2 Guys Can Instantly Change Our Expectations

We headed into the draft excited, hopeful, of the possibilities. After a stellar free agency our main needs; OT, TE depth, RB depth and QB Depth, were all addressed. So as disappointing as a boring NT is, it was our only true need.

Round 2 and 3 disappointed when the conservative Pioli addressed our future O-Line needs for next off-season when Lilja and Albert's contracts expire. This is extra frustrating because not only are the picks boring but they both were reaches, where experts projected to be drafted later in the draft. Even more frustrating is the thought that we are preparing to lose Albert. The good news is both players have upside and flexibility.

The draft can still be a major success if we address our following needs and target the right guys.

Safety Depth/ Nickle Defense third Safety -

Antonio Allen - 6'1, 210lbs

Allen is an experienced, versatile SEC defensive back who has played the rover position for South Carolina. He is very active and plays the run extremely well. Some will question his value as a safety because he didn't play the true safety position in college, but his athletic ability and tendency to be actively involved in every play in the box gives him value to teams looking to add run support. He is somewhat limited in pass defense due to playing so close in the box, but he has third-round value and could ascend from there.

Allen is a superior run defender who played in close to the box often at South Carolina. He is efficient at shuffling and working over the top of linebackers, and then triggers a drive step to break on short passes or gets after a runner outside. He is a very firm and reliable tackler in space, which gives great added value to teams as a safety. He can blanket-cover tight ends out of press which was his specialty at South Carolina.

Future Jon McGraw, only faster and younger. Great Depth and a unique position that Crennel uses 49% of the time. Interesting.

Corner Back/ Nickle Back - Javier is good depth but has his limitations. Jalil Brown is unproven and could compete but for my pick is a player who has played the nickle position almost exclusively. Ron Brooks - Also ran a 4.3 at the combine.

Brooks is an undersized corner who never became a starter while playing in a stacked defensive backfield at LSU. However, after spending a year as a redshirt freshman, he became an influential member of the defense. Brooks was a consummate playmaker from the nickel position, and would be attractive to teams looking for an athletic, experienced defensive back who can cover out of the slot and blitz in a zone. He isn't the most physical tackler, but he is explosive and effective rushing from the edge in all-out blitz looks. After working with top-tier talents like Patrick Peterson and Morris Claiborne, Brooks should be ready to compete in the NFL. He will likely be drafted in one of the later rounds.

Brooks is athletic, knows how to cover receivers out of the slot and takes full advantage of his hip mobility and flexibility. He is a quick-twitch athlete with noticeable explosiveness. He is effective in coverage and can blitz when given the chance to rush full-speed from the edge. He can make plays all over the field, whether as a nickel corner, an offbeat edge rusher, or a gunner/cover man on special teams.


James Michael-Johnson - 6'1 242lbs.

Johnson has played both outside and inside during his four years at Nevada. He has been a productive tackler and is an obvious leader and inspiration on the defense. He is athletic and thick, and he brings power to the line of scrimmage when tackling. He has fourth-round talent and has the temperament to contribute on special teams early.

Johnson is thick, and it shows when he tackles. He is a form tackler and sure to bring runners down. He is strong and can shed blocks with ease, and he filled the gap quickly in Nevada's defense. He is instinctive and highly active on the field, and is smooth in his pass set. He reacts well to both run and pass and should develop into a starter.

Johnson is always around the play but has a tough time making plays on the ball in passing downs. He can cover in man but is better in zone and could get outrun by tight ends in the NFL. He is not very fast and is better served playing inside the box

DE - Randal Kheeston

Jared Crick is still there. We all know him.

WR - Marvin McNutt - This dude is D. Bowe with better hands.

RB - Chris Polk -

If we get two outta 6 of these prospects, this draft will be very successful. Lets keep the faith up Chiefs Nation! Go Chiefs! Super Bowl 2012-2013, see you in New Orleans!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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