How This Offense Will Go In 2012

Hello Chiefs fans. Last time I posted, I wrote about the defense, and how Justin Houston would be the key to the defense taking the next step (if you missed it here it is). Now, it’s time to do the offense. I’ve been mulling this one over for some time, and after seeing Friday nights game. I’ve come to this conclusion.

This offense will go large in part to the best Peyton in the division. Mr. Hillis.
In 2010 Peyton Hillis was a juggernaut and rushed for 1,177 yards and 11 TDs on 270 carries. He also had 61 catches for 477 and 2 TDs, (side note did you know that the 2010 Browns QBs had a total of 61.9% completion rating, with the lowest being 60.8%. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s pretty high considering they had THREE different QBs start that year) Hillis was an animal in 2010 under coach Daboll. Now they reunite, but this time is much different. There is much more talent in KCs offense. This extra talent will lead to an even bigger year for Hillis. And that bigger year will propel this offense into the top 10. Here’s why.

While Cleveland had a few very good olinemen in 2010, they also had some very bad ones, and on the oline, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Here in KC the oline is better overall, while Cleveland’s strength was the left side, KC strength is the right side, but KCs left side is MUCH stronger than Cleveland’s right side was in 2010. Which will lead to bigger holes for the 250 lbs manbeast to run through, but that’s just the beginning.

The WR and TE are greatly better. Who was the Browns leading receiver? TE Benjamin Watson, he had 763 yards. Browns leading WR that year and 2nd in receiving? Mohamed Massaquoi, how many yards did he have? 483! I had to double check a different site to make sure that was right. That’s a total of 1246, only 86 yards more than Bowe has averaged the last 2 seasons. Bowe also had more TD catches in 2010 than the ENTIRE Browns team had. I haven’t even mentioned our TEs, Boss, Moeaki and even Maneri, or our up and comers in Baldwin and McCluster (both of whom I think will have careers years in 2012) Needless to say, the receiving corps is MILES ahead of the Browns. This will lead to much less “cheating” by the defense. They can’t just stack the box against KC like they did in the past. Which will ultimately lead to more open space and smaller guys to run over in the secondary. Hillis will benefit greatly from these things alone, but the real kicker comes into play while Hillis isn’t even on the field.

Jamaal Charles is another HUGE reason Hillis will be even better than the 2010 version. When Hillis would take a breather in Cleveland the opposing defense did too. Backup RBs Jerome Harrison and Mike Bell had 62 carries (split evenly with 31 each) for 162 yards, averaging 2.6 yards per carry, AND if you take away Harrison’s long of 39 that drops to an average of 2 ypc. That means that 98% of the time they were averaging less than half of Hillis’s ypc. That is 1.7 ypc less than Thomas Jones averaged in 2010, and more than a yard less than TJ averaged last year. No, not only will the defense not get to rest, but actually have to play better, as Charles is the better of the 2 backs. I think we can all agree Charles is the better back. If Charles can get back to 2010 form he will benefit from all the same things Hillis will. Better oline, better receiving talent, and a better compliment back. Could you imagine having both Hillis and Charles on the same team BETTER than they were 2010. I get chills thinking about it. Did I even mention Shaun Draughn? Yeah, I wish luck to all the DC and opposing defenses that will have to face this nightmare of an offense.

All of this will lead to a Peyton Hillis the NFL has yet to see. Charles is in the same boat. Charles has never had anything close to what KC will have in Peyton Hillis this season. I see Peyton Hillis having a career year, which will lead to the ENTIRE offense also having one also, with the exception of Bowe, but he will still be average Bowe (around 1100 yards and 7 TDs). This maybe the most dominate run game the NFL has ever seen.
The additions of Brian Daboll, Peyton Hillis, and Eric Winston, along with the return of Charles and Moeaki, will result in something KC hasn’t seen in almost a decade. A dominant and high scoring offense. 2011 should have been our year to get “on the map” but due to injuries, we didn’t. That lead to 2 huge advantages for the Chiefs. One was a higher draft pick (they were one FG from picking 10 spots later) but more importantly, they are still “under the radar” and a much MUCH better team than they were last year. This offense paired with this defense will go very far this year. Do not be surprised to see this team win 12+ games. Player for player KC is one of the best in the league, and they have coaches that know how to get a team to be greater than the sum of its parts. That will end up being a very scary combination. In all truth, I’m saving up for my trip to N.O. in February. Did you know the cheapest you can find a Superbowl ticket is like $1500!!! So, don’t count on a lot of posts from me, I’ll be working LOTS of overtime……..GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!
Also here some awesome highlights to get you pumped BERRY!!! CHARLES!!!! HALI!!!Reply to: Reply to James Lovell Send

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