What Does it Take?



It is never certain that the last gasp is a winning move. But, the last placed looked is where you find what you are looking for :) Car Keys, Wallet, and Whatever is important is found there. Super Bowl Championships are more elusive. How many have searched for those and as NFL teams and fans of said teams come up short? What does it take to win that elusive goal we seek? Luck, Personnel, and a Plan to compete at a Super Bowl level repeatedly for a number of years will Maybe garner a Championship of the NFL.

2. Not famous; obscure: an inglorious young football player.

Who remembers those guys?

16 Len Dawson
12 Tom Flores
10 Mike Livingston
15 Jacky Lee
21 Mike Garrett HB
38 Wendell Hayes
45 Robert Holmes FB
23 Paul Lowe
14 Ed Podolak
25 Frank Pitts SE
1 Noland Smith
30 Gloster Richardson FL
89 Otis Taylor FL
84 Fred Arbanas
32 Curtis McClinton
81 Mickey McCarty
71 Ed Budde G (L)
60 George Daney G
73 Dave Hill T (R)
55 E.J. Holub C
76 Mo Moorman G (R)
65 Remi Prudhomme C
77 Jim Tyrer T (L)
87 Aaron Brown DE (R)
86 Buck Buchanan DT (R)
61 Curley Culp DT (L)
82 Ed Lothamer DT
75 Jerry Mays DE (L)
74 Gene Trosch DE
78 Bobby Bell OLB (L)
85 Chuck Hurston
63 Willie Lanier MLB
51 Jim Lynch OLB (R)
66 Bob Stein
24 Caesar Belser S
46 Jim Kearney SS (L)
40 Jim Marsalis CB (L)
42 Johnny Robinson FS (R)
20 Goldie Sellers CB
18 Emmitt Thomas CB (R)
44 Jerrel Wilson P
3 Jan Stenerud K
6 Warren McVea HB/KR
22 Willie Mitchell CB/PR
58 Jack Rudnay C
88 Morris Stroud TE

All Are Kansas City Chiefs World Champions. It took all of these guys to win a Super Bowl and Hank Stram and his coaches. Lamar Hunt and his staff.

And us the Chiefs fans.

We have been on the cusp of winning Super Bowls any number of times. We had everything in place to WIN.

Considering, not winning the ultimate versus being the best team in a given season wins no awards. We have been the best team in the NFL a number of times with NO great reward.

To me:) Those were great seasons as a fan and not failures in anything except the premature endings. Winning SB's to many is a determinate of a successful season.


Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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