Just in case you didn't get a chance to read Chris's story:

Catching Up: The Chief Artist of Kansas City, Chris Sembower.
Catching Up: The Chief Artist of Kansas City, Chris Sembower. Part 2
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Or Yesterday's article on Arrowhead Pride:

Catching Up With Arrowhead Pride's Own Chris Sembower

Hey AP, perhaps we can REC this up to continue spreading the word about Chris's awesome "Posterized" Kansas City Chiefs series.




We can talk about why Matt Cassel isn't in this painting, "Anticipation":

When I look at that particular painting, it feels like the entire team is waiting to do something very special in 2012. You have Romeo Crennel seemingly ready to lead with him smoothly giving Eric Berry some love and all of the Chiefs players look ready to dominate under the brilliant Arrowhead Stadium glow... However, where is Matt Cassel and what are your expectations for the Chiefs this upcoming season?

Leaving Cassel out was a very tough decision in this piece. By far the hardest. I know some won't agree with me, but here is my rationale:

I'm personally a Cassel supporter. I think he has been dealt a very intriguing and difficult hand in his NFL career, with his lack of starting time since high school before Brady went down, and the number of good / great QBs he's sat behind during his post high school career. I root for the guy. He's scrappy, and he seems to have a lot of the "intangibles" (I hate that word) that make great quarterbacks.

But I feel like Chiefs fans in general were so spoiled so early on at the QB position, that even people like me who were born well after the great Lenny Dawson retired feel the reverberating impact that he had on this team. Lamar Hunt left Dallas, chose Kansas City as the Chiefs' adopted parents, and almost immediately rewarded us with a Super Bowl, and a fleet of Hall of Fame talent to marinate on for the next 50 years.

The problem is, when I think of the leader of the team, I don't think of Cassel like I do with a lot of other QBs like Lenny the Cool (even some non-elite talent). That isn't a knock on him per se, but I can think of a number of other players that I would personally place above him in that hierarchy (DJ, JC, and EB come to mind). I think of him as maybe the 4th or 5th player on that list. But that conflicts with my own personal feelings about where he should be placed in this painting. He doesn't feel like a fearless leader type, who can come in and demolish foes with a single pass like Rogers, Brady, etc. and that is why I didn't place him up front. But what kind of message would it be if he were buried in the back with guys like Routt or Winston?

I was conflicted, and that ultimately led to leave him out, along with Bowe, whose future I wasn't sure about at the time. I had planned initially to do a v2.0 that included Cassel along with a couple of draft picks. I'd still like to do that.

Or the Super Bowl:

What will it take for the Kansas City Chiefs to contend for a Super Bowl in the near future, in the mind of Chris Sembower?

I'll take a page out of the Bill Belichick school of thought and say that all it will take is for this team to do it's job. Scott Pioli has had a very specific idea of the type of guys he's wanted to acquire these last handful of years, and slowly this team has started to become bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, and more disciplined. Exactly what Pioli told us he would do in his very first press conference as the Chiefs GM.

I will be bold and say that he has collected a nearly complete roster full of players that have the capability of doing their job according to the Chiefs coaching staff. It appears to have very few holes, and there are a number of players on either side of the ball that I would match up against the best of the best in the NFL. If the starters & role players on this team can do their job this season, and play into the gameplans of the coaching staff (I'm an eternal optimist and am giving Daboll the benefit of the doubt. Sue me.), this team should be in for quite the ride. It should be very fun to watch. I can't help but feel like we have the prototypical type of team to counter the good / great QBs within our own very division, at very least. That can't hurt.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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