GIF'D UP: Chiefs vs Cardinals (Part 1)

You've already seen a few GIFs from the Cardinals-Chiefs game but here are a few more that should entertain. I'll be doing these GIFposts all year so you can expect more like this down the road. Don't expect to see too many big highlights, though, I like to focus on the nuts and bolts of a play rather than the entire thing.

We'll start with the defense in Part 1 and move on to the offense in Part 2. Hit the jump for more GIFs of the defense wrecking things, including a nice Dontari Poe GIF.

First off, the defensive crown jewel of the whole game, IMO: Anthony Toribio absolutely eating the Cardinals alive with a superior individual effort on this play. If the Chiefs get this kind of nose tackle play this season, the defense will be top five. You can really see how Toribio makes this play work because no one else is getting penetration. There looks to be a pretty sizable hole there if the nose tackle is blocked properly. Fortunately, it's not even close.


Speaking of nose tackles, Jerrell Powe did some nice things last Friday. Here's Powe getting pretty decent penetration on a pair of running plays. He doesn't make the tackle but does a nice job with redirecting the play. You can also see Brandon Bair holding the point of attack in one of these, and Brandon Siler beginning to make the tackle in the other.



And here's Powe eating the furniture in the living room on his way to the couch. So to speak.


Here's a play that wasn't obvious to me the first time I watched the game. You can see Tamba Hali getting some decent pressure, and Justin Houston beating the RT badly, but I'm fairly sure it's Dontari Poe that comes up with the tipped pass, which flutters away like a duck.


And to round out the DL we have Allen Bailey with a nice interior pass rush here. Cameron Sheffield beats Levi Brown pretty well too. Kevin Kolb was forced to scramble and chuck the ball out of bounds.


Moving on, we've all seen the tackle Derrick Johnson made, and the sack he helped out on, but this was one of my favorite plays. Johnson and Jovan Belcher both shed their blockers and crush RB Alfonso Smith. This is the kind of play that made DJ one of the top rated inside linebackers on Pro Football Focus last year. Gunther is impressed.


This next GIF is a play that wasn't really focused on during the broadcast (there was no replay), but I loved it because it's Eric Berry flying up from his safety position and playing run support with little regard for his own well being. I like seeing this considering he's just getting back from injury.


There's a great photo of this play here.

That's it for now. GIF'D UP will be back tomorrow with some offensive GIFs, including a couple of nice blocks by Tony Moeaki, and a very disappointing play from Matt Cassel.

Jerrell Powe, bring it home!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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