Well, Enough about those other teams. We know what needs fixed in Kansas City. Brian Daboll gets the next crack at the QB to tough to just die. I have a Cable crimper that on occasion is used as a hammer in my little world of not having a clue how to fix things properly. A joke, okay, maybe not so much a joke at work; Steve does not get to use power tools. Saws are a no-no. A quick eye roll and someone will do my cutting and drilling and such for me. I can plan the entire project in my mind. Then cut a hole that needs patched and painted (sorta like TexasChief).

What does this have to do with Matt Cassel?

Is he a Tool in the land of mis-fit tools or a QB that is/has not been used properly?

A Table, I know how to do that:

Snaps Dropbacks Attempts Completions Comp % Yards Yards/Attempts Comp % Rank
2008 1097 603 517 327 63.2 3695 7.1 11
2009 1028 567 494 272 55.1 2924 5.9 25
2010 1069 496 450 262 58.2 3116 6.9 26
2011 594 309 269 160 59.5 1713 6.4 20

Data is from and the ranking is on QB's that played 50% of the teams snaps.

Seems to me a Completion percentage in the mid 60's is good, 7-8 yards per attempt is where elite players are determined. Matt Cassel seems to rise and fall on what? Coaching, Scheme, maybe Something Else?

Average Distance at Catch New England New England Kansas City Kansas City
10 + yards Dwayne Bowe (10.8)
9 yards Randy Moss (9.3) Jabar Gaffney (9.4)
8 yards
7 yards Ben Watson (7.1) Chris Chambers (7.7) Tony Moeaki (7.3)
6 yards
5 yards David Thomas (5.4)
4 yards Leonard Pope (4)
3 yards Wes Welker (3.6)
2 yards Dexter McCluster (2)
1 yard
Line of Scrimmage Kevin Faulk (0) Sammy Morris (.1) Jamaal Charles (.7) Thomas Jones (.1)

Consistency in the Receiving cadre in predictable distances on the routes. Both teams have good YAC after the catch. The point of the post is where are the Targets we are attempting to hit on the move. A pair of Receivers about 9 yards downfield or a guy that is almost 11 yards out and the other at 7.5 yards would make for difficulty in settling on the proper throws.

2012 maybe?

Average Distance at Catch
10+ yards Dwayne Bowe (10) - 2011 Jon Baldwin (10.1) - 2011
9 yards
8 yards Kevin Boss (8.5) - 2011
7 yards Tony Moeaki (7.3) - 2010 Steve Breaston (7.5) - 2011
6 yards
5 yards
4 yards
3 yards
2 yards Dexter McCluster (2) - 2010
1 yard
Line of Scrimmage Jamaal Charles (.7) - 2010 Peyton Hillis (.4) - 2010

Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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