NFL Supplemental draft. The good the bad the mediocre

Awww yes .......the dog days of summer. Warm breeze, family BBQ's, lazy days by the pool, the smell of fresh cut grass, ice cream, cold corona, glistening of fireworks in the night sky. All of these things signify what we love about the about the season. The hot and humid days segue into Chiefs training camp and we become ever more closer to curling up on our favorite sofa or better yet, a front row seat at the game to scream our heads off for our favorite team

Of course, there is one thing that has become synonymous with the Summer months. More than hot girls in bikini's. More than eating watermelon on a humid day. More than watching your drunk uncle Levi stick his finger in the bug zapper. Heck , even more than heat itself. That one thing is none other than.......

The NFL Supplemental Draft



Ok, maybe I hyped that up a little much . Truth be told, if you are really interested in the supplemental draft, you either need to A) really work on becoming an NFL scout and eventually a GM

B) Stare at yourself in the mirror for hours and reevaluate your current life (or lack thereof)

C) Box up your Laura Croft Dolls and unopened Stars Wars toys and move out of your mothers basement before you are forever sucked into the abyss of worthless stats and video games

Truth be told, there isn't much to get excited about, if you just go by history. But that doesn't mean that we can't or shouldn't discuss it. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we ALL want to upgrade this team in any way possible. That isn't to say that the Supplemental draft is irrelevant, or fruitless or even uninteresting. In a universe in which we have everything at our fingertips, a mystery (no matter how small) is always appealing. And I am willing to bet that even the most informed football fan is at least somewhat clueless as to how the Supplemental draft works. I consider myself to be a fairly educated football fan. But even I don't understand all the ends and outs of the process. For example, why didn't Mike Williams ( Tampa Bay WR 2010 draft pick) have to sign up for the Supplemental draft, yet Tony Hollings ( who missed the same amount of games) have to go that route? In this post, I will try to explain the Supplemental draft. I will also look at some of the players taken in the past and how they developed. I will also look at this years crop of eligible's and see if any of them can help KC. Afterall, something has to fill the void of a very slow news cycle. You guys can thank me later.



The island of misfit players

The NFL Supplemental works much differently than the regular draft. There is no first class flight to New York City. No appearing in front of screaming fans with a new slick suit on.No endless media coverage. No Mel Kiper and his comb back. No gathering of family and friends waiting anxiously by the telephone for that phone call from the head coach. It is basically an auction via a conference call. It is a very unceremonious way to get drafted. Think about it like getting your GED vs your Diploma. It is basically the same thing. Except you probably remember your graduation. You probably remember walking to the podium and shaking hands with the principle.You probably remember all the family gathering at the house with envelopes of cash. You probably remember that last night out with all your friends before you set off to college. I don't know of anyone who remembers where they were when they got their GED in the mail. It seems like a depressing way to get drafted , if there even is such a thing

One of the misconceptions about the Supplemental draft , is that these are all ''bad guys''. That they were all kicked off the team, or have some huge character flaw. While many of these guys are in this draft for obvious missteps, many are not. Some simply missed the filing deadline. Some had issues with transferring. Some had struggles with academics. For the record, many kids in this country struggle in school. That doesn't mean that they are stupid, or a bad person. So just keep that in mind when judging these kids.



What is the Supplemental draft and how does it work?

The first Supplemental draft took place in August of 1977. The Seattle Seahawks forfeited a 1978 4th round pick for the rights of RB Al Hunter from Notre Dame. Hunter was kicked off the Irish for violating the visitation rules( wow, a little harsh don't you think) . Instead of sitting out a year, the NFL allowed Hunter to to be be eligible to be drafted that summer. And thus, the NFL supplemental draft was born. It became a way for underclassman to get drafted instead of sitting out a year. Until 1989, it was the only way an underclassman could get drafted unless he graduated early

Controversy would strike however, when in 1985 , Bernie Kosar ( a junior) would petition to be drafted. At that time , the only way an underclassman could be drafted , was if he graduated early. Kosar would challenge that ruling, as he had not yet graduated. However , Kosar was slated to graduate that summer from Miami and was allowed to enter the 1985 Supplemental draft. This started a bidding war in which Kosar's hometown Browns won. The controversy surrounding the pick, eventually led to the NFL changing the eligibility rules in 1989. No longer did a player have to wait to get drafted with his class. He now only had to be 3 years removed from High School in order to be drafted.

