A New 3-4 team in the NFL





These Guys whipped the Chiefs and Todd Haley's ass last year in Arrowhead 31-3. Romeo Crennel was there too. Mike Nolan has whipped our ass before with Denver in 2010. Well, I must have been asleep post-season and missed till now he is the NEW Defensive coordinator in Atlanta. SO, Brian Daboll will face off with Mike Nolan in week one at Arrowhead.

A look back and a look forward.

Profootballfocus has a nice story up on the job Brian Daboll did last year as their Offensive coordinator. Link

He was added to the Dolphins’ roster prior to 2011 as an unrestricted free agent backup to Chad Henne. A separated shoulder took Henne down in Week 4, and the Dolphins couldn’t find a replacement, so the job went to Moore. It took a few weeks to find his rhythm with the offense, but having a second chance was clearly what he needed to turn his play around. He had the best game of his career in the Dolphins’ first win of the season against the Chiefs. The offensive line allowed just one pressure, which helped Moore throw for 10.6 yards per attempt and three touchdowns.

For the rest of the season, you wouldn’t confuse Moore with an elite quarterback, but he was consistently playing above average football with a positive PFF rating in 10 of 13 games. He had an Accuracy Percentage of 66.2% when under pressure; bested only by Eli Manning and Drew Brees. He was also the AFC’s most accurate passer on deep throws with 47.5% of his attempts hitting the target.

Everyone wants an elite quarterback, but having an above average starter is a lot better than the alternative. Over the second half of the season, Moore became that guy.

Brian new a little something something about Romeo's scheme it appears.

Mike Nolan has been around awhile and in his last three stops (San Francisco, Denver, and Miami) he has coached a 3-4 Defense. The Atlanta Falcons are not a 3-4 defense. Is it possible they will be by the time we play them in September?

Now, keep in mind that the team could run a 3-4 similar to the Cowboys', which does not require a hulking nose tackle and relies more on speed and shooting the gaps. That would require less of a personnel bloodbath to get done and wouldn't require a sacrifice in the kind of versatility that's so helpful for nickel packages. Your typical enormous blubbery NT isn't awesome in passing situations.


The Verdict: The Falcons have several quality pieces and could probably field two defensive ends and three out of the four necessary linebackers to make the switch to a 3-4. The big question marks in my mind would be nose tackle and, depending on how guys like 'Spoon and Sidbury adapt to the system, outside linebacker.

garnered this response in the comments (full post from theFalcohalic)

I want us to remain 4-3, and feel very strongly against a transition to a 3-4 team it normally takes years to make the transition. the packers were an exception (at first) but they ended up drafting a prototype NT and OLB in year one. defense was a major problem this year.

We will have a much better chance of copying the Giants 4-3 than the Steelers 3-4

  • It does not appear that the Falcons are going all in on a rapid switch as their 2012 draft was:
  • Peter Konz C Wisconsin
  • Lamar Holmes OT Southern Miss
  • Bradie Ewing FB Wisconsin
  • Jonathan Massaquoi DE Troy
  • Charles Mitchell S Mississippi State
  • Travian Robertson DT South Carolina

So just a little looking back and looking forward .

Geaux Chiefs

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