Chiefs 'Character'

There is "Character" reflected in the Chiefs organization carried down from the Owner's & GM's offices to the field level that only a few teams seem to reflect. San Diego with it's aloof sense of entitlement, the braying Donkeys & the criminally delusional Raiders fall woefully short in our division in this respect.

Sure we've all suffered long blocks of irrelevancy in our collective pasts,but, only the Chiefs have used that crucible of despair to forge a humble pride. Surefooted along the narrow path, we now appear ready to quicken our step back into the warm beams of respectability in 2012,

None of us knows for sure if or how the tensile strength of this "Character" will translate into "W's" on Sundays ( & Monday & Thursday ! ) ,but, there is a pervading sense that "Good" will triumph over "Evil" .

We're not "Short Cut Takers" ,we're not "Rule Benders" ,we're not "Look the Other Way" guys.We are "Shoulder the Responsibility " guys,"Help a Neighbor with out him having to offer up his Self Worth as Pre-Payment" guys.We're the "Take the High Road Even Though It May Slow Us Because the View from the Top is Worth It" guys .

I believe we are smarter, faster ,harder working & more forward looking @ the helm than we've ever been. I believe that not only are we more talented at most critical positions, but, that our depth is so good @ these positions that our cuts are gonna be coveted by many teams that have shown they know how to build teams with "Character" as well.

Lessons have been hard learned ,paths taken have been criticized by fan & foe alike , but, the course has been charted & stayed to the cusp of our dare dreamed destination. We're not leap frogging slap dash to a Super Bowl season ,but,exerting the painstaking will of "Character" meticulous craftsmanship requires to be a dynasty in the making.

The Arrow(head) is pointing Up my friends. The "Long Winter of Our Discontent" is finally yielding to those warm beams of respectability.Hopes yet to be realized, yes, but, beheld so much more in focus in the clear manse of the "High Ground" & savored so much more sweetly for having "Character " synonymous with our cause ,our team & our fandom .

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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