My roster depth chart predictions and season prediction

I will be breaking down what I think of this Chiefs team and the likely build of this roster. I will then give my opinion on the season schedule and my projection for this team. You may cry homer or hater but this is just my opinion.


QB: Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi

3 Quarterbacks is standard procedure and Cassel is obviously the starter. I arrange the other two by experience because that affects playing time.

RB: Hillis and Charles, Gray, Draughn

Hillis and Charles are listed together because they are 1A and 1B. Gray and Draughn both show promise as backs.

FB : Bannon

The only fullback on roster that I see us keeping.

WR 1: Bowe, Breaston, Hemmingway

Outside receivers with talent and Hemmingway wouldn't survive on the PS.

WR 2: Baldwin, Copper

Baldwin is a starter in the league and Copper is a special teams ace as well as a quality backup.

WR slot: McCluster, Wylie

Two very good slot receivers that have high potential.

LT: Albert, Mims, Stephenson

Albert is great, Mims is a solid backup tackle, and Stephenson has a high upside.

LG: Lilja, Allen

Lilja is the starter but Allen is the very talented rookie replacement.

C: Hudson, Lilja

Tough choice here as I really like Cam Holland as a prospect. Hopefully he survives as a PS member.

RG: Asamoah, Allen

Again Asamoah is the starter but Allen is right there if we need him.

RT: Winston, Mims, Stephenson

Winston's one of the best in the business but Mims and Stephenson are quality depth with little experience.

TE: Boss, Moeaki, Mineri

Boss is the starter due to experience but probably plays the same amount as Moeaki. Mineri is a solid all around TE.


LDE: Jackson, Gordon, Powe

Stout run stuffing defensive lineman. Gordon and Powe can play multiple positions.

NT: Toribio, Poe, Powe

I think Toribio holds the starter spot on 1st and 2nd downs but Poe pushes hard for playing time. Powe is quality depth.

RDE: Dorsey, Bailey, Poe

Dorsey is the run stuffing starter but Bailey can get after the QB and Poe has pass rush potential.

WOLB: Hali, Sheffield

The pure pass rushing position. Hali is a stud starter and Sheffield has shown flashes.

WILB: Johnson, Greenwood

Pass coverage linebackers and Johnson is one of the best in the league.

SILB: Siler, Belcher

Run stuffers and both show a very good ability at it.

SOLB: Houston, Studebaker

All around linebackers with ability to get after the QB. I expect big things from Houston

CB 1: Flowers, Daniels

Flowers has all pro potential and Daniels is a stud backup.

CB 2: Routt, Brown

Routt is the veteran starter and Brown has shown some ability with great measurables.

Slot: Arenas, Menzie

Star corners or slot corners for others. They do it all: man coverage, zone coverage, and blitzing.

FS: Lewis, Menzie

Lewis has shown real ability at FS and Menzie is the young up and comer.

SS: Berry, Elam

Berry is an elite level talent and Elam is a veteran presence in the backfield.

K: Succop


P: Colquitt


LS: Gafford


Practice Squad:

Cam Holland, Ethan Johnson, Dexter Heyman, Tim Biere, Jerome Long, Gabe Miller, Josh Bellamy, Neiko Thorpe

Chiefs Wins: Atlanta, Buffalo, San Diego @ home, Tampa Bay, Oakland @ home, Bengals, Broncos @ home, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Carolina

Chiefs Losses: New Orleans, Baltimore, @ San Diego, @ Pitt, @ Oakland, @ Denver

Chiefs Record: 10-6 (Winning the Division)

Chiefs get their first win in the postseason in way too long.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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