FanPost, Now Serving Ice Cold Berry Flavored Chiefs Kool-Aid


At Arrowhead Pride, we breakdown everything.

Whether we are dissecting FanPost's of a new user that typed several posts in ALL CAPS in less than two hours or we're looking at the 2013's NFL draft prospects for possible Kansas City Chiefs trade scenarios to potentially, finally select a QB in the first round. Not many stories are left without at least some of us AP members giving our take on the situation.

Of course, talking about selecting a QB that early in the NFL draft might the conjour up memories of the last time the Chiefs made such a move, five years before smoking was banned on airlines, but I digress.

Currently, it is an exciting time in Kansas City. From top to bottom the Chiefs have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. Usually in the media, our favorite team doesn't get a lot of favorable reviews if you let the fans tell the story. Especially, from the likes of ESPN or the NFL Network.

So whenever we do see a good review, one of us might just grab it hot off the press and put in under a microscope for everyone at Arrowhead Pride to tear apart. That is exactly what is happening today with Ian Rapoport's recap of his trip to St. Joseph, Missouri on

Before the jump, here is a sample of the sweet nectar that is Berry Flavored Chiefs Kool-Aid:

- We talked to a bunch of players during the joint practice with the Cardinals, but the best stuff came from safety Eric Berry. He's recovering from a torn ACL, but looked really strong yesterday. Watching him jam Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald, knock him off his route and knock the ball away was sweet. Better was Berry's description of himself: "I feel good as Hell,"Berry told me.I knew the circumstances I was in, I had a lot of help around me to get back to where I was. Just looked at it like a challenge. Just wanted to come back, make sure I was ready to help my team. It was a sense of urgency, even though I had a whole year off, I felt like I had a lot to do. That was the mentality I took on."

Larry Fitzgerald is not at the level of Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning in terms of pure love fest coverage. However, it is safe to say that a number of talking heads truly believe that Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson are the only receivers in the NFL. So, for Eric Berry to get some props at his expense after missing the entire 2011 season, save for one miserable coin toss practically, it definitely gets you in the mood to tip your Chiefs cup back and guzzle some red goodness.


Just picture Eric Berry getting physical on the football field with one of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL today. Or you can simply look at this picture of Eric Berry getting physical with one of the greatest wide receivers in the NFL today above. Whatever you do, just try and do it without smiling.

Sure it's early, sure it's training camp... But, Kansas City Chiefs fans. Eric Berry is back and he is running toe-to-toe with real competition and displaying effectiveness. Pardon me, but Hali-freaking-Lilja, that is amazing! Though, what else does Mr. Rapoport have to say about our young Pro Bowl saftety?

- Another thing on Berry that I always forget. He was turning into a star when he got injured, but he wasn't there yet. He's still learning. That was the point Romeo Crennel made to me, that they got to knock the rust off him and keep him headed on the path to being a game-changing player now that his knee is better. Berry agreed. "I'm not there yet," Berry told me. "Just for the simple fact that I feel like I can get so much better. Know what I'm saying? Even aside from the injury, even though I overcame that and I feel like I can run around and make plays and stuff like that, I still feel like there is another level of me that I need to reach. It's just, that's the way it drives me. I know the injury happened and all that and I just want to be great. ... I have big expectations for myself and this team."

Speaking of Eric Berry's injury in 2011, Kansas City Chiefs fans were seriously robbed of one of the brightest young stars in professional sports when they lost Eric Berry for the season on one of these two plays:



Re-watching those plays is disgusting. It makes me feel awful thinking about how different the season could have been if Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki wouldn't have been injured.

Though for every single negative vibe those plays bring back... Reading Eric Berry's words in his interview with Ian Rapoport makes me feel exactly the polar opposite. Especially when I am considering how awesome it is that Eric Berry is back on the Kansas City Chiefs grid iron, potentially making plays all over the field for our beloved red and gold.

All that said, obviously, no glass of Chiefs Kool-Aid is complete without some killer Kansas City BBQ:

– Dinner was an obvious choice. After spending the day in St. Joseph, I drove back to Kansas City and took in the always fantastic Oklahoma Joe’s with my buddy Kent Babb from the KC Star, among others. Had the ribs and pulled pork, and it was the tenderness that got me. Plus, those might be the best fries in the history of the world. Great place. Oh, did I mention it’s in a gas station? It is.