Other players would use the Supplemental for leverage. In 1987 , Brian Bosworth filed for the Supplemental draft in order to avoid playing for the Bill and Colts. He then raised more eye brows by submitting a list of teams that he would not play for. He would eventually be selected by the Seahawks in 1987.

Controversy would again rear it's head in 2011. Terelle Prior was suspended the first five games of the 2011 season at Ohio State. Instead of facing suspension, Pryor elected to take his chances in the Supplemental draft. He was selected in the third round by the Oakland Raiders. In an unprecedented move, Roger Goodell upheld the suspension handed down by the NCAA. This was a move that had never been done before and has tremendous ramifications for the future( but that is a whole other post)

The Supplemental draft works like waivers meets the regular draft. You have all 32 teams separated by records, with an opportunity to ''bid'' for any player via a draft pick. For example, if KC sees a player they like , they place a 5th round tender on that player. The remaining teams can pass or outbid the Chiefs for that player. If no one submits a higher pick , KC wins the rights to that player. They also forfeit that pick in next years draft.. Teams have to decide if that player is worth mortgaging a future pick for. That is one of the reasons so few players have been drafted since 1977. There are a few fun and interesting facts and figures to consider.........

* 41 players have been selected since 1977

* At least 1 player has been selected 27 out of the 32 times in the 35 years of it's existence

* 14 players selected never played in the NFL

* The largest Supplemental draft took place in 1984. UFL players were required to sign up to be drafted before they could play in the NFL. In the 3 rounds , players like Steve Young, Reggie White, Gary Zimmerman, Mel Gray, Kevin Mack were among those selected.

* No team has forfeited a 1st round pick since 1992 ( Dave Brown)

* Scott Pioli has never made a selection in the Supplemental draft

Much has been made of the talent ( or lackthereof) available in these drafts. IF you are looking for a long list of stars that were taken in the Supplemental draft, you will be disappointed . That is not to say there hasn't been some guys that have made an impact. Let's look at some of those guys.

The Good;

Ahmad Brooks LB Virginia 3rd round 2006 Bengals



the pick; The Cincinnati Bengals took a chance on Ahmad Brooks out of VA. Brooks was a 2001 High School defensive player of the year and an immediate starter for the Cavaliers. As a true freshman, Brooks led the team with 117 tackles(10 for loss) and 4 sacks. He followed up his freshman campaign leading the team with 90 tackles (10 for loss) 8 sacks and 2 int's as a sophomore . He also was a finalist for the Butkus award for the nations top linebacker. From then on however, the wheels fell off. Brooks hurt his knee in training camp and was limited to only 6 games as a junior. If that wasn't bad enough , he failed a drug test and was kicked off the team by Al Groh in March. Brooks showed versatility, speed, size and tackling ability that teams covet. It was only a matter of time before some team took a chance on him

the impact; Of course , it did raise eyebrows when the Bengals were the team that selected him. Cincinnati wasn't exactly known for their locker room cohesion. And Brooks didn't exactly make Marvin Lewis look like a genius in the time he was with the team. He struggled with weight issues and at times was a healthy inactive. He also missed most of the 07 season with a groin injury. He was cut in AUG of 08. Brooks was looking like another in a long line of Supplemental draft busts. But Mike Singletary (in one of the few things he did right) started to play him in 09. Brooks has quietly emerged as one of the best all around outside linebackers in football, He has become the poster boy for second chances



