Dwayne Bowe Speaks (In Case You Missed It)

DENVER - NOVEMBER 14: Dwayne Bowe #82 of the Kansas City Chiefs welcomes his teammates onto the field for warm ups as they face the Denver Broncos at INVESCO Field at Mile High on November 14 2010 in Denver Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
In case you missed it over the weekend, I ran into Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe at the NFLPA Premiere League flag football game on the UCLA campus Friday night. I was out in LA for the NFLPA Rookie Premiere and Bowe made an appearance at the game.

Bowe signed a ton of autographs while he was there and, yes, I was hoping I had a longterm contract offer from the Chiefs so I could act like an autograph seeker and trick him into signing it. Alas, the Chiefs do not give me copies of their contract offers.

I posted a Q&A of our conversation over the weekend but in case you missed it I am re-posting it below.

The takeaway: Bowe says he wants to be a Chief in 2012 and he also expects to be at training camp up in St. Joe.

Our full conversation is after the jump...
AP: "I'm curious if you set a personal autograph record today. I swear you've signed for everyone here."

[Editor's note: Bowe signed more autographs than anyone there and it wasn't even close. Even though he was an honorary captain in the game, he spent most of his time during the game signing autographs.]

Bowe: "It felt like it but that's what I do man. These people come out here to see the Show so I have to give them something for their money. Fans travel from everywhere to see the guys at the top of the league. The least I can do is take my time out to sign their autograph. That's all I have to do and it'll mean the world to them."

AP: "We were all kids once. I remember."

Bowe: "I remember trying get autographs [when I was younger] and people were bombaring me and I couldn't get it then."

AP: "What, you weren't 6'3" back then to push everyone out of the way?"

Bowe: [Laughs] "I wish. I just make sure I try to get everybody, even if I have to be the last person out there."

AP: "You staying in shape this offseason?"

Bowe: "Man, look at me."

AP: "That was going to be my next question. It looks like you are."

Bowe: "It's money time. It's time to win. No days off. If you want to go to the 'ship, everyone has to have the same attitude and have no days off and go hard as you can until the wheels stop rolling."

AP: "So there's no question you'll be in a Chiefs uniform?"

Bowe: "Oh, that's nothing. That's automatic."

AP: "Is it all just a business thing? You going to stay away all summer and come to camp or how does this work?"

Bowe: "I'll be there. I'm staying in shape until its the time to sign on the dotted line. You got the draft, they got to move stuff around, fill all the other positions and make sure the team is solid before you do it and that's OK with me."

AP: "Is your mentlaity, longterm deal or bust, or you'll sign the tender and play it out, or how does it work?"

Bowe: "The other guys [handle that]. My job is to play football. However the contract situation goes, when it's time to get on the field my job is to make it happen. One year, five years...I did it for five years already so one year won't hurt. Five won't hurt either. I'm always going to be at the top of my game. It's just a waiting game, it's a business. Teams move around positions to see what they need. I know the business side of it so we'll see."

AP: "Tamba was out for a while last year, too. Are your teammates trying to get you to come back?"

Bowe: "I talk to all the guys. They know the process. Everybody's ready for me to come back and I'm waiting too, so it's just a waiting game."

AP: "So, training camp, you'll be there?"

Bowe: "Yeah."

AP: "Cool."

Bowe: "I love St. Joe, man. The fans line the field just like this. I signed every day for 30 days. It was like, when they see me out at the Wal-Mart, it's nothing but love. I've never seen fans like Kansas City that's so dedicated and so honored."
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