That just so happens to be the most amazing gas station on the planet.

So the BBQ is great and all, but you know you want some more of that tasty Chiefs Kool-Aid? How about the flavor of the week, I believe it's been referred to as: A tall glass of "Bald"Winning!"

– Man, Chiefs WR Jon Baldwin was impressive. Just like Fitzgerald, he goes up and gets it. The best play came when he leapt high over a CB who had position on him and yanked the ball off the dude’s helmet. Pretty sick. I can only imagine Dwayne Bowe’s reaction to hearing about how good Baldwin looks, making him a little less valuable. "Everybody knows he’s got unbelievable athletic ability and the potential is there," Fitzgerald said of his fellow Pitt alum.


Indeed, the potential is definitely there for this 6'4" 230 lbs monster. Look at "Big Jon" go up there and rip that ball away from the defender. That is some ridiculously sick ability being showcased by a Kansas City Chiefs player. If Jon Baldwin can continue to build rapport with Matt Cassel during Dwayne Bowe's absence, then we can all feel comfortable that this talented beast could be in store for a breakout season with or without Dwayne Bowe.

But silence all that silly noise, it has already been reported that Dwayne Bowe will show up to camp:

Outside of Dwayne Bowe, one of the biggest questions of the Kansas City Chiefs season is new OC, Brian Daboll. Let's see what has to say about our shiny new play caller:

- Finally, I talked with Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, an energetic, idea-oriented offensive guru. Looks like a fantastic fit for KC. The best thing? He's adaptable. He doesn't have a system he force feeds. Now he has a sound power running game with Jamaal Charlesand Peyton Hillis? Cool, he'll use that, even if it's different from what he had in Miami. "Well, the goal is to score points offensively however you need to do it," Daboll said. "We're gonna try to put our guys in good position and then we expect them - regardless of the play call - we're going to execute it and make sure the quarterback understands some of the things he can get in and out of and make sure everybody's on the same page. ... We don't want to be error repeaters we say. Go out and make a mistake yesterday and make the same mistake. We're making progress."

Whether you are in the mood for Kool-Aid or not... As Chiefs fans, you have to be feeling good about Brian Daboll saying, "We're making progress" instead of, "Ya know guys, it's a process."

Just saying.

Let the Kool-Aid flow.

The Chiefs have five receivers that can score from anywhere on the field at any moment in: Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin, Steve Breaston, Dexter McCluster and rookie, Devon Wylie.

Also, the Chiefs have two running backs 26 or younger, that were battling to be on the cover of NFL Madden following the 2010 season. Peyton Hillis won that battle against Jamaal Charles and now he is replacing Thomas, LeRon and Jackie... The funny part about that is that younger two of that pedestrian trio of backs went on to become San Diego Chargers this offseason (LeRon McClain, Jackie Battle.) Sip on that tasty tidbit, the Chiefs get a former Madden Cover Star coming off a troubled season, San Diego gets our former "three and out" tackling dummies.

The Chiefs have weapons all over the field and have equipped the team with the best tightend duo in KC, since Jason Dunn and Tony Gonzalez a few years back. Kevin Boss and Tony Moeaki are a formidable tandem with versatile skills, look for them to excel in creating running lanes for the Chiefs loaded backfield.

On Defense, RAC has us covered... Besides just gifting us with players like Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers to tear the heads off would be opponents. Romeo has quietly built one of the most loaded defenses in the NFL.

You can hardly find a starter on the Chiefs defense without finding first round pick in their draft profile history. The talent at Arrowhead is seriously overflowing the streets of Kansas City. Be careful out there or you might just wake up and get sacked by Justin Houston on your way to read Arrowheadlines.

Drink up Arrowhead Pride, it's going to be a super season and this year, I'm not even having to force the thought on you. Just look around at your team and smile. This should be one hell of a football season. Preseason starts tomorrow in Kansas City at 7pm, against the Arizona Cardinals, who is ready for some CHIEFS FOOTBALL?

Read this for KCporkchop and remember AP, Lyle Graverson is counting on you.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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