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History, Facts and Information about Famous Gladiators
The content of this article provides interesting history, facts and information about Famous Gladiators. The fascinating stories of famous gladiators and lived and died in the bloody arenas of Ancient Rome, including the infamous Colosseum. The first Roman Gladiators were slaves and prisoners of war and used the weapons and equipment characteristic of their people. As time went by convicts were also sentenced to die in the arena. But rich rewards could be earned in the Roman arenas. Successful gladiators were treated almost as our 'pop idols' of today and some men volunteered for this type of life. The famous gladiators detailed on this page were a mixture of the different types of gladiators who fought gladiatorial combats in the arena - the most famous of all the Gladiators was Spartacus.


The 1st Gladiators fought for their Lives, providing entertainment for the Masses in the Ancient World. Actors and Musicians performed too. Maybe, not for their lives:) The Ancient World also provided the Worlds' Oldest profession for Entertainment also. Drugs were also prevalent. We do not know if they were used to create an edge for one Gladiator over another? Surely, medicine was only used on those valuable Gladiators, as the alternative only needed a grave. What did those athletes of the past think about fighting from the Colosseum Floor?

Famous Gladiators were treated with adulation by many Romans - they were treated as sex symbols. Graffiti regarding gladiators was scrawled over the walls of Rome and other great cities. "Crescens, the net fighter, holds the hearts of all the girls" and "Caladus, the Thracian, makes all the girls sigh". Even the mother of the Emperor Commodus is believed to have had a crush on the gladiator Martianus. The Emperor Elagabalus 'married' his chariot driver, a blond slave from Caria named Hierocles, whom he referred to as his husband. Martial wrote "Hermes divitiae locariorum" or “Hermes means riches for the ticket scalpers” (Hermes was a famous gladiator).

I am hunting for direct quotes, clearly "Famous" and "Athlete" held the same advantages (for those favored) as they do today.

Could you Imagine Mitt Romney and Barack Obama crossing swords in Cowboy Stadium?

Famous Gladiators - Roman Emperor Commodus
Unbelievably, one of the most famous gladiators was the Emperor Commodus (177-192 AD) who boasted that he was the victor of a thousand matches. Commodus regularly took part in the games and spectacles and ordered his fights to be inscribed in the public records and announced in the city newspaper - Commodus fought as a Secutor.

Famous Gladiators - Famous Emperors
The Roman Emperors Caligula, Titus, Hadrian , Cracalla, Geta and Didius Julianus were all said to have performed in the arena.

What about the common man?

Famous Gladiators - Priscus and Verus
The next story is about two famous gladiators called Priscus and Verus who fought so evenly and courageously for so long that when they both acknowledged defeat at the same instant, the Roman Emperor Titus awarded victory to both of them, presented them with the wooden swords (the rudis) and they both walked from the arena of the Colosseum through the Gate of Life.

True competition and a well deserved thank you from the Roman Emperor. How do you thank those that did as well as they could? Is every person a superstar in the Arena of Sport? Competitiors shine in competition. Soon, the Olympics will begin. Winning the Gold (once meant a life continued) and winning Silver (meant a life was done).

We have come far and sometimes not far enough.

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