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My first fan post and I am so happy Pioli reads AP. Why am I sure Pioli reads AP? My first post after the break that appeared here in March of this year.

This my first Fan post so be gentle. As nice as it was to get the rush of thinking Peyton Manning would take charge of the Chiefs offense, the reality of our position is becoming clearer each day. I don't know if the Chiefs are still in the hunt for his services but clearly to the pundits we don't rank highly in the choices. I think we would be best served by proceding as if he is not going to sign here. That means addressing needs that were obvious at the close of the season. In no particular order they are LG, RT, C or RG. (this may be what makes Peyton overlook us) Three BIG pieces on the O line. Another need is Big back to pair with JC, since JC is coming off a knee injury saving wear and tear on him during the regular season would be the route the Chiefs should go. TE is another area we could shore up, I love Moiaki but lack of depth here hampered us the rest of the season. I think that most of our needs are on the offensive side of the ball but giving ourselves a present for the D line at NT would be nice as well. ILB is a possibility as well but I see us standing pat unless a jewel falls into our laps.

So how do the Chiefs procede this FA season? My suggestions after the break


I see the Chiefs making a serious run and patching the O line. I know we have a visit set up with Winston from Houston, I would like to see Grubbs from Minn added to that list. With Nicks setting the bar @ 9.5 mill a yr O line help will not be cheap but if, as it appears to be, Cassel is our starter this upcoming season then the only way he is successful is that he gets the protection to calm his happy feet and concentrate downfield.

Another thing Cassel will need is a premier running game. We have visits set up to look at Tolbert and Hillis. I think the larger up side is with Hillis but that is a gamble with his issues in Cleveland. Tolbert will be a safer bet but may be harder to sign. Either of these 2 signed would help calm the fan base so I don't see the chiefs letting them both walk away.

On defense I see Shawn Smith making a return to KC on a 2-3 year deal. He knows our system, he plays well for Romeo, and I see Pioli wanting some stabilty here for a while while he hopes Powe develops. Soliai would a sweet signing but from what I can read he doesn't have KC very high on his list.

Lets just hope Pioli can get some good signings from this FA opportunity. The fan base is hungry for good news and a show of seriousness in addressing the obvious needs of the Chiefs.

************************************** As you can see I am very happy with our off- season. From the look of the results We look set to cause plenty of teams some indigestion this season. That it played out like it did was really surprising to me because I usually am not that prescient. I think I was lucky because the course I saw for us was the best option given the conditions we were looking at. I certainly didn't think that we would address NT in the draft, and didn't have Torbio on my radar at all. but I feel pretty good at what I was able to see. I

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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