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Hello AP community,

I have been watching you for years from over there in the shadows, eavesdropping, waiting for that moment I would be inspired to join the ranks of the contributors. That time is now, I guess. This is a post driven from necessity.

I watch AP all day. When work is slow I read all of the content and comments. This time of the year is especially hard for me to find anything to do with myself. I am so ready for the season to start so I can watch and cheer my favorite Sunday heroes. But there are still months to go, and not enough content to keep me awake at my desk. So I will do my best to foster some new discussion that I can maybe even participate in *gasp*.

That wasn’t even half the length of one of MN’s introductions. I’ll have to work on that(and this).

This post is about my hatred for sports talk radio in Kansas City. When I’m in my car(rare this time of year(I usually ride a motorcycle(usually(HAHA! Quads!)))) I am either listening to 610, 810, or some pop garbage my twelve year old daughter likes. I therefore have heard a great many hosts, a great many (wrong) points of view, and been completely red face angry at least a hundred times. Nothing makes me more angry than a talking head on the radio disagreeing with my opinions. I mean, seriously, the NERVE!!! After the jump, I take on the top 3 story lines this year that made me want to find a new radio station.

3. Tyson Jackson’s abilities as a DE in the 34.

I am so tired of hearing about how big of a reach, bust, and sucka that Tyson Jackson is. To mine eyes, TJ is the best 34 DE on the team. He draws doubles reasonably often, does a good job of run support, and looks like a bear. Seriously. No, he doesn’t sack the QB. No, he doesn’t blow up the entire offensive line. No, he doesn’t scare Phillip Rivers into crying and crapping himself in the middle of the field, although that would be awesome. I believe he is doing everything asked of him though. And I think this year TJ and the rest of the DL are going to be a serious force for us.

2. Brandon Albert’s ability as a LT.

This has finally been mostly put to rest, but early last season was a constant talking point. “Natural position” was used so many times it made me sick. As if the man were BORN a guard, and therefore was just a phony baloney playing the tackle position. Give me a break. Albert is my choice for best tackle in the AFC West. I’d take him over Clady any day. I pray that we re-sign him. Albert-Winston might be the best bookend tackles we could hope for.

1. Suck for Luck/Quarterback BS

Fu(k you very much Nick Wright. My drive home every day would be much less stressful if you would quit acting like Scott Pioli has too much ego to replace Cassel as our starting QB. You act like we had a chance at Andrew Luck or RGIII and screwed it up by being too good. We had a chance at Peyton Manning, but we didn’t kiss his royal ass sweetly enough for his huge forehead to give us a visit. We didn’t bring anyone else in(who?) better than Matty Nice just because Pioli doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake.

But it wasn’t a mistake, Nick. Cassel is a good quarterback, definitely the best on our roster. The only way to get the #1 draft pick is to SUCK HORRIBLY, and if you SUCK HORRIBLY and trade away your #1 overall draft pick when there is a potential generational talentational(made it up) QB waiting to be drafted then you deserve to DIE. Or at least your fan base will wish you had, or did, or were going to, slowly and painfully at their hand. We couldn’t have traded our next 3 years of picks for Andrew Luck. It just wasn’t going to happen. And Scott Pioli is not going to field a team that sucks the big one. Matt Cassel was not a mistake, or even a stopgap. He was, and is, the leader of my favorite team, the man who has taken the team from a 2-14 Rocky Horror Picture Show to the 11-5 AFC West Division Champs we will be this year. Matt can win it all for us. The proof(or some approximation of it) will be in my next crazy long diatribe. Peace.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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