Questions on the Lines

On both the Offensive and Defensive lines there will be some interesting decisions made regarding the back-ups. Last year the Chiefs kept 8 players for both the lines. This was a fairly standard number of players for the Offensive Line but was a surprising number (at least to me) for a team that plays a 3-4 with a lot of 2 linemen sub packages.

The starters seem, at present to be somewhat set:

O-Line Starters: Albert, Lilja, Hudson, Asimoa, Winston

D-Line Starters: Dorsey, Poe, Jackson

There are a number of players in the mix for the back-up roles that will make for interesting viewing during training camp

O-line: Assume we are going to keep three (3)

Mims - a developmental talent that many fans have hopes about battling for swing tackle vs. Stephenson the third round pick that is also a "developmental talent". Can you keep two?

Patterson - Has the "it" factor according to RC. Will need to show a bunch of IT to stick on the roster.

Allen - as a second round pick REALLY needs to prove worthy of the pick and push Lilja or at least be the "swing" guard.

Who is the back-up Center? Harris a multi-time Ps guy? Cheadle/Holland - UDFAs?

My guess - Allen, Mims, Stephenson but worried about a back-up C.

D-Line: Assume we are going to keep four (4)

Of note here is the Chiefs kept 5 "back-ups" last year with 2 of them getting no or almost no snaps (Bair & Powe). RC and Pleasant thought enough of Powe and Bair to keep this low draft pick and UDFA respectively on the roster the entirety of the season, never exposing them to the waiver process even through the injuries suffered and when roster spots were fairly precious. I realize this is TOTAL speculation but, the coaches had to see something in these guys to warrant never risking losing them by trying to get them to the PS.

Lock: Bailey - improved over the course of the year.

Flexibility: Gordon - journeyman that can play all three spots. Fairly good at any of them exceptional at none.

Big Unknown: Pitoitua - Reeeeeally big @ 6-8/345 but was in for 300 snaps w/Jets last year.

Last Year's Projects: Bair & Powe. As noted above. Just have a feeling the coaches saw something in both of them. Perhaps that "it" factor??.

New Face: Long the touted late round pick

Fantasy Kick Block line - Poe - pick up OLinemen and toss them, Pitoitua (6-8) and Bair (6-7) as the barrier up the middle the opponent kicker has to clear.

Potentially two of the above don't make the final roster.

Contract/Cap Issues to keep in mind: Dorsey (last year of contract), Gordon (on 1-year deal?), Pitoitua (1-year deal) and Jackson (ridiculous salary # for 2013) might not return next year.

DL is definitely going to interesting to watch in training camp and pre-season.

My guess: Bailey, Powe, Pitoitua, Bair.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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