My Observations from Training Camp (July 30)

First time going to camp this year, and it was alot of fun. This will probably be very unorganized, sorry about that, but here is some of what I saw out in St. Jo today. And I can try and answer any questions you all might have in the comments, but I can't guarantee it because alot was going on.

I'll go ahead and start with some of the players that impressed me.

First, I really liked Jon Baldwin. This guy is so big and athletic it is really hard to cover him. He really went up and fought for the ball in the air, which was awesome. He had a real nice catch deep down the right sideline where he went up for the ball between two defenders and snatched it (couldn't tell which two DBs). This was probably the highlight of the day. It was impressive (and a good pass from Cassel). Matt Cassel and Baldwin seem to be connecting very nicely together, I am excited to see what these two can do in games.

Another guy that impressed me that nobody seems to talk about in camp this year was Tyson Jackson. I was sitting right next to the OLine/DLine drills in the early part of practice, and TJax was playing with as good of leverage as anyone. Eric Winston was having a hard time with him, and Jackson was blowing up the other OTs trying to block him. He did an excellent job of playing low and keeping extension with his arms. Glenn Dorsey also looked good, but I didn't see him get as many reps as Jackson. And another thing I saw with this drill, which was 2 O Linemen working on 1 D Lineman, Dontari Poe was struggling a bit. He was constantly letting the Offensive guy get into his pads, and Poe couldn't create any push. He either was staying at the line or getting moved up field. He did look better in team drills though.

The final guy that jumped out to me was Dexter McCluster. He was only getting reps in the slot, and he was doing a good job of getting open and making positive plays, in my opinion. He runs very good routes. I like having such a versatile player like McCluster on our team, it will be interesting to see how Daboll uses him this season.

I also have two things that aren't so great. First, Hemmingway got carted off for some sort of injury. However, I didn't see it so don't know what it was. If someone could fill me in that would be great! And also, if you ask me, Brady Quinn didn't look good at all today. Stanzi and Cassel looked much better.

Finally, I'll kind of give a rundown of what I saw from each position group...

QBs: As I've already said, Cassel and Stanzi looked much better than Quinn, and I hardly saw Tanney get any reps. Cassel looked solid today. Many times he was going through multiple reads and finding the open guy. He wasn't generating big plays, but we were constantly getting positive yards/completions. My biggest problem with Cassel in the past is that he couldn't go through progressions, and he is getting better with it. I hope this can translate to games.

RBs: I didn't see a ton of action from this group today. It's kind of hard to tell with them because they aren't brought to the ground in live action. The one positive I took away though was that Charles seemed to be able to make cuts and explode. Great sign. Oh, and Peyton Hillis is huge. Him and DJ collided on one play, loudest hit of the entire practice.

WRs/TEs: As I already said, Baldwin and McCluster stood out to me. Steve Breaston was solid, but wasn't targeted a whole lot. Another guy I saw make a few plays was Jamar Newsome (#84). He was running with the second team, and Stanzi targeted him quite a few times.

As for the TEs, the two things I took away was that Boss was lined up in the slot quite a bit (and the fact that we ran 2 TE sets ALOT), and that Moeaki looked good running. I think all 3 ACL guys look fine, but I guess you can't really tell for sure until they play for real.

OL: I'm not some OL expert, so I don't have a ton to say here, but damn are these guys all huge. That, and on paper our starting OLine looks very good.

DL: Kind of already hit on this group, but Dorsey and TJax look much better than everyone else, but it is kind of hard to judge these guys from just the sideline perspective.

LBs: Didn't see much from them, so not going to say much. But Tamba did cut his hair. Still looks like a bada**.

DBs: Flowers looked like the best DB today. He picked off a pass from Quinn, and broke up a few others. He was making quite a few plays today, but Baldwin did get him a few times. Eric Berry was all over the field, but that was to be expected. Javier Arenas also looked solid today. He got his hands on a few balls.

Again, if you have any specific questions I can try and answer them. GO CHIEFS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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