Opportunities (or in other words, not another Chiefs bashing post)


Well, say what you want, the season hasn't started yet, and while it looks bleak currently, and MAY be bleak during the season, it won't change the fact that I love the Chiefs and will continue to root for them until I die, or the world ends. Whichever comes first.

Back to the fun stuff: SPECULATION! Yes, its my favorite subject and up today for speculation is the omnipresent Twitterer/Colts Owner/Braggadocious Billionaire, Mr. Jim Irsay! Recently Mr. Irsay has garnered the attention of the league, NFL Media, and fans (again) with his sensationalistic Twittering. Earlier this week Irsay Tweeted the following:

@JimIrsay: SERIOUS TRADE WINDS Swirling! We're talking given up high pick for SERIOUS Vet/Starter!....

@JimIrasy: Colts Fans.. Your GM Mr Grigson isn't afraid to roll the dice n aggressively improve YOUR Indianapolis Colts..n my checkbook stands ready!

@JimIrsay: 9 times out of 10 these deals fizzle out like a faulty Roman Candle;any other info at this time is proprietary,must move behind the curtain!

Sensational right? Its obvious that Irsay has a lot to say. He loves saying it, he loves the attention it brings, and he loves his team just as much as he loves his money and himself. Irsay seems committed to make a deal that will give the Colts the best chance to win NOW. His window with Mathis and Freeney and Wayne is closing and I think he understands this. His D isn't much of a force, which is why many of the swirling speculations have concluded this trade must be for a cornerback. However, conflicting reports suggest everything from cornerback, to running back, to wide receiver, to offensive lineman. Pretty broad scope and clearly nobody knows whats going on behind said curtain.

Over at Stampede Blue (SB Nations Colt's Blog) a post was written by Brad Wells in an effort to cross names off the list of potential trade prospects. Wells goes on to omit Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike Jenkins, Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, Cary Williams, Mike Wallace, and most recently (but still a possibility) Wes Welker. As I'm scrolling through this list I'm noting all these big names, and at the same time, in another article from RantSports, Bryn Swartz writes that,

"Unconfirmed reports from Twitter from an account known as Colts Insiders indicate that the Indianapolis Colts could be close to acquiring veteran wide receiver Wes Welker from the New England Patriots...multiple picks are included in the deal, none of which is a first round draft pick."

Swartz goes on to suggest that he cannot see Hoody letting Tom Brady's security blanket go this far into the preseason and thinks it would be a surprise if it actually happened.

I looked up this Colts Insiders, and what I found bears a striking resemblance to AP's fan favorite WeathermanKumke! Except Colts Insiders tries to save some face by stating the reports being made are quote unquote, "Unconfirmed".

@ColtsInsiders: I've been told the multiple draft picks are included in the deal but NOT a first rounder.

@ColtsInsiders: With the patriots playing tonight and the Colts playing tomorrow no deal is expected before Sunday.

@ColtsInsiders: I want to make sure everyone understands this-there seems to be confusion. This is UNCONFIRMED.

Been there. Done that. I wasted a lot of restless nights in eager anticipation about any news over Peyton Manning's arrival in KC, and the abundant thoughts of how he'd take this team to the promised land once we signed him. I'll never get that time back. Thanks Weatherman. Hate's a strong word, but maybe not strong enough.

Despite the unknown of the deal being constructed (or deconstructed) behind the proverbial curtain, one thing we know for sure is that Irsay has a checkbook, his GM isn't afraid to roll dice, and the Colts franchise would be open to dealing for starting vets with draft picks as currency. It doesn't matter who is being considered right now. The point is they're open to offers and are not afraid to pay the incoming vet(s) and that's important to remember.

Right now the Colts have Reggie Wayne, Coby Fleener, the other Stanford TE, and Dwayne Allen, the TE out of Clemson. All of those are rookies save Reggie Wayne. And all of those are also TE's, save Reggie Wayne. Irsay most likely wants to add another option for his shiny new toy at QB to throw to. And by now I'm sure you can guess at what I'm getting at. A trade scenario that sends Bowe to the Colts for their first round pick.

But the reports say the first round pick isn't an option on the table!

NO. WeathermanKumke aka ColtsInsiders aka Satan says that the first round pick is not on the table. Bowe's talent, production, and lack of quality QB play to acquire that production, says he can play ball and demands attention with a deal like this.