Jamal Williams 1998 San Diego Chargers 2nd round

the pick; The Chargers selected mammoth Defensive tackle Jamal Williams out of Oklahoma State. Williams was named first team big 12 in 1997 and was widely regarded as one of the top defensive lineman in the nation. His dominance however, didn't carry over in to the classroom. He found out right before the 1998 draft that he would be academically ineligible for the 1999 season. Williams decided to throw his name into the hat instead of transferring to another school

the impact; Williams became one of the most dominate nose tackles in the game the last 12 years. His combination of strength and quickness made him almost unblockable. Williams played 13 seasons in the NFL and was a three time pro bowler.I would be thrilled if Dontari Poe becomes the player that Williams was. We can only hope



Darren Mickell DT Florida 1992 Kansas City Chiefs 2nd round

the pick; The Chiefs made their first and only selection in the Supplemental draft by selecting Florida DT Darren Mickell. Mickell was a highly recruited player coming out of Florida . But Mickell struggled in the classroom. He struggled so much that Steve Spurrier actually benched him for five games in 1991. In 1992 he was kicked off the Gators squad for violating team rules. At his private workout, he showed up without shorts or cleats . Pretty auspicious debut to say the very least. But that didn't stop King Carl from spending a second round pick on him on 1992

the impact; Mickell played 10 seasons in the NFL playing in 89 games with 61 starts. He had 150 tackles ,11 forced fumbles , and 26 sacks.But he arguably had his best stretch while he was in KC. He was the anchor on one of the best defensive lines in football in the 90's. He racked up 13.5 sacks and eight forced fumbles during his full three years with the team. He has been forgotten by too many fans here and that is too bad



Mike Wahle OG Navy 2nd round Green Bay Packers 1998

the pick; In the same year that the Chargers took Jamal Williams, the Green bay Packers selected Mike Wahle out of the naval academy. Wahle came into Navy as a 210 wide receiver. He left Navy as a 325 lb offensive guard. That seems very impressive, almost too impressive. The main reason he bulked up was due to use of steroids. After the failed test , he was kicked out of the academy . On top of that, he had to pay back Navy for his commitment that he could not fill because of his suspension . Ouch.... Uncle Sam doesn't play around

the impact; Wahle played 10 years and started 138 games with the Packers , Panthers and Seahawks. He made the pro bowl in 2005. At one time , Wahle was considered one of the best pulling guards in all of football. He never tested positive for a banned substance in the NFL. Overall a pretty solid career



Bobby Humphrey RB Alabama round 1 Denver Broncos 1989

the pick; The Denver Broncos , desperate for a running back , selected Bobby Humphrey giving up a first round pick in the process. Since John Elway arrived, the Broncos had only one 1,000 yard rusher up to that point. Denver hoped that Humphrey would take the pressure off of John Elway's back. Humphrey was a star at the University of Alabama. He amassed over 3,000 yards rushing and scored 49 td's. He was slated to come back for his 5th season. But declared for the Supplemental draft at the last minute because he was afraid of getting hurt at Alabama

the impact; Humphey was as good as advertised his first two years in the league. He ran for back to back 1,000 yard seasons . He looked like he was going to be a star for a long time in this league . However, a nasty contract dispute derailed all of the promise that he flashed. He didn't see action until the 12th game of the 1991 season. By then, he was out of shape and unmotivated and never regained the same form he had when he was drafted. He was later traded to Miami and as out of the league in 1993.



