Chiefs OTA's: Some Real Football News

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Good day AP! I just wanted to share with you all an awesome discovery I made yesterday on Twitter. Since it's only May and we're all starving for some real football talk I am glad to say that I found a guy who has been at the Chiefs OTA's live tweeting some of the action out there. His name is Nick Jacobs and his bio says he is a "Producer/Photographer at TWC Metro Sports in KC. Producer of Redzone, College Gametime and some Blue Zones". His username on Twitter is @jacobs71 so be sure to follow him. I'll post his very interesting tweets after the jump.

May 21st
"I like what Daboll is doing with the offense. He had a nice blend of power and finesse with double tight."
McCluster practiced with the receivers in the slot. He had really good cuts and loved his route running. Caught every pass.
Daboll is building a respectful and encouraging relationship with the WRs and QBs. He demanded perfection from every player.
I saw many times Daboll was encouraging McCluster and Baldwin on their route running and technique. Both looked really good.
Amon Gordon was the 1st team nose tackle today. Powe 2nd and Dontari took reps at 3rd.
Devon Wylie dropped 3 passes in practice but still has really good speed. Definitely has work to do on his cuts.
I saw good things from the right side of the line during team. Asamoah, Winston and Boss are a powerful tandem with Hillis.
Receiving order seemed to be 1. Baldwin 2. Breaston 3. McCluster 4. Copper 5. Horne 6. Wylie. Then a mix of the rest.
Travis Daniels was playing some at free safety today.
I think WR Coach Nick Sirianni is going to be a difference maker. He really had a good eye for the fine details in drills.
I get the feeling Tim Biere maybe used more as a H-Back just from the routes and blocking I saw today. Pure guess though.

May 24th

the coach Cassel has been working with in Cally has helped. Better mechanics, quicker release, better spiral. Better accuracy.
Ricky Stanzi has such a natural/smooth 3,5,7 step drops. And had some really impressive throws.
Peyton Hillis is just a thumper. Perfect power back. Everytime he runs you hear pads pop.
Jonathan Baldwin looked great again out there today. Just a beast of a man on the field.
I liked what I saw from Martin Rucker. He can get vertical in a hurry and has improved his route running.
David Mims has lost some weight. And does not look as stiff last year. Struggle in pass pro majority of team drills.
Steve Breaston made some acrobatic catches today. He looked great on his route running as always.
Josh Bellamy looked really good today. If he can work his way onto special teams. He has a shot.
Donald Stephenson has a lot of work ahead of him from a technique standpoint.
Dontari Poe finally got some reps on the 1st team in sub packages.
The secondary was showing respect to Devon Wylie's speed. They gave him a huge cushion every time. And he took full advantage.
Poe had a nice pass rush up the middle during practice that disrupted Cassel in the pocket.
McCluster looked great again today. Same as Monday. Really impressed with Dexter.
The team worked on some of their motion packages today. Definitely created some good mismatches with Wylie and Dexter.
I really liked what I saw from Rodney Hudson today. He looks improved.
Dexter Heyman had really fluid hips on his drop back in drills. He can turn his hips really well. Covers ground quickly.
For those who don't know Matt Cassel has been working with pitching coach Tom House. He has also worked with Brees and Brady.
I think House is a big reason why Matt's velocity and quicker release are really improved.
Hemingway is going to have to figure out a way to get separation and acceleration out of his cuts.
Brady Quinn struggles to throw that out routes with any accuracy. They are in the dirt or wide of the target.
Studebaker was wild in his drop back coverage not much fluidity when changing direction.
Three players who impressed me the most in Day 2 1. Jonathan Baldwin 2. Ricky Stanzi 3. Dexter Heyman
3 Players who underwhelmed me in Day 2 1. Brady Quinn 2. Donald Stephenson 3. Steve Maneri

I then tweeted Mr. Jacobs and asked which QB he thought looked the best so far through the OTA's and he replied:

@Chiefs_All_Day Cassel without a doubt. But Stanzi looked better in day 2 and threw some WOW passes.

My WR ranking (without Bowe) 1. Baldwin 2. Breaston 3. McCluster 4. Copper 5. Wylie 6. Bellamy 7. Hemingway 8. Kinnie
My #Chiefs TE Rankings 1. Moeaki 2. Boss 3. Rucker 4. Biere 5. O'Connell 6. Maneri
My #Chiefs RB Rankings 1. Charles 2. Hillis 3. Gray 4. McCluster 5. Draughn 6. Eachus
I saw Baldwin and Boss standing next to each other today. I kid you not they looked like the same build. Boss 255. Baldwin 230
every time I see Ropati Pitoitua I seriously ask myself. What is Turley from The Longest Yard doing out there?
The most impressive thing about Dontari Poe is he is out there working without a signed contract. He is choosing to get better.
Poe is having to retrain his way of playing FB. Completely retraining his technique and is listening to everything told.
Poe being out there allows him 4 month jump to make an impact in regular season. 4 months to create better FB habits.
from what I have seen. This offense will be about creating mismatches with motion and getting the speed guys into space.
My overall impressions from TC last year to OTAs this year. This team is so organized. They go from drill to drill quickly.
They are efficient and give max effort on every rep. It's just such a smooth practice. No wasted time. Really impressive.
Best of all. The coaches get to COACH. Romeo doesn't meddle. Daboll, Sirianni and Zorn all get to coach and teach.
I would say it is a blend of 2010 Chiefs, Patriots 2 TE set, and the Dolphins O last year.
Shaun Draughn got a lot of touches today but he doesn't have the vision, cutting ability or speed of Cyrus Gray. Gray is your 3
I know people want Bowe here, but its allowing Cassel to build a better chemistry/trust with Baldwin and Breaston.
Shane Bannon has been the starting fullback out there. He hit the weight room hard

So as you can see there is some pretty interesting stuff there, especially the parts about the QB's and the smoothness of the practice. I know this isn't the best looking post but I didn't really plan on spending a bunch of time learning how to format and all that good stuff (although I plan to when I get some time). I just wanted to get these tweets out there for everyone to see. Hope you guys enjoy!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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