No 'Major' Injuries From Seahawks-Chiefs Game

Nov 13, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley (left) talks to defensive end Glenn Dorsey (72) as he is helped off the field against the Denver Broncos in the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. Denver won the game 17-10. Manda

The Kansas City Chiefs saw two players go down to injury in Friday night's 44-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Anthony Toribio had an ankle injury which kept him out of the game and Glenn Dorsey suffered an injury to his left knee.

(Update: Dorsey and Toribio weren't the only Chiefs injured.)

The good news is that Romeo Crennel says neither were major injuries.

"We got some muscle strains, some muscle bruises, but there are no major injuries," Crennel said.

Romeo's quote came directly after the game so I'm not sure how much information the Chiefs had on the two injured players. Toribio went down in the first half and was in pain on the sidelines. Dorsey went down early in the second half.

We're also not sure what his definition of "major" is. Neither will miss any time? Only a week or two? Multiple weeks?

Re-watching the TV broadcast of the game, there's no shot of Toribio's injury. He comes off the field at one point -- didn't even look like he was limping much -- and hangs on the sidelines. In the press box his injury was announced as an ankle and he was questionable to return. He did not return.

Dorsey's injury came less than a minute into the second half. The Seahawks ran the ball up the gut and Eric Berry rolled up Dorsey's leg. See the screen shot below:


That's Dorsey right in the middle of the field falling forward. That's Berry right behind him, rolling into his leg. Dorsey hit the ground and immediately started clutching his left knee.


The Chiefs medical staff came out and tended to him for a minute. He walked off the field under his own power -- slowly and carefully -- but under his power. The Chiefs announced it as a knee injury and Dorsey did not return. He was spotted later on the sidelines with an icepack on his left knee.

The one that concerns me is Toribio because he was not spotted on the sidelines, as far as I could tell. Romeo was pressed about Toribio's ankle injury and he said, "Well, they told me he had an ankle." So he may not know much.

We're talking to Crennel this afternoon so hopefully there's more of an update to pass around and hopefully it's not of the "Damn it the Chiefs are cursed!" variety.

The injured Chiefs at the moment include four defensive starters: Toribio, Dorsey, Brandon Flowers and Kendrick Lewis. Tamba Hali, not injured, is suspended for Week 1.

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