My First Power Poll For the 2012 Season

1 SF

2 NE

3 GB








11 DAL


13 CHI

14 DET

15 NO


17 KC

18 SD

19 SEA


21 CAR

22 NYJ


24 TB

25 MIA



28 CLE



31 STL

32 OAK

Now my .02

I Have the 4Gers 1 Because of a Soft Div 2 The Best D 3 Harbaugh does not ask A Smith to do too much and 4 Without 2 muffled punts they win the whole thing L Y

Ne is 2 Because other than a Thin OL they have everything else

GB Is 3 Because they can score 35 a game at any time

NYG Is 4 Cuse they are the champs

Den is 5 Because Manning looks 70 80 Pencent right now and if they can start 3-3 Their 2 HALF Sch Eases up other than NO @ KC and @ BALT

Hou is 6 Because they will score and play good D

Pitt is 7 Because of their Mental toughness

BALT IS 8 Because souild front Office Great RB Good QB R Lewis

ATL IS 9 because of their Off Talent

Philly is 10 Because they can score on anyone

Dal is 11 Because other than a weak O-Line they have most everything else

CINY Is 12 Because of A Great qb/wr combo and a young D

Chi is 13 Because like Dallas they have it all expect a poor OL

Det is 14 would be higher but no CB and Too much like the Old 70'S Raiders Teams

NO Is 15 Because they can score at will but when u lose a top 5 coach for a bottom 5 coach that the diff between 12-4 and 8-8

Tenn is 16 because I expect Locker to start and get better as the season goes along is Hasselback stars drop Tenn to 21

KC IS 17 Because while Romeo will keep u in the game i just don't know if u can score enough to win 10 games which is what u will need to get in 10 W

SD AT 18 Rivers will be better But Matthews looks snake bit no num 1 wr Gates will miss 6 games D is Overrated and cross country trips to Tampa plus @ Pitt and @ NYJ in Dec means 7-9 or 8-8 unless Meachem is a true num 1 wr

Sea at 19 Because their Coach is Crazy here is a bombshell If Carroll is Fired He will coach Arkansas in 2013 if he wants back in college

Buff is 20 Because of ok coaching Ave qb and WR just not enrogh Star players

Car is 21 Because they are a year away

NYJ is 22 Because can u say sideshow

Wash is 23 would be higher but Rookie QB And brutal div

TB is 24 Because they cannot score enough with NO CAR and ATL

Mia IS 25 based on a rookie QB no WR and a D that will wear down over the year

Zona is 26 Because of No QB a D that is getting older ETC

JACK Is 27 Because As of now NO MJD and can Gabbert take a step up

CLE is 28 Because Rook QB Rook HB Brutal Div

Indy is 29 Because Luck will get Better through the year

Minn is 30 Because Weak O-Line NO CB'S Bunch of num 2 WR'S and brutal Div

Stl is 31 Because Older RB can Bradford stay on the field 31 Rookies on their training camp roster

And OAK 32 NEW coach gm INJ-PRONE RB Ave QB no TE other than the D-LINE AND K AND P Ave to below ave In Everything else

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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