Brady Quinn's Debut As A Chief



During the game on Friday I heard a lot of people talking bad about Brady Quinn. I'm really not too much a fan myself, but I think he deserves a little more credit for his first preseason game with the Chiefs.

I believe most of the dislike towards him is preconceived and that's understandable; but if most of us are going to give Matt Cassel another chance to open eyes under a new offense and coordinator then we should all grant Brady Quinn the same chance. Try and forget about what you have seen him do (or not do) with other teams and realize the guy is now a Chief.

After re-watching his 15 attempts multiple times, I think he is a more than serviceable back-up. To be quite honest, I found nothing at all that looked terribly bad. People are harping about the pass to Copper, but that is always a risk you take running a cross route. Yes, the ball was thrown a little high, and by little I mean 6 or 8 inches as you will find out below.

I did not go into this post wanting to make Quinn look any prettier than he already is, and actually going into this I was prepared to be like, "Oh, this guy does suck", but it just so happened I found no reason to believe that was so.

Again, after watching and re-watching I am proud of how well Quinn stood in the pocket and delivered. Never did he look uncomfortable or without command of the offense. I do not claim to have a good football mind whatsoever, so feel free to let me know where the terrible was on Friday-- from, who I believe, will be our 2012 back-up QB.


First pass snapped from under center

Cards bring four

Complete to Jamar Newsome for 7 yards

Quinn got rid of the ball quickly and on target

Places the ball away from the inside defender and inside of the outside defender


Second pass / play-action

AZ thinks run

Incomplete 16 yard pass to Terrance Copper

Ball was thrown 6 or 8 inches too high

Copper was crushed by Adrian Wilson

Copper takes it like a man and talks trash

Gotta love his toughness


Third pass / three step drop

Incomplete 13 yard throw to Josh Belamy

Puts ball right on the money but it is dropped

Again, got rid of the ball quickly

Quinn seemed to change the play before the snap

Made the right read when the corner gave lots of space


Fourth pass / shotgun / 3 & 10

Good protection

Quinn looks to the middle of the field

Then looks left

Incomplete 25 yard pass to Jamar Newsome

Ball barely over-thrown

Quinn got rid of the ball when he should have


Fifth pass / five step drop

Incomplete 47 yard pass to Jamar Newsome

Penalty pass interference

A lot of contact all the way down the field

Good recognition by Quinn to take the chance

Quinn looked comfortable throwing from the pocket


Naked bootleg

Quinn didn't sell it as well as he could've


Sixth pass / 3rd & Goal

Incomplete pass to Wylie

Cards brought six

No time for Quinn at all

Quinn hit as he threw

Does a good job at getting rid of it and not taking the sack


Seventh pass / play-action

Complete pass to Steve Maneri

Thrown 23 yards through the air with great accuracy

28 yard gain

Quinn stands in the pocket and delivers with #53 right in his grill

Quinn also had two guys open in the flats

Good risk, good reward


Eighth pass / shotgun

Completed screen pass to Draughn

Penalty Stephenson

Quinn started out looking right then middle of the field

Pass on target

Well defended by AZ


Ninth pass / seven step drop

Completed pass to Terrance Copper

10 yard gain

Cards bring four

Quinn looks right and middle and pump-fakes

Quinn wanted to go further downfield

Checks down well to Copper

Quinn stands strong in a collapsing pocket


Tenth pass / shotgun

Completed pass to Terrance Copper

12 yards through the air

Gain of 6 yards

Quinn held his eyes upfield to keep corner from undercutting outside pass


Eleventh pass / shotgun

Completed to Wylie for a gain of 7

Quinn hit as he threw

Quinn looked elsewhere and checked down

Pass on target hitting Wylie in stride


Twelfth pass / from under center

Incomplete to Jamar Newsome

Attempt 32 yards through the air

Pass on target

Good D by AZ

Quinn got rid of the ball on time

If Quinn held it another half a second he would've taken a sack


Quinn scrambles

Cards get huge push

Quinn keeps his eyes downfield well

Quinn runs 20 yards downfield

Gain of ten and a first down


Thirteenth pass / shotgun

Interception off Wiley's fingertips on both hands

Quinn stands in the pocket well and steps into the throw

Quinn takes hit

Ball thrown slightly high

Very catchable and a rocket throw

Ball thrown with two Cards right in Quinn's face


Fourteenth pass / shotgun

Completion to Steve Maneri for 15 yards and 1st down

Thrown 24 yards through the air

Quinn showed great accuracy

Maneri was not Quinn's first look


Fifteenth pass / 3 step drop

Completion to Jamar Newsome for 9 yards


Can you find one play above where Matt Cassel, without question, would've produced a better result? The question isn't supposed to be a shot at our starting QB, but I think it puts Quinn's performance with the back-ups and rookies into a little more perspective.

Personally, I think we should be excited about having Quinn on our side; and I can't believe I've already heard fans wanting him cut from the team. Okay, maybe I do believe it ... this is AP after all, and if your head isn't already spinning from all the different voices and opinions out there then you seriously have a problem.

Go Chiefs!

(side notes: I do wish Quinn would show a little more personality on the field. He always has that beautiful blank emotionless look on his face that I'd find hard to follow if I was a teammate on the field with him. He needs to smile and laugh and scowl and shake his head and yell and jump up and down and do some of those sweet handshakes. This alone is alarming to me, since the players could have a hard time responding to him.

Also, on a positive note, Quinn looks a lot bigger to me than I thought he was. He seems to play big too, having no problem at all throwing the ball over giants in front of him. I might just be used to Cassel's long upper body and shorter legs out there, but he really did look like he has great size.)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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