Trading Down Depends on These 3 Players

I can't wait for the draft. I am ready to add one or two key pieces to our team and I am excited to see who they may be!

This article isn't about who we are going to draft, rather, it is on Pioli's style and what players are key to his methodology.

Here are IMO Key Factors in a Pioli Draft:

1. He doesn't fall in love with one specific player. This is a reason why he doesn't trade UP too much.

2. He usually holds a plethora of players in his hand at once. This is why he trades DOWN so much. When he has 5 good players that he could select, he tries to trade down four spots and pick up key additional picks. This is what I call playing the field. I believe much to his credit he knows how to adapt during the draft. Instead of panicking or overreacting when a certain position or player is picked he can be flexible enough to adapt.

3. All trades demand another trade partner. I think some of the AP mock drafts forget this. Just because it might suit us to trade down doesn't mean a team is actually willing to trade up (and trade away extra picks).

I believe Pioli's pool of players this year are indeed the top six or so players that are always on the AP mocks (DeCastro, Poe, Kueckly, Brockers, Glenn, Still/Cox). When the Chiefs draft at 11th, if their pool includes most, if not all of these guys, then trading down becomes a real option. If only a few of these guys are still on the board the BPA.

With that said, Pioli's ability to trade down depends on these three players (positions).

1. Micheal Floyd. If he slides into the top ten then he allows for another of Pioli's Pool Boys to stay open. The Jag's and Fins are the most likely teams to pick Floyd. Most do not think Floyd is a true top 10 talent but it only takes one team in need of a WR to help the Chiefs.

2. Riley Reiff (and the OT position). At one time 4 of the top 10 in this draft were Tackles. Now it doesn't seem like Adams and Martin will stay that high. But if Reiff and Martin stay in the top 10 then a trade down seems more likely. Panthers and Dolphins are probably the two top teams to select the OT.

3. Trent Richardson. Unlike the other two guys on this list, Richardson provides trade value for another team. The other two guys simple push Pioli's Pool Boys down on the Draft charts, while Richardson becomes trade bait.

Do you think there are any other players that are KEY for the Chiefs to trade Down?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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