Why this was a good/great draft

I know many folks are saying this was not a good draft KC and that it was full of reaches. But here's a thought: where we perceive a "reach", what is actually happening is a pick being made with conviction. Think about it. That is why they didn't trade down... they knew who they wanted and didn't want to risk losing him, and they're not afraid of your opinion on whether it was a reach. And the more I look at this draft, I'm seeing a perfect first round pick and another group of potential mid/late round gems.

1. Poe- It seems everyone but RAC and the Chiefs had wrongly evaluated this guy... and they still are. Folks, he was put in a position to look bad on tape because he was so poorly coached- he played far too much and was at every different down position. No 350 lb DL plays 60 snaps in the NFL, except maybe Wilfork. If this dude played at a 3-4 SEC school, he would have been a GLAMOROUS prospect. I bet DJ and Big Tamba are pretty excited. Also, there is no evidence of an attitude/work ethic/motor/intelligence issue (seems like the opposite actually) and yet I have still seen this brought up repeatedly. Long story short, in RAC I trust, and BE HAPPY PEOPLE, WE FINALLY HAVE A BEAST NOSE TACKLE!!!

2. Jeff Allen- You can argue that you wanted a different OG prospect here, but if the Chiefs had wanted a different player, they would have taken a different player. Again, this is conviction on the part of Pioli & Co. It doesn't matter what you or I think, we don't have access to the good information so forget it.

3. Donald Stephenson- Well, they had to take an OT and clearly they liked this guy even though it surprised people. Some saw a reach, but again, the team took the player the team wanted. I don't mind it because A) it's a need and B) I actually like him a little bit too, nice frame to build on and good talent, oh and C) the players we get later make up for it.

4. Devon Wylie- Clearly this team has a plan for this guy on offense. He is a type of player the WR corps kid of lacks. There are many things to like about this pick. A) He works the slot, which is huge. B) He returns punts well. C) He covers punts extremely well. D) You can never have enough SPEED. He plays with passion. He could become a fan favorite.

5. Menzie- This pick got me fired up! He's just a nice player. Of course he was on TV every week so we got to see him. I can really picture him on our D, doing a little bit of everything. He's another cover guy out there who can also play the run and has good instincts. He's strong. He's versatile. Great depth.

6. Cyrus Gray- Perfect.

7. Jerome Long- For what it's worth, he seems like another Brandon Bair: Big, strong, smart and tough. Not much else you can say because, as a football player he's not exactly a household name. However his size alone gives him the potential to be a 3-4 DE where he can grab the double team. Where do you think these workmanlike 3-4 DEs come from?

7. Junior Hemmingway- another guy on National TV all the time (at least where I live). I like him a lot, he grabbed your attention at times on TV. He's really strong and quick. I honestly don't think there are that many player in the draft with his strength/quickness combination. This is also a good value pick according to every "big board" I've seen.

So there you go, every pick put to pretty good use. Aside from the few teams with the most elite QBs, the Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. And don't forget, a big reason for that is the addition of a highly motivated 350 pound herculean freak that no center will be able to block alone. Glory be!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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