Doth our talent deceive? Or do we deceive ourselves?

Taking off my rose colored glasses sometimes turns out to be more difficult than anticipated. Either way here is my go at this. This also has nothing to do with the preseason, but expectations for our team based on our talent on paper. This is something I think we overestimate a great deal. Maybe it's because we actually send some players to the Pro Bowl now...


There are a couple different topics to approach regarding this. I would like to start with depth. I think we know how hard and long of an uphill battle it has been from our JV roster at the start of Herm's rebuilding and youth movement (completely warranted in my belief, probably a little overboard {little, yeah... maybe}). Do I think we have one of the deeper teams in the NFL? No. Do I think we have just STARTED establishing NFL level depth? Yes. A good indicator of NFL depth is strategy in the draft, what are you drafting for and what is it you must have them do? This was the very first year where we drafted in such a great amount for potential and depth concerns. While it is very relaxing and comforting to know that we did this... I have news for you. The top NFL teams have done this annually for the last 3 years, or 4 years, or more. We have begun to establish depth, let's be realistic.

Aside from depth you are really looking at your bread and butter which is the quality of your starters and the number of legitimate superstars or playmakers you have. Follow me after the jump for a little look at that.


Pro Bowls. Plain and simple. While some players get a little less attention than they should, and some players get a little more attention than they should, the truth of the matter is, it is a pretty good approximation of how many plamakers you have and how good your team is.

Even though there were some teams that lost some Pro Bowlers due to injury I will disregard that, and I will add Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry to our totals as Pro Bowlers (you can't escape some homerism here and there no matter how hard you try). This would have given us 4 Pro Bowlers last year. Do you know how many teams had 5 or more? There were 10 of them. And there were 3 other teams with 4 Pro Bowlers. This puts us slightly above the middle of the pack. What is middle of the pack? 8-8 and you usually don't go to the playoffs.

Where We Are

So where do we realistically sit with our starting talent and our budding depth (not top tier, budding)? You are probably looking at a possibility of 9-7, most likely that is not a division winner, but a wildcard team. Probably won't go too far in the playoffs.

I'm sorry. Were you expecting us to crush every team into oblivion and win the Super Bowl? We have TONS of playmakers and at least 10 players that should be in the Pro Bowl, right? Guess what? So does every team in the NFL... to their fan base's eyes. Truth of the matter is we are hopeful on our young and progressing players. Is that wrong? No. But a players has to prove he belongs in elite company before you put him there.

So let's take our team and put them in perspective. Should we be getting blown out like this last game? No. Should we be a tough team that wins a little bit more than we lose, taking most games down to a field goal or single touchdown? Yes.

Let's expect more from this team, but do so with an understanding of what we should be expecting. In the NFL last time I checked you had to prove something before it was given to you... also we have not proven/disproven anything yet. It is the preseason...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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