Bye Bye Dwayne Bowe

Hello everyone. Ive been lurking around AP for a while now, like many others have in the past. And Ive posted in threads in the past also, but under a different account (I forgot my password). So I had to make a new account. Anyways, I came here to give you my thoughts on the Dwayne Bowe situation. So here it goes...

Earlier on Twitter, I tweeted "Looks like: Dwayne Bowe...GONE! (Denny Matthews voice)". Every time someone leaves, gets cut, fired, etc. I use the Denny Matthews phrase. But anyways, Tarkus replied to me asking where my thought process was. Well, Ive been thinking this for a while, and told a few of my friends this since about April, but never really put it onto a social network. Once I did, my Twitter exploded with 7 follows, 8 retweets and 4 mentions. I didnt think my opinion mattered that much, but now I bring it to you, for you to see and hear your thoughts on it.

The way I look at the Bowe situation, is that Pioli has already and is planning for Bowe to leave. I saw this for a couple reasons:

Lets look at the Brandon Carr situation. Pioli, too, knew Carrs contract was coming up. They had already signed Flowers to an extension by then, and he already had his mind made up what they would do. What did he do when he knew Carrs contract was up? Pioli went out and drafted Arenas in 2010, Jalil Brown in 2011, signed Stanford Routt in FA and drafted DeQuan Menzie in this years draft. He knew Carr would be leaving in the future, so he drafted and signed players with the capability of stepping in and taking over. He started this 2 years in advance.

Now lets look at the Dwayne Bowe situation. Just like Carr, Pioli has known that Bowes contract was coming up. What has he done up to date regarding the WR position? He drafted Baldwin in Round 1 last year, he drafted Wylie and Hemingway this year, signed Breaston in FA, and has brought in a slew of FA WRs for camp. Again hes drafted and signed WRs who have the capability of (hopefully) stepping in and taking over because he knows Bowes contract is due. He started this almost 2 years in advance as well.

This to me shows that he is prepared to let Bowe walk if he doesnt want to sign a fair deal that benefits him, as well as the team. Pioli is a business man first and foremost, on top of that, Clark doesnt like to break the bank on any players, let alone Dwayne Bowe. Along with those ideas, it brings me to the Patriot Way. How often have they given a WR a huge deal? They have always signed and drafted WRs, let them play their contract out, then let them walk. (With the exception of Wes Welker)

Again, this is just my own opinion, I didnt realize I had a strong point until my Twitter blew up. So I brought it here to see what fellow APers thought about it and what they had to say.

By the way, Im an avid Tweeter of just about anything sports, but mostly Royals and Chiefs. You can follow me if you want at @dustindarby.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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