Draft Prowess or Waiver Wire Genius



Scott Pioli is certainly building a solid team in Kansas City. The Chiefs have solid players more than 53 deep as of this writing; but, how did we get there? Looking at the final presumed starters from the 2011 season, Scott Pioli is only responsible for drafting 10 starters in the more than 28 playing spots required. Jovan Belcher is the lone undrafted free agent player to crack starter status in 3 years of Scott Pioli in charge. Pioli inherited 9 starters from the Edwards Era.

The Chiefs aquired in trade Matt Cassel. The majority of the other starters in 2011 and possibly in 2012 were Waived Player pickups. Steve Breaston, Ryan Lilja, Weigmann, McClain, Gregg, and for 2012 Eric Winston, Stanford Routt.

With more than 30 picks of Scott Pioli Chiefs drafts, How successful have we truly been?

I was doing some research on a possible B.J. Raji vs expectations for Dontari Poe post. While searching I found that the actual success the Packers had in 2009 Defensively was less about Raji as it was about Dom Capers and their switch from a 4-3 front to the 3-4.

On January 18 it was announced that with the hiring of defensive coordinator Dom Capers that the Packers would switch their base defensive scheme from a 4–3 to a 3–4 scheme which implements three down linemen and four linebackers instead of four down linemen and three linebackers in the traditional 4–3. While the defense will now be based out of the 3–4, head coach Mike McCarthy stated that they will also use some four man fronts thus being more of a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense.

The Packers draft that year was pretty good to

After finishing the 2008 season with a 6–10 record, the Packers held the 9th selection in the 2009 NFL Draft. With the pick they selected defensive tackle B. J. Raji of Boston College. After selecting Raji, they then traded picks 2–41, 3–73 and 3–83 to the New England Patriots for picks 1–26 and 5–162. With pick 1–26, the Packers selected linebacker Clay Matthews of USC.

Ah, fleecing Bill Belichick had to be sweet!

The Packers run defense improved from 23rd to 6th, the overall defense itself improved from 18th to 5th. Ryan Pickett actually was the starter at NT with Raji playing 300+ snaps at Nose and Defensive End. The interesting part was the absolutely rediculous season that Clay Mathews had as a rookie. DE Cullen Jenkins and ILB Nick Barnett had awesome seasons too.

The Kansas City Chiefs did not have a Cullen Jenkins, while it appears we did have our very own Clay Mathews in Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson has out-performed Nick Barnett since that 2009 season. B.J. Raji had an awesome 2010 season as the full time Nose in Green Bay. Jenkins and Barnett moved on and the Packers Defense in 2011 was not nearly as dominant. The Chiefs are on the cusp of putting a grouping together that is locked down for 4-5 years and just as talented as what Green Bay won a Super Bowl with.

In a previous post, I mentioned that the Chiefs have nearly 1000 snaps of production missing with the presumed departures of Wallace Gilberry and Kelly Gregg. How many of those snaps do you think it wise to expect from each of these players? Poe, Powe, Ropati, Long, and the others.

"Roll" Chiefs

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