Current Compilation of NFL 2012 Off-Season Arrests (7-25-12)

Personally, I find these off-season arrests mind boggling. I can just imagine the anxiety Coaches, GMs, and Owners must go through during the off-season. I would LOVE to be in one of the team's meetings before they are released. A bunch of grown men being lectured like children on how to behave. Anyways, I took a few minutes and broke down the 31 arrests that we've had this off-season. The results aren't too stunning, but (in my opinion) it's fun to look at them a little more in depth. Why not?

Player - College, Age

Ray McDonald - Florida 27

Rey Maualuga - USC 25

J.T. Thomas - West Virginia 23

Mikel Leshoure - Illinois (twice) 22

Nate Collins - Virginia 24

LeRoy Hill - Clemson 29

Jarriel King - South Carolina 25

Samson Satele - Hawaii 27

Koa Misi - Utah 25

Nick Fairley - Auburn (twice) 24

Darrius Heyward-Bey - Maryland 25

Brandon Meriweather - Miami 28

Caleb King - Georgia 24

Jerome Felton - Furman 26

Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State 22

David Diehl - Illinois 31

Aaron Berry - Pittsburg (twice) 24

Muhammad Wilkerson - Temple 22

Eric Wright - Nevada-Las Vegas 27

Kiante Tripp - Georgia 24

Adrian Peterson - Oklahoma 27

Dion Lewis - Pittsburg 21

Robert Quinn - North Carolina 22

Elvis Dumervil - Louisville 28

Marshawn Lynch - California 26

Dez Bryant - Oklahoma State 23

Donald Washington - Ohio State 25

Kenny Britt - Rutgers 23


31 total arrests by 28 players since 2-8-12 (3 double offenders, really?)

12 arrests were related to DUIs

6 arrests were Marijuana possessions

1 player was over the age of 30

SEC: Florida, South Carolina, Auburn (2), Georgia (2) = 6

Big East: Rutgers, Louisville, Pittsburg (3), West Virginia = 6

ACC: Virginia, Clemson, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina = 5

Big 10: Ohio St, Illinois (3) = 4

Remainders: UNLV, Furman, Hawaii, Temple = 4

Big 12: OkST (2), Oklahoma = 3

Pac 10: USC, Utah, California = 3

Remarks: Not going to spend a boat load of time on this, therefore:

Used conference affiliation as of 2011.

Did not take into account how many players of each converence are in the NFL.

Did not take into account the average age of the NFL player.

Take these fun stats as they are.


If you find any glaring mistakes, please let me know!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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