Plans in Motion



The Kansas City Chiefs have plans that are years in the making. Scott Pioli was hot on Romeo Crennel when he got to the Chiefs. A hip injury delayed Pioli's move by a year.
Scott signed Weis a year too early? Todd Haley did not go quietly into the night. Chess. Football is 3 Dimensional Chess.

Three Dimensions in Football?

Talent, Coaching,and Cap.

The NFL also has a Fourth Dimension. Window of Opportunity.

Holdouts, Injuries, and the totally unforeseen happen, but have the Chiefs planned for everything possible? How can you plan for everything?

2011 was a disaster in so many ways, yet the Chiefs were two blocked Field goals away from the Dance.

Does that make 2012 a Shoe-in?

Brian Daboll is an unknown in Kansas City, Romeo as Head Coach is also an unknown. What is suprising is the number of Chiefs coaches that will provide the continuity over the years of this current Chiefs rebuild. This Chiefs head coaching change has had very little impact on the position coaches.

New Head coach and Offensive Coordinator, new Special teams coordinator and very little change to the players in their skill positions. Pleasant, Sirianni, the QB Coach, the LB coach, the Running Backs coach, and Secondary coach. So much change and so little change in the actual schemes. The plan is still in place even as the Chess pieces are re-arranged.

I listened today as the Chiefs were criticized for not drafting a QB for almost 25 years. Why is Scott Pioli cast with that? Did he draft for the Chiefs franchise since 1985? Another thought was the role of Tight-ends in the current NFL. Seems to me that the NFL used to have Flankers (WR) and Split Ends (TE's split out wide). Now we have 2 WR's, a Slot WR, and a Tight End (who can be split out wide).

Line Backers or Safeties.

Scott Pioli has done well to upgrade this Kansas City Chiefs team. Pretty much the entire NFL agrees that the Chiefs are Championship calibre. The Fly is that fully 100 percent of the QB's in the AFC West and 75% of the QB's in the NFL are better than what the Chiefs field on every given Sunday.

Scott Pioli has a move to make. Would you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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