Jared Gaither OT Maryland 5th round Baltimore Ravens 2007

the pick; Jared Gaither was looked at by many scouts as one of the top OT prospects going into the 2007 season. Blessed with a huge frame and quick feet, Gaither was favorably compared to Ravens Tackle Jonathon Ogden. So it was ironic that it was the Ravens that took a chance on the Maryland star. Gaither didn't allow a sack his entire time at Maryland. He was on the watch list for the Outland trophy. An award given to the top offensive lineman in the country. So it was a disappointment when in June of 07 he was declared academically ineligible for the 2007 season

the impact; Gaither played sparingly his rookie season. But by year two, he was a full fledged starter. He showed all the promise that he teased with while he was in college. But in 2010 A back injury forced him to miss the entire season. His career was at a crossroads when KC signed him in 2011. After he was released midway threw the 2011 season( I am still pissed about that), he was picked up by the Chargers where he solidified their terrible line. Gaither looks to be back on track for 2012 and beyond. You're welcome Charger fans



Rob Moore WR Syracuse 1990 New York Jets round 1

the pick; Going into the 1990 season, the New York Jets desperately needed help a receiver. Al Toon was coming off injury and the Jets didn't have another reliable receiver on the roster. So it seemed like fate when Rob Moore fell to them in the Supplemental draft. Moore had grown up just five miles from the Jets practice facility. Moore had graduated a year early from Syracuse , but he failed to meet the deadline for April's draft. Moore was a physical marvel. He was 6'3 225 pounds with breakaway speed.The Jets hoped that his athleticism would translate to the next level

the impact; Moore was one of the most productive and underrated receivers of the 90's. Overshadowed by the likes of Jerry Rice , Chris Carter and Michal Irvin, Moore held his own with 628 receptions for 9,368 yards and 49 td's. He made the pro Bowl in 94 and 97. Moore had the misfortune of playing for the Bruce Coslette Jets and the Cardinals of the mid 90's. Two of the worst teams in football. Despite that, Moore lived up to his billing as a 1st round pick



Bernie Kosar QB Miami Round 1 Cleveland Browns 1985

the pick; How Bernie Kosar became a Cleveland brown is one of the strangest stories in NFL draft lore. Worthy of a mini series, I will try to give you the cliff notes version. Kosar helped the Miami hurricanes win their first national championship in 1985. Going into the 1985 draft, it was rumored that Kosar was going to be the first overall pick by the Bills. The Bills however, still owned the rights to Jim Kelly (playing in the UFL at the time) . But the weeks heading up to the draft, the Bills agreed to terms with Bruce Smith, making him the number one overall pick.

Kosar held a press conference stating his intentions to enter April's draft. Kosar(an Ohio native) also pulled a reverse Labron James, stating in a news conference he was taking his talents to C- town ( Ok , he didn't say those exact words but how cool would it have been if he did). Kosar was very open about the fact he wanted to play for his hometown Browns. The Vikings were determined to get Kosar . They trade up to the 2nd slot in anticipation of Kosar being there. One big problem though, Kosar hadn't met the deadline to file. Making him ineligible for Aprils draft.

Kosar's agent had devised an ingenious plan to circumvent the process. Kosar would string the NFL along for as long as he could. When the Bills committed to taking Bruce Smith, it gave The Browns the opportunity to trade for the Bills Supplemental pick that Summer( a move that went unnoticed at the time) Kosar's evil plan came to fruition when Cleveland selected Kosar , ensuring that he would be their QB of the future. This of course didn't sit well with the Vikings and many other teams. So a hearing was called by Pete Rozelle ,in which he left the decision up to Kosar as to where he wanted to play. Kosar obviously chose his hometown Browns and the rest is history. This changed the draft forever. Teams could no longer trade for Supplemental picks and the NFL let underclassmen in the regular draft a few years later

the impact; When it was all said and done, Bernie had a decent career. Although he was never the savior for the Browns, they are still trying to replace him in Cleveland.Kosar led the Browns to three AFC championship games, losing to the Broncos in all three. He made the pro bowl in 1987. He did get a Super bowl ring as A backup to Troy Aikman in 1993.



