Chiefs OTA's: Update #2

Hello AP! I'm back with some more tweets from the last couple of Chiefs OTA's. Remember that all these tweets come from Nick Jacobs. Follow him on Twitter @Jacobs71 and tune in to his show called Redzone. It's on Tuesdays live at 6pm with Rich Baldinger and Danan Hughs. Tweets after the jump.

May 29th
Just headed back to the station now. Jonathan Baldwin had the sickest one handed catch with 10 seconds left in 2 minute drill.
Martin Rucker made a really great diving catch. Leaped out of length of defender.
Stanzi looked really good in team and the 2 minute drill. Very decisive. He was able to fit the ball into windows.
Stanford Routt did well against comeback route. Broke up 3 different passes against it.
McCluster looked just as good today as always. Got upfield very quickly and was huge in 2 minute drill.
Brady Quinn had a nice deep ball to Brandon Kinnie on a fly route
Peyton Hillis had a nice catch out of the backfield during 2 minute drill. Last guy I want to tackle at full steam.
Rodney Hudson held his ground in team today. He has bulked up and has some more flexibility.
Jeff Allen didn't have the boot on today but I didn't see him practice. I would say it was wise to hold him out.
I saw Poe work a couple plays on field goal team at LG.
Mims and Stephenson both struggled in pass protection. Very nervous about backup OT.
Shaun Draughns looked quicker today.
Devon Wylie beat Javier Arenas on a nice double move across the middle.
Stanzi finished off the 2 minute drill with a TD pass over the middle to Jamar Newsome.
Baldwin made some nice grabs along the sidelines in couple of drills. Tapped both toes in.
Tom McMahon had the special teams organized and structured. No confusion when they had to rush on for a field goal.
The Offense worked on 2 minute drill a lot today. They had great urgency and awareness.
I'm still a huge fan of Brian Daboll and the offense he is building. I saw motion on a ton of plays. It is definitely needed.
Im going to RT it again. The Baldwin one handed grab was the SICKEST catch I have seen. He just palmed it with one hand. SICK!
Baldwin's catch would have made SC Top 10.
Kevin Boss said in the locker room afterwards. (Baldwins Catch) One of the best grabs he had seen.
Gabe Miller sniffed out a couple of passes out of the flats. For no gain.
I like the chemistry building between Winston and Boss . I think they will make a good run blocking tandem.
In case you are wondering Bowe was still not at OTAs.
I saw Nate Eachus get a couple touches out of the backfield today.
Nick Sirianni I'm telling you the WR coach pays attention to detail. I think the WR core is in great hands.
There is great communication between Daboll and the QBs. The 2 minute drill looked good today.
Josh Bellamy ran some pretty good routes today but had a couple of his passes broken up after ball was in his hands.
Quinn didn't look terrible. Stanzi looked better though.
@Chief_Wildcat @Jacobs71 thoughts on how Cassel is looking now that he's back in the Daboll offense? @Jacobs71 @Chief_Wildcat I think Matt is a lot more comfortable and confident. His throw to baldwin today should give him some comfort.
How's my boy Tyson looking? Getting any reps in the sub packages? Dude was begging for more snaps, namely as a pass rusher. @ryanscotthall Once they hit camp I will be able to gauge the OL/DL better. Tough to jolt defenders without all the pads.
June 1st
Per Romeo, Jonathan Baldwin not at practice because of Illness.
Martin Rucker hurts right knee during practice. Walked off field.
Watched the DL today. Dontari Poe is starting to grow. He his looking better in his technique not guessing as much.
Poe stayed after practice and worked on punching the sleds with proper hand placement.
Poe just shows the athleticism in drills. For his size, moves very well. He has all the athletic ability.
Poe isn't guessing as much on what technique to use depending on the blocks coming at him.
Rucker hurt knee during 7 on 7 drills. He was able to get up and walk off on his own power. And put weight on his right knee.
Brandon Bair was very impressive in DL drills. I like his punch after first step. He gives a great pop.
Allen Bailey has the best punch after first step. Bailey looks good on the field. Good pop. Good footwork. Stays square.
Poe showed his pass rushing ability in team. He had a good dip and rip. He was able to get to QB in a hurry.
Nate Eachus is really quick. He has some good speed. And was able to score TD in redzone on team drill.
Dexter Heyman showed his speed when he closed on the pass out of the flats in 7 on 7. For maybe 1 yd gain.
Jake O'Connell was able to make a couple of tough catches in between defenders today during team.
Chiefs worked on some Redzone situations today. Stanzi led his team to a TD.
Darryl Harris worked some at RT today.
Ricky Stanzi looked great again. He threw some perfect passes. Multiple launch points because of pass rush but perfect spirals.
Stanzi threw a beautiful ball to Wylie in back of endzone. Perfectly placed ball. DB couldn't get it. Wylie dropped it.
Stanford Routt is the comeback king. He broke up 2 comeback routes today and 3 Tuesday.
Peyton Hillis had a couple of nice runs. He is such a bruising runner. Perfect power back for KC.
Ricky Stanzi looked great again today. He is so accurate with the ball and sharp mechanics.
Once Jerome Long has a year or two in the Chiefs Weight Training program. I think they might having something.
‏@ryanbuckhout @Jacobs71 how can he have bruising runs without pads? ‏@Jacobs71 @ryanbuckhout You see a big power back that is at full speed. Once they have pads and CAN hit. He is going to run over some people.
Stanzi had a nice throw to Wylie on an out route for a TD during team.
Kevin Boss looked good in his routes today. Such an upgrade over Becht and Pope.
Brandon Siler looks like he is getting healthy from his Achilles rupture last year.
Tom McMahon and Derius Swinton are going to improve the special teams blocking this year.
Adam is right. Receivers had a case of the drops today. I counted 4 during team.
Fans are going to like Brian Daboll. He is building a really good offense. And does a good job keeping the urgency/tempo up.
Shaun Draughn had a couple of nice runs.
‏@JSpo_Naug @jacobs71 any predictions on how many WRs make the active roster and who they are? It seems someone will get left out. ‏@Jacobs71@JSpo_Naug WR is going to be really tough. My predictions are 1. Baldwin 2. Breaston 3. Copper 4. McCluster 5. Wylie 6. Hemingway or Bellamy
‏@Tribal_Warfare @Jacobs71 Of course the hot topic is Matt Cassel, how does he look thus far? ( this is a very repetitive question I know) ‏@Jacobs71 @Tribal_Warfare Matt has looked good. He has improved his mechanics from last year. He has a better release and a better spiral.
DJ had a very athletic INT today.
‏@aturnis @Jacobs71 sorry, I meant Cassel and Quinn. Did they do anything notable today? ‏@Jacobs71 @aturnis Matt has a good command of the offense. Quinn does really well in his audibles and reading the D. Quinn has forced couple passes.
‏@Dave_Brusa @Jacobs71 how has junior hemmingway been playing throughout OTA's? ‏@Jacobs71 @Dave_Brusa He is fine but doesn't get the separation that Bellamy, Wylie or McCluster can.

And there you have it! I don't know about you guys but I am loving all this good news about Stanzi and Poe (and even Cassel). I hope they can keep this up in camp and pre-season. Oh and a random sidenote: I took a tour of Arrowhead today (which was amazing) and our tour guide said that he expects there to be a Super Bowl at Arrowhead between 2016 and 2022. I'm not sure how he knew that but he sounded very confident. Hope you guys enjoy the post! I will update it if he tweets anything else interesting about today's OTA's. Go Chiefs!

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