But let's sweeten that pot a little. And I'm not talking hemp either. Let's toss Glenn Dorsey into the mix. Dorsey suffered a strain or a bruised muscle last night against the Seahawks but was able to walk under his own power off the field (that's all I'm going to say about that game). While it may be difficult to trade away a guy that's a little banged up, packaging him with a player of Bowe's caliber should help shoehorn this deal into fruition. Nevis paired with Dorsey sounds sensational doesn't it? I can't imagine Irsay not being giddy about that prospect.

But why do this? How do we benefit from losing two starters, one of which is a Pro Bowler and a much needed boost to our offense?

I'm going to talk now about Matt Cassel, Dwayne Bowe, and Glenn Dorsey. Matt Cassel is not a great QB. He's a great backup QB. Dwayne Bowe, for all the production he's amassed, is not likely to resign next year with the Chiefs (just speculation, but I think many of us feel that's the likely case). Glenn Dorsey is a 4-3 defensive tackle playing as a 3-4 defensive end. He's short, he's small, he has tiny arms and zero pass rush. Is he a bad player? Not hardly. Which makes this deal all the more tantalizing for Irsay to consider.

Dorsey could be allowed to walk next offseason. Ironically, there's an outside chance Bowe could too. If we're going to lose them, why not get something out of them right now? That's how we benefit! We garner additional picks to bolster our team. This team lacks at QB, it lacks significantly against the run, and struggles to generate real pressure (doesn't help that the refs never call even a fraction of the strangle holding that happens to Tambahemp). This team is dedicated to building through the draft, and if that's the way, why not use it to our benefit?

But why would the Colts give up anything if they could just wait and have these guys next year?

Remember that window of opportunity that's closing on the Colts? Irsay wants to build a winner and he wants it now. He's getting two starting players that are in their prime immediately, and all he has to do is give up draft picks. He's already stated that he's willing to part with those picks. And he's also stated he's willing to pay for some talent. Ideal scenario for Dwayne Bowe. This is the perfect example of a high risk high reward, instant gratification scheme. Only the Colts aren't gambling with the Draft. They're getting a proven commodity that can start playing right away. That lowers the risk significantly. Sometimes I wonder if Irsay may be more than just high on life if you get my drift. Which makes this move all the more worth making right now.

We're going to suck even more without Bowe. How do we replace him? Baldwin hasn't done crap. And how do we replace Dorsey?

Bowe is back. I'm not sure how you replace Bowe. Unless you draft another terrifically talented receiver. All I can say, is that we've been practicing all offseason, all training camp, and played half our preseason without the guy. Chances are Bowe won't be back next season. So if there was ever a time to get over it, that time is now. We have a good young nucleus. We're a run first team and we like our TE's and Slots. And yeah, that sounds pretty dirty. We can get by without Bowe. And I would rather get by without Bowe now, than get by with Bowe and another year of Matt Cassel heading into 2013.

Replacing Glenn Dorsey, while difficult, is not as hard as replacing Bowe. Many here have already stated they want us to resign Shaun Smith, and I could see that as a very good possibility if a trade scenario like this were to occur. That was painless.

So let me get this straight. We trade Bowe, and Dorsey, for the Colts first round pick? One pick!? That's stupid!

This is where I get hazy. And not Hali/Houston hazy, I'm talking determining values and figuring out the true price of a players worth in the NFL hazy. We live in an Era that saw the Arizona Cardinals give up an arm and a leg for a broken quarterback that might or might not be good. And then we watched Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes get traded to the Jets for a fifth round pick. Its more than a little difficult judging the worth of a trade because each team is going to value a player, or players, and the circumstances involving such a deal differently.

Speculation: Trade Scenario

Because speculation demands I throw a number out for this trade scenario , even if its sounds ridiculous, this is what I'd push for if I were GM (and yes, that is not a good scenario because I don't know jackcrap about being a GM).

Say we trade Bowe/Dorsey, and our two third round picks (our compensatory for the loss of Brandon Carr) for the Colt's first round and second round picks. That's not what you were expecting right? That's a pretty substantial trade to make. But in fairness and equality, is it really raking us over the coals? Matter of opinion but I don't feel like it is considering the worth of higher end picks these days. If this were to develop into something, in the grand scheme long run of things, what would a trade scenario of this magnitude deliver for us going into 2013? And could we really benefit from losing a Pro Bowl receiver, a quality defensive end, and two mid-round draft picks for an extra first and second round pick?

2013 Draft, Round 1 & 2:

*Note: I'm finding limited Scouting Reports currently so if I reference more than one site that would be the reasoning behind it.

Round 1, Pick 1a:

QB Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Charlie Campbell at WalterFootball had some great things to say about Wilson in his 2012 Preview.

