Ideal Trade Scenarios + 7 Round Mock  (-ИWAWN-)

1st Round Trade Scenarios

Trade 11th Overall Pick to Cincinnati Bengals For The 17th and 21st Overall Picks

Why This Works

Cincinnati would have more talent to choose from. The Bengals have tremendous needs at the Offensive Guard and Cornerback positions, and They're also need of another Big Play Receiver. Having more talent to choose from would greatly benefit their organization, and moving down and targeting our primary needs with more picks at key spots would greatly benefit ours. The Bengals are looking to upgrade both guard positions, although they could draft Cordy Glenn, they couldn't pass up an opportunity to draft the next Steve Hutchinson in David DeCastro. Cornerback is also a pressing need, the Cowboys are set to draft Dre Kirkpatrick, and with their current draft position there chances at drafting a top-ranked CB would diminish because the Cowboys are set to pick before them. So they could make a great investment in their secondary if they moved up. They are also in need of a big play reliever to complement their young developing QB and Dynamic WR, so if they moved up they could have their choice between Michael Floyd, or Kendall Wright if they so choose to. This trade would benefit both their organization and our organization and would be a great move to make on both parts.

Trade Matt Cassel and 2013 3rd Round Pick to the Cleveland Browns For 22nd and 37th Overall Picks

Why This Works<

The Browns have pressing needs at the Quarterback Position. An immediate starter in Matt Cassel would pay major dividends for their organization, and this move makes alot of sense and would be a bold move that would benefit our organization.

Round 1

With The 17th Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Dontari Poe Defensive Tackle Memphis




Poe is a big man who will likely improve a 3-4 defense working as their anchor inside at NT. His best attribute is his ability to occupy space inside and allow those on the second level to flow and make plays. He isn’t just a big man to hold two blockers, however, as he can use his strength to overpower most blockers at the collegiate level and also use his athletic ability to be a threat in the passing game and make plays around the ball. Poe has the build and athleticism to be picked late in the first round or near the top of the second.


Poe has a serious ability to eat up a double team. Strong lower body so that he can stabilize his position. His athletic ability and quickness force the use of a double team, and he can wreak havoc around the ball. Poe uses his strong hands to keep defenders at bay and throw them around to create opportunities. He is a consistent defender who combines size, strength, athletic ability, and the understanding of what it takes inside for himself and those around him to do their job.


Poe can't do much else besides be an effective lane-clogger within the right scheme. He doesn't have the versatility to move outside to end in a 3-4, a trend that has been seen from many teams who like to get girth and athleticism on the edge of their line. He is not very quick off the ball, and although he is a good athlete for his size, he could struggle to create "splash" plays for himself early on at the next level, where he will likely be facing double teams and much stronger interior offensive lineman.

My Analysis Of This Pick For Our Organization

Poe is more of a developmental prospect and appears very raw on game tape. But he possesses the athletic ability that is rare in a man for his size. He has the potential to be an long-term All-Pro Nose-Tackle for our organization and that potential cannot be overlooked. It would be better to already have a Nose-Tackle in place for our organization but because of Shitty(I mean Scott) Pioli we only have aged veterans and under-developed early year players set at the position. So the best move to make would be to draft him here and focus on his development over the course of next year while running another year with Kelly Greg. Giving Poe a year to fully develop his talents under the tutelage of our Definitive Line coach by then he should be prepared to step into the starting role and wreck havoc on opposing Offensive Lines. So although not the ideal situation to be in in terms of developing our future nose-tackle it would buy time to add a great addition to our defense that would flourish for years to come. Poe is the real deal.

With The 21st Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Cordy Glenn Offensive Guard Georgia




• Outstanding size with very long arms and big hands

• Exceptional base strength

• Powerful at the point of attack

• Has sheer mass strength to block out defenders

• Jarring punch

• Latches on, locks out, controls

• Light on his feet to pull


• Can be a tick slow out of stance

• Average body control

• Slips off blocks when he drops his head and bends at the waist

• Can play with a more consistent mean streak

• Motor runs hot and cold

• Lacks leadership traits and is not a self-starter

The Way We See It

Giant, strong, athletic masher whose play regressed when he was asked to man left tackle as a senior. However, as a guard he seldom allows penetration and is capable of physically dominating. Fire needs stoking, but can start readily at left guard in a power scheme.

My Analysis Of This Pick For Our Organization

Glenn has the ability to be an immediate starter at LG after he has a strong training camp. He's not as much of a developmental pick as Kelechi Osemele and has the mental capabilities to beat the learning curve and step into his own as early as the beginning of the next season. I'm down right impressed by his athleticism and the power that he brings to the Offensive Line, he reminds me of Carl Nicks. He would be a great investment in our Offensive Line and would be valuable to the Offense as a whole.

