Why Trying To Get David Garrard Makes Perfect Sense


David Garrard is currently on the Dolphins (Duh).. But most likely, either Garrard or Matt Moore will be released within the next week. And in my opinion, and a lot of other people who have been paying close attention to Miami's training camp and Preseason games, David Garrard will be the one who gets released or traded, not Moore. Why? I can't say I know for sure, because before he got injured, he was #1 on the Dolphins depth chart. But that's the word on twitter. So, here is why I think that Garrard really does make a ton of sense for The Chiefs.

Why Do We Even Need Garrard?

1 Word: Competition.

In Matt Cassel's time in KC, he has never had anybody behind him that was capable of taking his job. Yes, Joel, I'm sorry, but that includes your boy Brady Quinn. And Garrard is capable of taking Cassel's job if Matt plays as poorly as he did last year. Also, he would be a great backup, something we also haven't had in Kansas City for a long time. If right now, Matt Cassel happened to go down with an injury early in the year and would happen to miss a good amount of games, the Chiefs season wouldn't be in jeopardy, it would be done. Because neither Brady Quinn nor Ricky Stanzi is capable of stepping up and taking over this team and winning games. That's where Garrard comes in. In no way shape or form am I saying that David Garrard would save the Chiefs season, and take them to to the promise land if Cassel went down with an injury, but if certain offensive players wold step up, he would be capable of winning a decent amount of games to still give KC a chance at making the Playoffs. Because if Cassel does get hurt, and then Brady Quinn comes in and doesn't produce, Pioli will get bashed for not having a ready backup. That is why David Garrard would be good in Kansas City. And By The Way, The Chiefs were in contact with Garrard right before he signed with Miami, so there is a chance they would be interested in him again. Hey, the same thing happened with Kyle Orton last year!

Trading For Garrard:

There's an extremely low chance that any team will be dumb enough to trade for either Moore or Garrard, because they will be released if they can't find any suitors. But if the Chiefs, or any other team for that matter, would trade for Garrard, it would be a very low price to pay. A 5th round pick at best. A 6th rounder is pretty realistic,because remember, the Dolphins gave up star WR Brandon Marshall for only a 3rd round pick. And Garrard and Marshall aren't even in the same league. So in review, it's a very low chance Garrard is actually traded anywhere, but if he is, it will likely be for a 5th rounder at best. I would be Okay with Pioli giving up maybe a 6th or 7th pick for Garrard, only if there was another team trying to get him in a trade.

Signing Garrard If He Was Cut:

I think that it's fair to say that a number of teams would be interested in Garrard if he hit the open market. But he would look at the situation in KC as an opportunity to get some playing time. If Pioli would offer a reasonable contract, Garrard may be interested to come to KC. We have a lot of weapons on offense, an above average defense (not in the pre-season), a chance at the playoffs, and a great fan base that would welcome anybody to take Matt Cassel's job.

Would We Carry 4 QB's?

No. Probably not. If Garrard would be signed, I think we'd be saying goodbye to Brady Quinn. There's no way they'd cut Ricky Stanzi, just because he still has a chance to grow and get better. But Brady Quinn is Brady Quinn. I don't think he has much room to improve. There is a slim chance that we would carryy 4 QB's, but I really don't see the logic in that.

I think that Garrard would be a great fit for the Chiefs if he is cut. Yeah, this is a ton of speculation, because the guy is still on an NFL Roster, and may not even be cut, but There's a high chance that he will be on the market sometime this week. And if he's not, Matt Moore will be. And I think that this post also relates to Matt Moore. But What do you think? Should Pioli make an effort to get Garrard? Comment!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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