"Wilson has a strong arm and is an accurate passer...he stands tall in the pocket and reads defenses well...while Wilson is a pocket passer, he is not a complete statue. He can move around to buy himself time and take advantage of openings with his legs...has enough athleticism to keep defenses honest..."

In 2011, Wilson threw for 3,638 yards, 24TD's, 6 INT's, and ran for 4 rushing TD's. All while leading his team to an 11-2 record and a big win against Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl. Wilson was named to the The First-Team All-SEC as a Junior.

Round 1, Pick 1b:

ILB Monti Te'o, Notre Dame

Jeremy Cable at RantSports breaks down the Pros and Cons of Monti Te'o.

Pros: Every down linebacker, strong against the rush, very reliable tackler, high football IQ, looks comfortable in zone coverage, experience in the 3-4, versatile...

Cons: Lacks elite speed, will have problems with quicker TE's, can be too aggressive...

These two picks have the potential to immediately make a significant impact on either side of the ball. A QB that is accurate, strong, and can make all the passes, along with a stout ILB that is very intelligent and exceptional against the run. That would be a huge step in the positive to me.

Round 2, Pick 1a:

WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee

This could or could not happen based on the health of Hunter who tore his....ACL last season?...where have I heard that before? NFLDRAFTSCOUT's Dane Brugler wrote, in the tiniest font possible, some of his thoughts on Justin Hunter.

"Any discussion concerning the top draft-eligible receiver in the nation should include this talented playmaker from Tennessee...Hunter has a similar play style and skill-set as...AJ Green."

Brugler goes on to say, "Hunter has top 10 potential and could the top draft-eligible receiver ..."

Justin Hunter is 6'4ft 205lbs and runs a low 4.4 40 according to NFLDRAFTSCOUT. Considering his health history, if he falls into the second round (possible), that would give Wilson two HUGE, speed targets in Jon Baldwin and Justin Hunter. Scary proposition with a QB that's accurate and has arm strength.

Round 2, Pick 2b:

S Robert Lester, Alabama

A safety? Yes a safety. While Kendrick Lewis is not a terrible safety, I think we could do better. And Lester is the answer. Robert Lester, according to Charlie Campbell at WalterFootball, is the best Free Safety in the 2013 draft. Campbell also notes that because of the sheer talent at safety that will be entering the draft in 2013, that could push Lester's stock further down.

"Lester is a technically sound tackler in the ground game...also versatile because of his size...he is big enough to be an in-the-box run defender with the speed to cover the deep part of the field in pass coverage...projects to be a good man-cover safety on tight-ends and receivers."

Lester has three years of experience playing under Saban's tutelage, and that makes him a very worthy candidate in translation to the NFL. The combination of Eric Berry and Robert Lester is a frightening prospect in a league trending towards the pass happy offense.

Closing Thoughts:

While this is all just speculation, seeing an involved owner such as Jim Irsay willingly leak information to the public that he has a checkbook, and draft picks, and he's willing to make a trade to give his team an edge this season and use those picks and his checkbook to make it happen, I can't help but think that that's a genuine opportunity to take advantage of the situation at hand. Would you trade a 28 year old receiver and an out of position defensive tackle, along with two third round picks, for the opportunity to draft your quarterback of the future, a stud inside linebacker, a receiver with insane potential, and a safety with size, speed, instincts and pedigree?

Even if we aren't involved in the trade debate currently, what could it hurt to pick up the phone and give the guys in Indy a call? Again, this is all just speculation. 2013 is a long ways away. The likelihood of this kind of a trade is minuscule at best. But, as long as Irsay is showing the willingness to indulge the public, we as Football fans can hope that he's also willing to indulge in all trade offers laid before him.

What would this team be like with a true QB? How would the dynamic change with two stud safeties roaming the backfield that have size, speed, instincts, and can play in the box? Or two huge receivers for that matter, burning the turf and creating mismatches all over the field, with a QB that can make all the throws? How would a stud SILB turn a lacking run defense around? All great questions, and in a perfect world I'd have the answers because all of this would happen.

Until Irsay Tweets "Its finished! LSU rejoice!", I'll just keep speculating and hoping that's exactly what happens.

2012 is just getting started in football terms and I'm going to cheer for the Chiefs, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let me know your thoughts and speculations of your own on whether you would make this trade and if so, who you would like to pick. Please provide some detailed information backing those picks up so we can follow them as the college season is about to get under way.

We ride together, we die together, Chiefs fans for life.

Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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