Chris Carter WR Ohio State Philadelphia Eagles 1987

the pick; The 1987 Supplemental draft was known for the colorful Brian Bosworth. Bosworth gobbled up all the headlines that summer. Somewhat lost in the hype , was a little known but talented receiver named Chris Carter. Carter set records his freshman season and he seemed destined for stardom. However, he had a laps in judgement when he signed with an agent before his Senior season. This transgression led him to be suspended for the 1987 season. The Eagles took a chance on him in the 4th round of the 1987 Supplemental draft .

the impact; Carter showed an uncanny ability to score while he was in Philly. But he struggled with consistency. He and Buddy Ryan frequently clashed. Carter was waived after the 1989 season. When asked why Ryan released Carter, Ryan famously replied ''because all he does is catch touchdowns''. But secretly, it was Carter's drug use that led to him being place on waivers. The Vikings claimed the talented but troubled wideout and he exploded. Carter is perceived as one of the best wideouts in the history of the NFL. In his 16 years in the league, Carter has hauled in 1,101 passes for 13,899 yards and 130 TD's. He was also named to 8 pro Bowls. He has shown that it is possible for a team to get an elite level talent in the Supplemental draft.

Of course, you can't have the good without looking at the bad. There are numerous busts in the Supplemental draft. I'm just going to spend some time on a few

The bad ; Brian Bosworth LB Oklahoma Round 1 Seattle Seahawks 1987



the pick; The Seahawks selected flamboyant and outspoken Brian Bosworth with a first round tender in 1987. ''The Boz'' was a rock star at the University of Oklahoma. Known for his movie star looks , wild hair and intensity on the field, Boz was sure to give some fire to the otherwise irrelevant Seahawks. A linebacker with safety speed, Bosworth was a two time winner of the Butkuss award given to the nations to LB. Bosworth also was a smart player(something he doesn't get credit for) graduating a year early. This made him eligible for the 1987 Supplemental draft

Boz was not without trouble however. In 1986 , he was banned from playing in the Orange Bowl due to testing positive for steroids. He also criticized the NCAA whenever he could , even referring to them as communists. He also threw Oklahoma athletics under the bus. He alleged rampant drug use among the players in his auto biography. This later led to Barry Switzers resignation

the impact;Brian was an immediate hit with the fans and media in Seattle. His theatrics were on full display when on the first day of practice , The Boz showed up in a helicopter . And Bosworth had a pretty good rookie year in 1987 , that is until he ran into Bo Jackson( literally) in a Monday night game. Bosworth called out Jackson before the game. Bo responded by running for 221 yards including that unforgettable run where he carried Bosworth into the endzone. Bosworth was never the same player after that . And he had to retire in 1989 with a chronic shoulder injury. Bosworth has blessed us with some classic pieces of cinema like Stone Cold. But it just goes to show you that hype doesn't always produce on the field. In fact, most of the time it doesn't



Dave Wilson Illinois QB 1981 New Orleans Saints round 1

the pick; The Saints selected Dave Wilson in 1981 to be the heir apparent to Archie Manning. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Manning was reaching the end of the line and Wilson had the size, arm strength and quick delivery that scouts look for out of the position. Problem was, Wilson had many confusing technicalities with his college transcripts. So much so that he was set to sit out the 1981 season. Wilson opted to go into the Supplemental draft instead of having to sit out a full year

the impact ;Wilson had a dismal rookie season. In 1981 , he threw 1 TD to 11 INT' and had a 46.1 rating. He never lived up to the expectations that were set for him. He completed only 53% of his passes with 36 td's and 55 int's with a measly QBR of 63. He was relegated to backup duty for most of his career. He retired after the 1989 season.



Timm Rosenbach QB Washington State round 1 AZ Cardinals 1989

the pick; The Cardinals desperate for help at the most important position in football selected Timm Rosenbach out of Washington State. Rosenbach benefited from the new rule that allowed underclassman to be eligible for the regular draft. He missed the deadline however and was forced into the 1989 Supplemental draft. Rosenbach was considered by many to be the second best QB available behind Troy Aikman. In 1988 he finished seventh in the Heisman trophy voting

the impact; Rosenbach started every game in his second season. While he struggled for most of the season, he caught fire the last two games he started. Rosenbach threw for 682 yards and 6 td's in close losses against the Giants and Eagles. The Cards had to have been happy for the future. But It was all downhill from there however. In 1991 he suffered a torn ACL in the pre season. In 1992 he was carted off the field in the first game after a devastating hit. He left football after the 1992 season. He made a failed attempt to return to football in 1995 and then retired.



