I need advice Chiefs brothers and sisters

I have fallen into a very unique situation. A situation that I am dying to take advantage of that I just needed to run by my family here at Arrowhead Pride. Tell me what you think fellas.

I am a lifelong Chiefs fan who grew up in Montana (I picked the Chiefs in my youth because I thought it was cool that they had a player with the same name as my state). Needless to say, I didn't get to see them very much. Rarely on the television, usually only when they played local favorites Denver or (once division rivals) Seattle. I've been to 1 solitary game about 5 years ago in Arrowhead only to watch Sebastian Janikowski and the Raiders mop up on them in the home opener. It was still one of the highlights of my life getting to finally sit in a seat at the legendary Arrowhead stadium.

I am also a 3rd generation Dodgers fan, dating back to their Brooklyn beginnings with my father's father as a boy attending every game. Again, I was rarely ever able to see a game on the television, but have been able to see a few games now that I live only 5 hours away from L.A. Attending spring training has been the only bright part of living in Arizona for me, and I have taken full advantage of that perk 4 years running now.

A change in career will have me in Boston for the next 2 months training up on my new profession, and this is where I discovered the interesting situation I will have while I'm there.

You don't need to check the schedules, neither the Chiefs or the Dodgers will be anywhere near Boston in the next two months. Yet being the passionate sports lover that I am, I can't pass up on the chance to see a game in Fenway and Foxborough.

The Patriots are playing the Eagles on a preseason Monday night game in about 2 and a half weeks. Tickets are cheaper than regular season as expected, and yet it will be a televised game where most of the starters may last a quarter or two.

The Red Sox will be playing the Yankees in about a month which would have much more intensity as the playoff race will most likely be pretty tight between both those teams.

While I'm excited at the thought of getting to enjoy either or both of those events, I had another idea that could make it even better. My beloved teams aren't playing, which means I won't have to worry about taking any trash talk from local fans, BUT who's to stop me from donning every last bit of team pride I own to be worn in pride as I talk trash to the fans of both teams at both games? I picture a bright red Jamaal Charles jersey and an epic sign for ESPN's cameras to catch warning the world of the non-publicized fact that the Chiefs will be a force to contend with this season as I sit in the first row.

I can also suit up in my Matt Kemp jersey with another sign intended to piss off as many Sox and Yankee fans as possible. Who knows, maybe ESPN would link the rouge obnoxious fan at both games seeing that it was the same idiot stirring up the fans of Boston in two separate sports.

My veins carry red blood for Lamar Hunt and the Chiefs while the arteries carry Dodger blue in honor of Tommy Lasorda.

An interesting aspect of this is that arguably both teams I will be dressed up for have a legitimate chance to win their respective league championships this year. Not like I would ever see any of the fans I may be contending with again, but you and I both would have one hell of a story to tell our buddys for many years to come if the Super Bowl and World series were won by the Chiefs and Dodgers.

Maybe it's just me being a novice at attending professional sports that makes my mind blow this silly idea out of realistic proportions.But I'm bored in my hotel room having a few brews and I figure there's not a lot going on in the Chiefs world to talk about right now. What do you all think? Sounds cool? Lame?

Don't be shy to bash it if that's your opinion, I'm not afraid of criticism, especially if it prevents me from making a total twat of myself in front of the nation.

Thanks all, sorry this ended up being much longer than I originally pictured. But it occupied an hour of my uneventful evening regardless.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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