I can forsee the future (shocking, I know)



Last night,I had a dream. Not just any dream, but a vision of the FUTURE! True story. My mind imagined Week 1 against Atlanta (you heard right. I am so desperate for some Kansas City football that my subconscious decided to throw me a bone and project a game unto my dreams). Unlike most dreams however, this one was surprisingly accurate and I can still picture it rather vivid right now. Almost all the new players were there. Winston, Hillis, Poe, Tanney, Boss, even Wylie. While Atlanta's roster probably wasn't near as accurate (I believe I saw Warrick Dunn roaming the sideline at one point), they were still relatively fresh as far as dreams go. It was set for a good game. Mitch Holthus with the commentary, nice day in fall, and no big injuries in the preseason (probably). <!-- exte.nded entry -->

For those of you who have the misfortune of not being able to tell the future (like myself), you have never felt the immense pressure to share your visions with your peers. Does some deity want me to keep it a secret, or can I share. I decided it was best for Chiefs nation to share my vision with Chiefs nation early before the memory clears away completely. Yes, my dear friends. I am giving you a first hand look into the future.

So the game starts with a KC drive. It's pretty fuzzy but I distinctly remember Peyton Hillis catching a swing pass, stiff-arming a defender into the turf then fumbling. However he picked up his own fumble, reversed field and scored on a 60 yard touchdown. It's interesting how that is gonna be the first offensive play of our season. A slow white guy reversing field and outrunning all of the Atlanta defense.

The more I wait, the less clear this dream gets. So I'm gonna try to speed through players who impressed and did not impress me

Who impressed me in Week 1

Rodney Hudson



As talented as I may be in foreseeing the future, I'm pretty sure my mind was projecting what I wanted to see. And what I wanted to see was Rodney dominating defenders. And that's what happened. He was able to take on everyone this game, consistently manhandling Atlanta DT Jonathan Babineaux (probably was).

Glenn Dorsey



Yeah, Glenn was straight up devouring Todd McClure (maybe). Not just in run defense, either. For whatever reason the Falcons never thought of doubling on him. He was stuffing the run, and was terrorizing Michael Vick (I know your jealous) all day. They could never seem to contain his fearsome tenacity. I've had this gut feeling since he was gonna have an incredible season in 2012 since he slaughtered Denver in Week 17. Maybe this is just a premonition.

Jovan Belcher (I think)



Not entirely sure who this was, but it was an ILB opposite DJ. Could've been Jovan, Gabe Miller, Brandon SIler, or Cameron Sheffield. And honestly, I only remember one play. Hole off LE (I'm looking at you, T-Jax), running back runs through the seam only to be blasted by whoever this mystery LB is. Pretty sure it was short yardage situation as well.

Shane Bannon



Honestly, he didn't stand out by any huge extent. The big thing is that I remember #38 starting, which is big enough as is.

Players who disappointed me

Dexter McCluster



Just like Week 1 of last year, Dex fumbled on a return. Punt return this time, but still a problem.

I also remember a dropped pass on a deep ball. Watch it Dex, my dreams for whatever reason think you won't do very good in Week 1.

Dwayne Bowe



Yeah, D-Bowe didn't exactly have the best game. Granted we ran most of the time but I specifically remember a dropped pass and whiffing on a few blocks. Granted, he didn't have ANY help from our next player.

Matt Cassel



Yeah, Matt definitely didn't impress me. But it wasn't because his play was bad.

It's because he wasn't under center.

So who was do you ask? As much as I would like to say Ricky Stanzi it wasn't him. It wasn't Brady Quinn or even Alex Tanney either. As a matter of fact, he isn't even in the NFL yet.

It was Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas.



You guys know how much I dislike passing and love running. So this guy has to be pretty damn cool to get me excited about him. But ever since I watched a VT game in 2010 with him starting, I was enamored with his awesomeness.

6'6, 262 pounds. He's bigger than JaMarcus Russel was pre draft. But he's got five times the work ethic and is still just as much if not a better athlete. His stature, athleticism and talent remind him of a junior Cam Newton (despite being even bigger than the behemoth Carolina QB). And he's rocketing up draft boards just as fast as Cam was. Right now, he stands as a late 1st, early 2nd round pick (hopefully around where KC lands or trades to). But with a good season that he's sure to have he could skyrocket into the top 10 easy.

The former tight end has had his fair share of incredible and devastating plays on the ground, such as...

Logan Thomas lowers his shoulder on UVA's Rodney McLeod (via thePhreakofVT)

Logan Thomas (VT) Bulldozes A Defender (via Switzer2136)

Logan Thomas Game-Winner vs. Miami, 2011 (via techsideline)

But it's his arm that really seals the deal. Watch for yourself.

Logan Thomas vs Virginia.2011 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

Logan Thomas vs. North Carolina (2011) (via MARI0clp)

Logan Thomas vs Georgia Tech 2011 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

So with a howitzer for an arm, the running style of a fullback and the work ethic of Jerry Rice, Thomas is a terror for defenders to bring down in or outside of the pocket, ad a bigger terror for defenders covering his passes. Logan Thomas, my 2013 Mock Draft choice as of right now.

And with a stellar performance by Logan and the running game, along with some contributions by the defense Kansas City won in Week 1 (maybe).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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