Tony Hollings RB Georgia Tech 2nd round Houston Texans 2003

the pick; Tony Hollings is one of the more interesting prospects to come into the Supplemental draft in some time. He came into Georgia Tech as a defensive back and barely played. Chan Gailey moved him to running back for the 2002 season and Hollings came on like gang busters. In just four games , Hollings rushed for 633 yards and 11 TD's. He was well on his way to becoming a Heisman Trophy candidate when he tore his ACL against BYU . To make matters worse , Hollings was ruled academically ineligible for the 2003 season. It seemed like a long shot that a team would take a chance on a player with so many issues. The Texans however (desperate for a RB) did take a chance and selected Hollings in the second round

the impact; Hollings never recovered from his knee injury and rushed for only 149 yards in 23 games. He bounced around European football leagues before another knee injury finally ended his career. One could only wonder what could have been had he never gotten hurt in college. The hands of fate are cruel indeed

So what does all this mean for the Chiefs?

Scott Pioli has been very open about adding talent to this team. He has been on record saying that this roster isn't finished and will never be finished.I think that is a very fair and honest answer. I have been very critical of our GM. I think he has gotten many things wrong. But I will always give him his just do when I feel he deserves it. He had an outstanding free agent period this off season. He upgraded almost every position of need and I applaud him on that. I wish I could say the same about his draft. In my humble, personal opinion, this last draft was a gigantic, stinky, maggot infested turd, that is just my opinion. It took me three weeks to get over it. I pray I am wrong. But I got a similar feeling after I watched the 09 draft(and we know how that turned out) I don't want to turn this into an Anti Pioli rant here. I am just pointing out that this team has several more needs to be filled

Let's just say that I am wrong about the 2012 draft . And everyone of these guys pans out. If threre was a draft tomorrow, what would this team need?

Middle Linebacker

DJ is a beast. He has made himself into one of best defenders in the league. I'm fine with Javon Belcher. He is an unselfish guy that does the dirty work. But what does this team have behind those guys? Cory Greenwood is a great special teams guy. But you just have to give me more than that. Is he Larry Izzo or Mike Vrabel? Can he develop into more than someone that runs down the field on kickoffs and make tackles. Brandon Siler was brought in to be a backup to Belcher, but he tore his Achilles tendon. That might be the worst lower body injury you can have as an athlete. How is he going to bounce back? Let's be honest, did anyone really think he was going to make waves here? That's what I thought. The only other guy they brought in is Leon Williams who didn't play last year. This team needs an upgrade at depth or this could turn into the safety position last year if injuries hit again. I don't need to remind anyone of that now do I

Outside linebacker

I'm telling you guys right now, this team needs more pass rushers. You can't count on Tamba and Houston to do all the pass rushing. Especially since NO ONE on the D- line can be counted on to get to the QB. KC had 29 sacks last year. That isn't going to get it done. Since 2002 , the average sack totals that the SB winning team has had ( minus the 06 colts that were an aberration) was 45 sacks. Unless Tamba and Houston can get 22.5 a piece , KC needs more guys to fill in the void.

But who on this roster is going to step up? Andy Studebaker is a special teams guy . He lost his starting job to Houston. He has 2.5 career sacks. Miller and Sheffield are young guys. But both have injury issues. Many thought that Miller was a reach and he was a 5th round pick! Sheffield came on slow last year after a neck injury. We really need at least another guy that can get to the QB

Defensive line

I'm not impressed with Dorsey and Jackson. The are great run defenders. But both have become a liability on passing downs (especially Dorsey). It is great when you stop the run. But it would be nice if KC had a guy that could get to the QB in a passing league. Allen Bailey might be that guy. One can only hope so. Because no one else on the d- line can

Offensive line , more specifically the interior line

Brandon Albert and Eric Winston are a good tandem. But from LG to RG there are questions. Asamoah hasn't shown me a whole lot. Hudson is in his first year as a starter and there isn't another guy that can play center on this roster. We all know about Lilja's struggles. The only other interior guy is Jason Allen and he was a tackle in college

So is there anyone in this Supplemental draft that could help KC?



