PreGame: Zombie Edition

I just watched a French Zombie Horror film from a franchise that I love. The premise of a Chainsaw toting Bride at her wedding that gets overrun with demonic zombies, that are carrying a demon virus, sounded too over-the-top for me to skip out on (I love Zombie movies).

The movie started out great. A little slow at first, but when the sh*t hit the fan, it really HIT THE FAN! And it was awesome. But what made the first two films of this franchise so unique and interesting, was the style in which they were shot in, and the cohesive story-arc that bound them together. This movie got away from that. And as cool as it was to see this angry chick hacking limbs, and heads, and spliting body cavities apart in eruptions of blood with a chainsaw in a tattered wedding dress, it fell pretty flat in comparison to the two prior films.

I thought maybe that's how it was going to play out for the Chiefs tonight. A slow start, then maybe some excitement, followed by hope, followed by utter disappointment, followed by an angry chick with a chainsaw. I mean we all agree that "on paper" we look great! But are we?

I can't definitively answer that because this is just the Preseason and we only saw our starters for one quarter. But that quarter blew the pants off my zombie movie! I went through a whole range of emotions, from tension, to fear, to dread, to sheer joy, back to dread, back to joy, then to ON TOP OF THE F**KING WORLD!!! And then back down again...and that was all just on the opening drive! And then I went through it all over again as soon as Cassel trotted back onto the field for part two.

I'm not going to get into a lot of break down stuff. Its late and my eyes are starting to droop a little. But I wanted to talk about some of the things I really enjoyed and took away from tonight, and some of the things I didn't enjoy as much, which can basically be summed up as: running a draw play on third and twelve.

What stood out for me tonight was our defense. Yes we had some mistakes as the young, anxiously eager noobs and "journeymen" try to prove that they either belong or don't. What I liked seeing from our D most was the four sacks. We had sacks and we had turnovers. Fumbles, an INT, our D was a turnover machine tonight and it was great to watch. To me Sheffield has a place on this team and I think despite what others say, so will Powe. And how about that sack by Powe? Awesome. Just awesome. Its great to see a guy with his background, and physical impediment, working his tail off to show that he deserves some recognition.

I don't know about all of you, but did you notice our Nickle package tonight? I did. Insane! The AFC West should be scared and rightly so. Just like Nick Jacobs said last week on ChopTalk, it looked potent. Bailey, Poe, Houston, and Hali, all coming after you? That's way scarier than my Zombie movie! Chainsaws and all!

Speaking of ChopTalk, apparently our own BJ Kissel doesn't just have a face for blog radio, he's also got a face for local TV! Very cool to see you on screen BJ. If you submitted a video, and I'm sure you did, I wish you the best man! That was equally as awesome as everything else tonight. Minus that third and twelve draw play. That was not awesome.

Moving over to the other side of the ball, some of the things I'm thrilled about are:

A) Peyton Hillis looks like a total badass

B) Cassel is clear and away our best QB. He did a very good job for the most part tonight

C) Shaun Draughn looks terrific. Absolutely terrific

D) Brian Daboll was on the ball tonight with his playcalling. Except for that draw play

E) Dexter McCluster looks ready to prove a lot of haters wrong

F) Steve Maneri is the MAN. Boy he looked good tonight

G) We looked great considering a lack of Charles and Baldwin (and no show Bowe)

*Note: How great was it to NOT have any delay of game penalties because the sideline couldn't get the play called in time? I thought it was freaking great and that in and of itself gives me hope for our future with Daboll at OC.

Some of the things I'm not so thrilled about on Offense:

A) Cassel is clear and away our best QB. If he goes down, we're in trouble

B) Charles still seems a little hesitant (I can't knock this, it has to be tough for him)

C) Draw plays on Third Down and Twelve

D) Josh Bellamy. What happened man!? You were doing so good in camp

E) Devon Wylie' hands. He truly is Wes Welker Junior junior

While this is just Preseason and has no bearing on the actual season, I will say we look miles ahead of where we did last year. I think the Chiefs were very zombie-esque last season with how lackluster, slow, and crippled they seemed (probably not the best phrase to use but I'm rocking it anyway). Their physical abilities were on par with the cast of Twilight's acting abilities. Pretty abysmal. I think many of us were looking for a spark, or a jolt, to bring our hopes back to life and I think this game did that and got the heart pumping in the right direction.

Its hard not to get excited when you see things like this. But I would offer a small warning to remind you that again, this is the Preseason. Sometimes things look better than what they really are (like the trailer for my Zombie movie).

Until we see this team for a full four quarters against a worthy opponent (Atlanta will be a great test right off the bat), we should try and curb some of that overwhelming enthusiasm that just keeps gushing, like the geysers of blood in my Zombie movie, and exercise cautious optimism.

Or just say "F**k it" and get excited anyway. Because even if some of its bad, you are still gonna love this team anyway. Kind of like me and my Zombie movie ;)


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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