With The 22nd Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Kelechi Osemele Offensive Guard Iowa State




Osemele is a player who will need strong coaching and guidance once entering the NFL, but if he finds his way and becomes a consistent player, he stands to be a dominant lineman based off his production and film at Iowa State. He has great athletic ability and gets off the line very quickly. He understands, for the most part, blocking with angles and within a scheme, and has the natural upper strength to keep on his blocks once he gets to them. When using technique, Osemele is one of the more powerful and dominant blockers in the country. Very rarely do defenders release themselves from his blocks, and if he can learn to get to the block sooner at the NFL level, he can be a stalwart for years to come. His potential as a go-to run blocker for the next decade could find him selected as early as the first round.


Osemele is an extremely strong, natural run blocker. He is explosive off the line and can visibly jolt defenders back either with a strong arm -- extension or a ferocious uncoiling of his hips. Once engaged, he can ignite a powerful, high-kneed leg drive to keep defenders at bay. If Osemele can learn to play with consistency and channel his explosiveness, he could be an overwhelming blocker who is dominant at the next level. His natural ability is apparent in his play.


Osemele is somewhat of a raw player and can disappear for stretches. He is highly effective once engaged, but has had trouble sticking onto blocks in the first place against more athletic players. He has to take better angles to his blocks on the second level to be effective in the NFL. He is not a pure tackle and may have more value at guard, which may make some teams wonder if he is worth the time and early-round investment as a project when they have an immediate need to fill. He is somewhat of a risk to take in the front end of the draft, despite the physical abilities that will likely land him there.

My Analysis Of This Pick For Our Organization

Osemele is a beast, he dominates at the point of attack and when he fully develops under the tutelage of a NFL Offensive Line Coach he will be among the most dominant guards in NFL history. He is a violent player, and plays with the killer instinct that I love in Offensive Linemen. He possesses near super-human strength, he just embarrasses opposing defensive tackles and ends, and when he fully develops his technique he will produce on a high level and will prove extremely valuable to both the pass and running game. He is somewhat of a raw prospect as stated in the NFL analysis but he would have time to develop behind Jon Asamoah, so with him being drafted at this spot we would be making a strong investment in the future of our offensive line with picking him at this spot.

Explaining My 1st Round Picks

The best move the organization could make in the 1st Round of this years draft would be to draft dominant interior Offensive and Defensive Linemen. Linemen make the Offense and Defense better and there value cannot be measured. With the drafting of Glenn and Osemele we make major moves to improve our running game and goal-line offense, we also make moves to building a line that would give our QB ample time in the pocket therefore leading to an improved passing game. With Poe we make moves to build a dominant defense, with his presence taking full effect in the near-future we would have an improved run-defense(which was a major issue of ours last year), and an improved passing defense(which was good last year, but would be on a whole new level with his presence). His presence leads to a dominant defense with elite players on every level of the defense. With these moves we take another step towards winning a Super-Bowl, an d joining the elite teams in the league.

Round 2

With The 37th Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Mohamed Sanu Wide Receiver Rutgers


This guy is the real deal, his style of play reminds me of Hines Ward but on a whole new level. He excels at every aspect of being a receiver, he's a dynamic blend of speed, strength, and speed. He breaks tackles and run like a running back at the reliever position, so he gains alot of yards after the catch. He has great hands, he rarely misses a catch. He blocks like a offensive tackle and hits like a strong safety, this is the best part of his game he has laid some legendary hits on opposing defensive backs. Sanu would be a dynamic slot receiver and would be a great addition to our receiving corps, like I said before this guy is the real deal and plays like a man among boys. Just watch the tape.

With The 44th Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Mike Adams Offensive Tackle


3rd Round Trade Scenarios

Trade Glenn Dorsey To The Indianapolis Colts For The 64th Overall Pick

Why This Works

The Colts are making the transition from a 4-3 Defense to a 3-4 Defense and they are in high demand for a DE that would complement that system, so trading Dorsey to the Colts for there 3rd Round Pick would be a lucrative move on our part. They gain a good run blocking end, and we get an extra 3rd round pick to draft more early round talent, so this move is very plausible and would be a bold move on our part.

Round 3

With The 64th Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Russell Wilson Quarterback North Carolina State


My Analysis Of This Pick For Our Organization

Russell Wilson in my eyes is a future hall of fame Quarterback. The only downside to Wilson is his lack of standard QB size, but he's proved that he can play at a high level behind a massive Offensive Line when he put up the elite numbers he put up last year. If Wilson was 5 inches taller every analyst would have him going in the early 1st Round and he would be mentioned among the names of Robert Griffin and Andrew Luck. Wilson is the real deal, he can make every NFL throw accurately, he's mobile and has the ability to break off a big run, he is a strong vocal leader for the Offense, he has pin-point precision with his passes, he makes great reads and puts his teammates in a position to succeed. He also is very good under pressure, this guy reminds me of Joe Montana in the 4th Quarter. I believe that this guy could take our offense to the next level and could step in immediately and have a big impact on our team after a strong training camp and per-season.