Quaylon Ewing corner Boise State

the player; Ewing was a highly recruited player coming out of Texas. He was known for his special teams coverage ability. He has good height at 6'1 and seems to be a good tackler . In just 6 games , Ewing racked up 26 tackles . That includes a 9 tackle performance against Fresno State. Ewing was dismissed from Boise State for violating team rules. He was going to transfer to Sam Houston State but decided on the Supplemental draft instead

how would he fit in with KC? You can never have too many corners. Especially ones that can tackle and play special teams. But this is the one position where KC is loaded. Routt and Flowers are the starters , Arenas is firmly entrenched as the nickel corner , Daniels and Brown round out the bottom of the roster. I don't see where he would be an upgrade. He is also very lanky (only 175lbs) there is a question of how well he would hold up to the riggers of the NFL. I don't see much value in selecting him. Pass



Montez Robinson DE/Olb Georgia

the player; While many players that enter the Supplemental draft have baggage, Robinson takes the cake. Robinson's arrest record consists of stalking, destruction of property , drug possession, obstruction of an officer and assault. He has jackets an inch thick. What compounds matters even more, he hardly played at Georgia. The little time he did play , he was dominating. 5 tackles(2 for loss ) and 2 sacks. He barely played his sophomore season when he was kicked off the team. So why all the interest for a guy with character issues that barely played? Well first off, it is a passing league . A player that can get to the QB is in high demand. No matter what his issues off the field may be. Number two, Robinson is a special athlete. He is 6'5 265 lbs and runs a 4.55 forty. He has experience at D end and OLB. Some team will take a chance on him

how would he fit in with KC? As I stated earlier , KC needs more guys that can rush the passer, And Robinson has all the tools to be able to do that. But his multiple arrests would really concern me if I were Scott Pioli. However, Pioli has shown the willingness to take chances on guys with character concerns. And with so much raw talent on the table, you have to wonder if he would take a chance on Robinson. It all depends on how much faith Pioli has in Romeo as a father figure/ mentor. Final Verdict, I wouldn't have a problem with spending a 7th rounder on the guy. At that spot it is low risk high reward. What the hell



Ed Wesley RB TCU

the player; Wesley is one of the players starting a buzz in this draft. Wesley is a well built , shifty 210 lb RB out of TCU. While Wesley has never produced jaw dropping numbers, he has had a productive career averaging over 6 yards a carry. Wesley also has deceptive speed and quickness. His hands are untested, but so are many backs coming out of college. Wesley left TCU for family reasons but never returned to the team. He was slated to be the featured back this year. He could be a solid change of pace back for some team out there

how would he fit in with KC? Wesley should find a home in the NFL. I just don't see it being with KC. The Chiefs have several running backs on the roster . Not to mention , they drafted a virtual clone of Wesley in Cyrus Gray. If he doesn't get drafted I would invite him to camp. But I would not submitt a bid for him . Pass



Larry Lumpkin LB Carson Newman

the player; Now here is a guy that has made some bad decisions in his quest for fame and fortune. Lumpkin was good linebacker for North Alabama , one of the better teams in the SWAC conference . Lumpkin was the 5th leading tackler with North Alabama. But he was apparently not happy with the coaching staff so he opted to transfer to Carson - Newman. He was Newmans best player last year leading the Eagles in tackles with 94. But the train stops there , as Lumpkin was declared academically ineligible for this season. Lumpkins size and reported speed reminds me of another North Alabama LB that played in the 90's ( Ronald McKinnon)

