Chiefs Run Their No-Huddle, 2-Minute Drill

August 18, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers (90) dives but can't catch Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (7) in the first half at the Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE
One of the best parts of KC Chiefs training camp practice is seeing the Chiefs offense work on their two minute drill. They go against the defense and it's usually really competitive.

On Saturday night against the St. Louis Rams, the Chiefs had a perfect opportunity to run their two minute drill and they delivered with a field goal. The Chiefs drove 54 yards in seven plays in 1:07. Starting at his own 20-yard line, Cassel completed 3-of-5 passes for 40 yards.

Here's how Cassel completed those passes and the Chiefs drove down the field to get into scoring position in 1:03.
1-10-KC 20 (1:10) (Shotgun) 7-M.Cassel pass short left to 32O-S.Draughn to KC 32 for 12 yards (25-J.Gordy).

Cassel dropped back to pass and had to get rid of it to the the running back as a pass rusher came in his face. It looks like Albert was beaten on this play but Cassel was able to dump it off to Draughn, who had daylight in front of him for a 12-yard gain.
Draughn is at the bottom of the screen. He could've made an effort to get out of bounds but the Rams other cornerback had him blocked in.

The clock is running.

1-10-KC 32 (:50) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 7-M.Cassel pass short middle to 80-K.Boss to KC 40 for 8 yards (43-C.Dahl).

The Chiefs get play No. 2 off 20 seconds after the first play was snapped. Cassel finds Kevin Boss right in the middle of the field. The only problem with this is that he catches it in the middle of the field and the clock is still running.
2-2-KC 40 (:28) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 7-M.Cassel pass incomplete deep middle to 80-K.Boss.

The Chiefs are getting on the ball ASAP because the clock is running. Cassel snaps it and looks for Boss, who is open if the perfect ball is thrown but Cassel throws it a little high down the field. The clock is stopped for the first time this drive.

3-2-KC 40 (:19) (Shotgun) 32O-S.Draughn right end to KC 49 for 9 yards (22-T.Johnson).

On third-and-2, the Chiefs run the ball to the right side to pick up the first down and quickly call a timeout.

The clock stops.

1-10-KC 49 (:19) (Shotgun) PENALTY on STL-95-W.Hayes, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at KC 49 - No Play.

Offsides. The Rams defensive lineman tried to blame Eric Winston but the refs disagreed. Penalty on St. Louis. Free yards for the Chiefs and most importantly the clock doesn't move.

1-5-STL 46 (:19) (Shotgun) 7-M.Cassel pass short right to 80-K.Boss ran ob at STL 26 for 20 yards (38-R.McLeod).

Once again, Cassel looks for Boss who runs about 11 yards out, stops and turns around. You know what? Wide open. What I really like about this play is that not only does he make the catch but he gets some YAC and most importantly gets out of bounds.

Look at this screen grab. The Rams probably should have made that tackle and kept him in bounds but Boss slipped around the defender over the top of him and tackled on seven yards before stepping out of bounds. Just a great play at a critical time because it's the play that got the Chiefs into field goal range.
1-10-STL 26 (:12) (Shotgun) 7-M.Cassel pass incomplete deep left to 89-J.Baldwin.

Cassel just throwing it up deep to Jon Baldwin, which is fine by me. The Chiefs had time for one play before the field goal unit came onto the field so you might as well go for it all. Cassel launched it up to Baldwin who was covered running down the left sideline. It didn't look like Baldwin got a good read on the ball as he had to leap forward at the last second as the ball dropped out of his reach.

If the the Chiefs could have put themselves in a jump ball situation there, you'd think this is a matchup Baldwin should and can win. He has about five inches and 35 pounds on the defensive back Josh Gordy.
2-10-STL 26 (:07) 6-R.Succop 44 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-43-T.Gafford, Holder-2-D.Colquitt

It's not seven points but that was a solid drive for the Chiefs as they moved down the field and got into scoring position in a minute. Ryan Succop moves to 3-for-3 on the preseason.
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