Dontari Poe was the Right Choice

KC chiefs fan are the best fans in all of football. It’s so cool to be a part of this devout and passionate following. But, I have to say that sometimes we let our sensibility override our sagacity and find ourselves getting a little over-bent about things that we know very little about and have no control over. We love to play GM and coach. Some of us even feel entitled to have a say in all of this just because we’ve been pouring our heart and soul into this team for years. We've spit, spilled, and shouted the wisdom we would use to make the "right" draft choices. Truth is, not one of our many tears, rants, or pledges will ever make a difference in any team draft choice decision.

So….relax KC fan! All of this is a lot easier to stomach if you just rest on the truth that we really don't know anything about what it takes to:

1. Coach a team at the NFL level

2. Coach a defense, position, or technique at the NFL level

3. Play the position at NFL level

4. Evaluate player talent coming out of college

5. Accurately assess how a player fits into a team Offensive/Defensive scheme

6. Accurately assess how a player fits into a team’s culture

7. Pick a player for an NFL team

It’s seems there is so much dissatisfaction with the decision to draft D-Poe in the first round. Hate and discontent levied at a decision process that is really incomprehensible to us. If the professional scouts responsible for player evaluation, spend BIG hours and dollars, struggle to get it right; and miss more often than not - why do we think we have a better view of it all….from our armchair. There is so much that goes into every player situation…to the nth detail, that current NFL team players couldn’t even give an irrefutable assessment of a player they played next to in college. It's impossible for anybody - players, coaches, and prognosticators to accurately predict how a player will perform in the NFL. Team, scheme, coaching....a lot has to go right for it all to work out for any player.

There are so many stories that can be told about players that should’ve made it but didn't, and players that came out of nowhere and became stars. The hall of fame is full of them.

I tip my hat to Pioli and crew. I've been nothing but impressed with every move they've made to date...including signing Routt and losing Carr. I think we forget how Carr ALWAYS seemed to be in position to make a play on the ball but would fail to locate it. He appeared to show improvement last season but in reality he may have looked better simply because the option of passing to the tight end or third receiver was much better. They always seemed to be open.

When I look at what Pioli has done I think its genius….really. I'll let the cat out of the bag on what he's doing to help some of my fellow chief’s fans see what I’m seeing with regard to some of these player personnel moves. Keep in mind, a very basic part of the game planning strategy is creating winning matchup situations for your team whenever possible. Physical mismatches can create those winning matchups. That’s the basis for some of the personnel moves Pioli’s made. If you look at Pioli's picks, he's been adding a few very good players that have non-typical physical attributes, Length, girth, explosion, strength, vertical, etc. These picks have one or more of these traits at an extreme level. At such an extreme level that the opponent has to spend extra time game planning for an uncommon dimension in order to deal with these guys. Look at Baldwin - Length, McCluster - extreme burst and agility, Moeaki,- body control and catch radius, Berry - speed and processing, Houston - DE size with SS agility, Hudson - cerebral and quick, Dontari Poe - there may be only one other guy in the NFL that comes close to his combination of physical tools.

D- Poe is such a need for our D-line that I don't know how any knowledgeable KC fan wouldn't do flips over him being our draft choice. Our whole entire defense will be much improved by his presence. Don't get carried away with numbers because they don't tell the whole story....there are too many statistics defying bust sagas to recall. You have to know what a players roll was in the scheme they played in. The footage I watched of Poe showed me that he was the point of emphasis for the opposition on every play. There was nobody else on that Memphis defensive squad that commanded the offenses attention. He had a huge affect on the game plan and the action on each play. In fact, what really stood out to me was how bad the remaining front 7 played with all that attention paid to D-Poe. They were freed to make plays and that is exactly what our 3-4 defensive scheme has been lacking….a nose tackle presence that frees the LB’s to make plays. With D-Poe, T-Jack and Dorsey can play like real gap shooting Ends instead of handling some of the NT’s duties like they’ve been doing. Our defense is about become certified dominant.

I’ll put my money on Poe becoming a star. He's got Gregg to show him how to play NT the right way (he knows and played in the prototypical 3-4 and played with the best NT in the business), Coach Anthony Pleasant as position coach (learned the original 3-4 concepts from Parcells AND he's turning T-Jack into a beast), Coach Crennell whose improved d-line play everywhere he's been

Now let’s keep this quiet so we can sneak up the naysayers around the league that don't like D-Poe’s tape and throw statistics around to validate their thinking. You all know the media has a hard time giving any attention to KC anyway. So let’s chill on Poe until the games begin. I can’t wait to see the day when the “Po Boys” (Poe & Powe) line up cheek to cheek and stonewall the middle of somebody’s O-line. It’s going to sound like storm thunder every time the ball is snapped!

Oh, and try not to say anything too loud about us drafting Priest Holmes version 2 in Cyrus Gray.

I’ve been a fan since 1968 and I think today we have one of the best rosters we’ve ever had in KC top to bottom. It’s going to be good year for the arrowhead faithful. I’m ready for kick off today ya’ll.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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