Predicting The 2012/2013 "Right 53" - Final Roster

This by no means is a perfect list. Just doing a "mock" final roster to kill time was a stressful experiment. But alas, here it is. 

1 Albert, Branden T
2 Allen, Jeff OL
3 Arenas, Javier DB
4 Asamoah, Jon OL
5 Bailey, Allen DE
6 Bair, Brandon DL
7 Baldwin, Jonathan WR
8 Bannon, Shane FB
9 Belcher, Jovan LB
10 Bellamy, Josh WR
11 Berry, Eric DB
12 Boss, Kevin TE
13 Bowe, Dwayne WR
14 Breaston, Steve WR
15 Brown, Jalil DB
16 Campbell, Caleb LB
17 Cassel, Matt QB
18 Charles, Jamaal RB
19 Colquitt, Dustin P
20 Daniels, Travis CB
21 Dorsey, Glenn DE
22 Elam, Abram S
23 Flowers, Brandon CB
24 Gafford, Thomas LS
25 Gordon, Amon DE
26 Gray, Cyrus RB
27 Hali, Tamba LB
28 Hemingway, Junior WR
29 Hillis, Peyton RB
30 Houston, Justin LB
31 Hudson, Rodney C
32 Jackson, Tyson DE
33 Johnson, Derrick LB
34 Lewis, Kendrick DB
35 Lilja, Ryan G
36 Maneri, Steve TE
37 McCarthy, Kyle DB
38 McCluster, Dexter RB
39 Menzie, De'Quan DB
40 Miller, Gabe LB
41 Moeaki, Tony TE
42 Poe, Dontari DT
43 Jerell Powe DT
44 Quinn, Brady QB
45 Routt, Stanford CB
46 Siler, Brandon LB
47 Stanzi, Ricky QB
48 Stephenson, Donald OL
49 Studebaker, Andy LB
50 Succop, Ryan K
51 Toribio, Anthony DT
52 Winston, Eric T
53 Wylie, Devon WR

CUT : Rob Bruggerman, Justin Cheadle, Terrance Copper, Shaun Draughns, Nate Eachus, Dom Ellis , Jean Fanor, Tim Biere, Chandler Fenner, Tysyn Hartman, Cam Holland, Mikail Baker , Brandon Kinnie, Jeremy Horne, Cam Holland , David Mims, Jamar Newsome, Terrance Parks , Rich Ranglin , Matt Szymanski , Leon Williams , Aaron Weaver, Donald Washington, Daryl Harris, Jacques Reeves

PRACTICE SQUAD : Ethan Johnson , Jerome Long , Zeke Markshausen , Luke Patterson , Ropati Pitotua , Alex Tanney , Neiko Thorpe , Dexter Heyman


POSITION BATTLES - There really aren't any battles for starting positions this year. 

Guard - Ryan Lilja will likely keep his starting position. Jeff Allen has been hobbled up a bit. He might spend the first part of the season on the bench.

FULLBACK - Taylor Gentry is making more news than Shane Bannon. I'll give the edge to the elder statesman, for now. All suggestions state that Hillis will be on the field as the primary FB when Charles is around.
I'll call it now - Dontarie Poe , NT / Goal Line FB

Back Up Center
- Should Rodney Hudson go down, Jon Asamoah would take the Center role and Allen / Lilja would control the guard positions. The Chiefs only have UDFA rookies manning this important position.


Receiving TE / H-Back - This is a position that I think would compromise a WR's spot more than Steve Maneri's blocking TE position. More of a Moeaki "insurance" than anything.

3rd Safety - Right now it appears to be Abram Elam vs Kyle McCarthy. Jalil Brown played some 3rd Safety in the Green Bay game so he could be in the mix.
That being said, Elam and McCarthy shouldn't look at houses in Kansas City. If a Brian Dawkins cut occurs, expect Pioli to make a rare trip to the ATM.

Situational DE / LB - The Chiefs cut DeMorrio Williams and let Wallace Gilberry walk. Both had digressed as situational rushers.

Andy Studebaker . Studebaker went from being the heir to Vrabel's position to a player that had 16 tackles total. He is a Pioli / locker room guy ... but he could easily be the odd man out if Gabe Miller beats him on the depth chart OR he lacks the ability to get to the passer in TC

Brandon Siler - Siler is coming off an ACL injury, yet the Chiefs signed him to another 1 year contract. Many don't remember but Siler actually beat Javon Belcher in the depth chart last season until he was injured. Prior to injury Siler was a pass rushing ILB, something that Belcher is not. If a Veteran came free... I don't see how the Chiefs couldn't sign him if Siler isn't 100%


Quarterbacks - Some pundits will argue otherwise, but I think Quinn and Stanzi are both safe for the start of the season.
Colt McCoy would be interesting, but I think that'd require a trade of a pick much higher than what Pioli would sacrifice.

Trades - Outside of a 3rd Safety for a Day 3 pick, I can't imagine Pioli picking up the phone for anyone.
Depletion of the Line - The Depth of the Defensive Line is going to be a valuable asset to Romeo and Pioli. Should Dorsey and Jackson leave KC next season, Pioli will want to have two backups from this year's roster replace them. Allen Bailey is all but locked in. The other - Brandon Bair, Amon Gordon , Anthony Torbio has not been found.

Finally ... BE HAPPY

The Chiefs only have 1 former Patriot , Cassel, in their starting line up. By opening day 20 out of 24 starters will have been draft picks by the Kansas City Chiefs. No more Vrabels, Greggs, Weigmanns, or Popes. Herm Edwards great draft is now the veteran staff.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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