Wide Receiver For Dexter McCluster?

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected Devon Wylie WR, Fresno State with the 107th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. It made it safe to assume that Dexter McCluster could be concentrating solely on RB in OTA's and training camp.

After the Kansas City Chiefs selected Cyrus Gray RB, Texas A&M... 75 short picks later at 182 (82 was Dante Hall's number with the Chiefs, who also went to Texas A&M), that safe assumption appeared to be wrong, it made it very clear that the Chiefs were seeking upgrades and depth at all of Dexter McCluster's specialty positions WR / RB / KR.

So where would 2010 second round pick Dexter McCluster line up in camp and would he even make the team in 2012?

Nick Jacobs, a producer at Metro Sports has been sending out tweets from training camp. Among them, have been some references to Dexter McCluster.

Including him making sure everyone knows that it's been more than just a few random practices that Dexter McCluster has been lining up at WR, with this next message:

Encouraging words from Mr. Jacobs. Dexter McCluster has been utilized in many ways with the Chiefs in the past. Will the new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, be able to use Dexter McCluster somewhere on the football field?

The Kansas City Chiefs have an explosive player in Dexter McCluster. If Brian Daboll can get him out into space, or run double reverses with Devon Wylie it would be great, neato and exciting. However, if Brian Daboll can coach up Dexter McCluster, get him to concentrate on football details like route running and holding onto the football, maybe he can still live up to the potential of his draft position.

This also could signify that the Chiefs might be trying to force Dexter McCluster into a Wes Welker role. In 2008, Matt Cassel threw it to Wes Welker 111 times for 1165 yards and three TD's, it is obvious, that Cassel can hit someone of Wes Welker's size, but McCluster is nowhere near the elite level of Wes Welker. But, if Daboll can teach McCluster how to run precision routes and be a better football player, it might be a step in the right direction for the Chiefs overall.

So why Devon Wylie too?

Scott Pioli seems to want players of certain criteria around draft time. Early on in "The Process" and "The Right 53" era of the initial change over, it was assumed that Pioli wanted big, fast, physical football players... Because well, that is what he told fans that he wanted from week one. After four drafts and numberous UDFA tryouts in Kansas City, it appears Scott does appreciate short, quick and twitchy football players as well.

Though, in Devon Wylie's case, it seems that he is another Scott Pioli effort to try and give Matt Cassel the weapon that he has been missing since New England circa 2008...

It could be the Chiefs are trying to keep players out there for Matt that are in his comfort zone, style wise. As a receiver the past two seasons, Dexter McCluster has a lot of wild burst in his routes. He doesn't run with the agile flow of a Steve Smith (Carolina) or a Wes Welker, if he can work on that through competition with Wylie... Then one of these guys might end up developing a solid rapport with Matt Cassel.

From what has been reported at camp, it appears Dexter McCluster is picking up some of Daboll's teaching, but that is only if Chiefs fans let Nick Jacobs tell it:

What about the head coach... How does Romeo Crennel feel about it?

Good answer coach.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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