How would he fit in KC; Lumpkin is another guy that could help with depth on this team. KC already has two linebackers with small school experience, Andy Studekaker (wheaton) and Javon Belcher ( Maine), so I don't see a problem with adding a third. Who knows what he could be with the right coaching. I think he is a very interesting prospect. Final verdict, I would take a chance on him , although I wouldn't have he and Robinson on the same team together. So it is one or the other



Houston Tuminello McMurry State

the player ; Houston is a 6 foot 195 lb receiver that transferred from Louisiana Tech to McMurry State for no apparent reason. He then left McMurry State for no apparent reason. He caught 22 passes for 193 yards while at LA Tech. Sorry but that is all I got. Oh because he is a quick white wide receiver , he must be the next Wes Welker. Seriously though, if I have to hear another WR compared to Wes Welker because of his race my head will explode

how would he fit in with KC? Didn't we have a kid like this on the roster in 09?. This poor kid is never going to see an NFL training camp in his life . Unless of course he goes to Pittsburg and convinces Todd Haley that he is Lance . Long . Final verdict, just say no



Adrian Haughton Iowa State

the player; you know you are obscure when you don't have one picture on the internet. Haughton is perhaps the most mysterious prospect of this years crop. He is a massive specimen at 350 lbs. After he was kicked off the Cyclones squad , he played a year of football for the Orlando Predators of the AFL. He apparently can play guard and tackle which is a big plus

How would he fit in with KC? As I stated earlier, KC needs more interior depth . And if Haughton can play guard and tackle, sign me up . Although his weight is a bit concerning. He is a Golden Corral buffet away from being cast as Jabba the Hutt in the next star Wars movie. Final verdict, very intrigued , need more info on him



Adam Harris Syracuse FB

the player; Harris was a transfer from Cornell that was converted from linebacker to fullback. He was one of the better Full back prospects in the country until multiple concussions forced him off the football team. He then took up track and field and was a member of the shop put team. But he was itching to get back on the field and entered the Supplemental draft. He is a guy you root for . He has 10 catches for 67 yards and a TD and 10 carries for 31 yards in his two years with the orangemen

how would he fit in with KC? When I hear ''had to leave because of concussions'', I get nervous. Especially in this day and age. Chad Diehl had to retire because of concussions this year. So I am trigger shy about guys like that. Besides, I think KC is fine with the guys we have fighting for the starting full back spot. Bottom line, I wouldn't take him, although I wish him the best of luck



Josh Gordon WR Baylor

the player; Gordon is the main event of this weeks draft. There is a ton of buzz over this kid. Gordon was a big play receiver with Baylor in 2010. He had 42 catches for 714 yards and 7 TD's. He averaged 17 yards per reception. He has the size and speed ratio that makes scouts salivate. Of course, he isn't without troubles . He transferd to Utah in 2011 but never played. He was also arrested for passing out in a Taco Bell drive threw apparently under the influence of Marijuana. There are also questions about his suddenness and cutting ability. Scouts say that he is a more polished version of Tommie Streeter who was taken in the 6th round this past April

how would he fit in KC?On the surface, KC seems set at WR. Bowe is a top WR, Breaston is a solid slot guy. they drafted Baldwin in 2011 and Wylie and Hemmingway this year . So they don't need another wide out...right? Wrong. Who knows how long Bowes contract dispute will last. Breaston was out of place as a number two receiver. Baldwin is an unknown . And Wylie has major medical issues. Not to mention the fact that Copper . Horne , Hemmingway are average talents at best. Gordon is another big guy that can stretch the field. You can't have too many of those guys on the roster. I would throw a 5th rounder all day at him

So what have we learned today? The Supplemental draft has produced some talent. There are several guys in this years class that can help KC. But the Chiefs need to be careful if they proceed to take a chance on one or more of these guys. Afterall, they are all here for a reason

Thanks for reading Saints_chiefsfan1979

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