorers like Arian Foster, I take the RB. Usually I try to go with a RB no matter what though, because the league is deep with consistent fantasy QB's now a days.

I have noticed that almost always, other teams tend to get both a QB and a RB with their first two (sometimes three) picks. If all goes as planned, I will have a RB with pick one. For picks two and three, I go straight for WRs. Save Megatron, in the second round you will probably have the cream of the crop to choose from in the WR category during the 2nd round. Also, because most people are still trying to fill both QB and RB with those two rounds, the third round will be a pretty similar talent selection.

This usually creates a panic for other teams as they start seeing some of the sexier names leaving the board, they'll start hitting up the WRs. So, in the fourth you can probably pick up a Matt Ryan or an Eli Manning. With this approach, you could wind up having a top tier RB and two consistently high scoring WRs with a QB that has potential to match the rest of your team. These four players can account for a consistent chunk of points every week and win you a lot of games.

In rounds 5 or 6, I see if there is a TE left that can put up points like a good WR. If there is, he probably outscores any of the remaining WRs in the league. Select him and it is like sneaking in another 2nd round WR.

After the TE, I try to start the cycle over while paying close attention to what position has the more consistent scorer. There really isn't a bias toward any position after that. Eventually, throw in a kicker and a defense and you should have a good start.

That is my basic strategy that works for me. See any areas that I could improve on? Anything helpful for you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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