With The 74th Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Alameda Ta'amu Defensive Tackle Washington


My Analysis Of This Pick For Our Organization

Alameda Ta'amu is a great run stuffing Defensive Tackle and translates to a Nose-Tackle at the next level. He's a solid player who has the strong base and leverage advantage to properly handle the double team and some cases the triple team. He could be put in place as depth for the nose-tackle position in our organization and in the near future could be a strong starter for the organization.

Round 4

Trade our 4th Round Pick To The Detroit Lions To Compensate For Sammie Lee Hill


5th Round Trade Scenarios

Trade Ryan Lilja To The Arizona Cardinal For The 151st Overall Pick

Round 5

With The 146th Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Vontaze Burfict Middle Linebacker Arizona State


My Analysis Of This Pick For Our Organization

Vontaze Burfict has character concerns that turned off alot organizations, but his defensive production cannot be over-looked. He warrants a pick that poses as little risk as possible in the quest for gaining his talents. Burfict just has the killer instinct that I appreciate in defensive players, he just plays like a seasoned warrior,(As you know warriors do not talk like politicians, warriors just seek battle) and that's why he would be a valuable pick to our organization. He would flourish under the tutelage of Romeo Crennel and Gary Gibbs, this move would be the best move to make in the sense of getting an elite caliber linebacker to man the middle opposite Derrick Johnson.

With The 151st Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Janzen Jackson Far Safety McNeese State


6th Round Trade Scenarios

Trade Andy Studebaker To The St. Louis Rams For The 171st Overall Pick

Round 6

With The 171st Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Akiem Hicks Defensive Tackle Regina


With The 182nd Overall Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Marcel Jones Offensive Tackle Nebraska


Round 7

With The 218th Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Marquis Maze Wide Receiver Alabama


Marquis Maze has extensive track record an has been severely over-looked. There is Marquis Maze the dynamic punt and kick returner, there is Marquis Maze the dynamic receiving threat, and there is Marquis Maze the offensive vocal presence. He has alot to offer and would be a valuable player to select at this spot. He has the potential to fill a Darren Sproles like role in our offense, and would a dangerous receiving combination along with Dexter McCluster.

With The 238th Pick The Kansas City Chiefs Select Nicolas Jean-Baptiste Nose-Guard Baylor


What makes greatness? Hard-work, Discipline, Work-Ethic, and Determination. This guy has all 4 of said characteristics, he just strives to be the best he can be. I've heard alot about this guy and I have to say im impressed with his persona. He is an under the radar player and is sure to make a huge impact the league as a nose-tackle. After he spends a couple years in a NFL environment this guy is going to wreck havoc on opposing offensive lines, he is the real deal and he strongly warrants a pick at this spot.

Undrafted College Free Agents We Should Sign or Add To The Practice Squad

Let Me Clarify That There Is No Guareentee That These Players Will Go Undrafted, But In The Instance That They Do The We Should Strongly Target These Players, These Players Do Not Warrant A Draft Pick From Our Organization But That Doesn't Mean They Are Lacking In Potential. These Players In My Opinion Would Serve Only As A Luxury Pick If Drafted In The Sixth And Seventh Round. So If They Manage To Hit Free-Agency Then We Should Definitely Strive For Their Talents Because They Could Prove Very Beneficial To Our Organization Somewhere Down The Road.

Nelson Rosario Wide Receiver UCLA


Nelson Rosario is a definite sleeper in my opinion, I've watched game tape and I see a ton of potential in this prospect. When I observed his talents I noticed that he excels at the thing that most receivers lack and that is on a regular basis making the tough dynamic catch. This guy looked the part of a Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald Love Child, I was that impressed by his ability to be a deep field, sure handed threat. I honestly believe that if he is to be tutored in an NFL atmosphere in due time he will develop into one of the leagues best receivers, so if he goes overlooked he is a steal and he should be signed immediately by our organization.

Chigbo Anunoby Nose-Guard Morehouse


I've caught a glimpse of what makes this guy a possible value asset to our organization, he excels at what makes greatness and that is hard work. This guy is a warrior, he works everyday to get better. That is a characteristic that all the NFL, NBA, and NHL Elite Share. He showed me that he wants to be great and will achieve greatness by any means necessary. This guy is the real deal and just like Rosario in a NFL atmosphere he will flourish. He also has another 1 of the things that cannot be coached and that is size, he has the size of an elite nose-tackle, with the athletic ability of a 4-3 Defensive End, so if he gets the proper time to develop he has the potential to be mention among the names of Haloti Nghata, and other 3-4 End Greats. So also like Rosario he could prove very beneficial down the road and should be signed by our organization.

Lavasier Tuinei


Tuinei is an intriguing blend of size, strength and speed in my opinion and also is very sure-handed. He is the definition of a possession receiver, he won't break many tackles but he is sure to get your a large number of receiving yards. Tuinei is very quarterback friendly, he has elite jumping ability and he will use every inch of his large frame to get the ball by any means. Like Rosario and Anunoby he has elite potential and is overlooked so he offers alot of reward and zero risk being signed as an undrafted free-agent.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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